Friday, May 18, 2007

Only a month?

Dad got his Dog Fancy magazine a couple days ago, and in it was a short article called "Could it be a case of THE ZOOMIES?" (page 42)

Now, those of you who are Husky (or Malamute) owners know all about the zoomies. The zoomies are when we get this rush of energy, for no reason, and just zoom around the house like psycho dogs, as if we are being chased by some unseen monster. It is lots of fun, and also a great way to burn off some pent-up energy. Sam is notorious for doing the zoomies. He just freaks out for no reason and stats running around the house and bouncing off the furniture and bouncing in little circles around the room. I do it too, but not as often.

Anyway, there was this article about the zoomies in Dog Fancy, and here is a bit of what it said...
"This amped-up, often naughty, play behavior helps puppies rid themselves of excess energy so they can fall asleep. Five or 10 minutes of zoomies burn up extra energy and allow your pup a better night's rest." blah blah blah.....
"Zoomies seldom last more than five or 10 minutes per evening, and that stage of development generally lasts only a month or so. Enjoy it while you can--puppyhood seems all too short once it's gone."

PUPPYHOOD???????? Ummmmmm, apparently someone forgot to tell this stupid human that Huskies and Malamutes do zoomies ALL THEIR LIVES!! What's this "month or so" crap? Sam is NINE!! And I'm TWO! I guess they didn't do very good research. I could have told them that the zoomies are very much alive, well into old age, when you are a northern breed dog! DUH!!!

Any other ADULT doggies out there still do zoomies?

(another shining example of human stupidity)


Joe Stains said...

oh man Holly I am 8 years old and still do zoomies! I go NUTS

Princess Eva and Brice said...

Hi ya Holly, Tasha here. Eva and I do zoomies from time to time and I'm almost 10 years old! We'll wrestle for a bit, run down the hallway, come back and wrestle some more, then do it all again! And you can't forget about the zoomies in the back yard! Those are even better! Belly Rubs, Tasha.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love love love zoomies!!! I am three and do them as often as I can! they are super fun and usually make Tia look like me like I am insane!!!

Peanut said...

Well we don't call them zoomies but Boxer burns happen all the time in this house.

The Daily Echo said...

Oh yes! The zoomies are here in our house on a daily basis. That's what we do best! Mom says it's a pre-requisite to the Knucklehead Club (which I'll be explaining real soon). Those silly magazines. Obviously there's no Siberian editors there.

The Army of Four said...

Ha roo roo roo! Stormy does zoomies and she's over 11; Dave does zoomies (a LOT) and he's 9-ish; Amber does zoomies and she's 8. And me? As mom says, I'm "7, going on 5 months" and I LIVE for zoomie time!!!
Obviously this writer has never met a husky-type pup!
Play bows,
PS: Dave is hoping you'll get your package today!

MaPaw said...

Maybe they meant to say only a lifetime.

The Brat Pack said...

Uh yea. What's happened to journalism these days?!!

The Brat Pack

IndyPindy said...

Ugh, what a silly human. I am six and I still get the zoomies. I have heard that 11 and 12 year old Huskies still get the zoomies, though maybe not as often as when they were younger. Maybe we should all write letters to Dog Fancy!

Thor said...

We SHOULD write to Dog Fancy! Don't humans do research anymore??? I'm three, and I do zoomies ALL the time! They're FUN!! And I definitely want to know more about the Knucklehead Club, Echo! I think my Mom would say I belong there!


Casper and pals said...

Hey there, I'm a 8 year old American Eskimo and I love love love Zoomies!! I can say the best time to Zoom is at agility class or even better at an agility trial while the judge and about 60 people are watching.This way you get the best laughs ;)

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

We are puppies and we do them, so I'm not sure if we can help prove the magazine wrong. But it sounds like everyone else can!


Anonymous said...

HILARIOUS! Over at the Big Dog's Porch, we know EXACTLY what you are talking about! We all own giant breed dogs and we are all too familiar with the ZOOMIES!

You should pop in and check it out!

The Big Dogs Porch

WinstonBerry said...

Hi Holly! I came upon your blog through Lorenza's. You are beautiful!! And I must say, I just turned 4 and I still do zoomies, too! Especially after a bath or when someone comes home that's been gone AAALLLLL DAY (like 12hours gone!). Someone in my house said that the person who wrote that ininformed article is probably from the NY Times! :-)

Have a great day, Holly!!
I'm going to come back and visit soon!

-- Winnie :-)