Monday, April 30, 2007

Scary Food

After Blue Buffalo pulled their canned food, and my human woman went ballistic cuz she was so angry, she has decided to start making us our own treats.

That, in itself, is scary because she isn't known for being much of a baker. She recruited Indy's mom for help on a good allergy recipe, since Indy also has allergies, and whatever Sam (aka Allergy Boy) can eat, then so can the rest of us.

She went to the local Whole Foods Market and picked up some organic oat flour (apparently he can have oats and potatoes only) and also used some of Sam's Evangers canned Duck dog food to make us some yummy treats. They actually turned out very well, and we really like them! Not too bad for a first-timer!

Anyway, if anypup out there has any good treat recipes, please e-mail them to me at, and I will compile them and post them to my blog. I know there are plenty of scared and angry pets and pet parents out there with all these recalls! I was really hoping the human woman would start baking us our own chicken and steak, but apparently that isn't happening. As long as she has Evangers, whose 100% pure meat canned food is available (it has absolutely nothing BUT meat and juice in it) and there are dry grain-free foods out there, it looks like the lazy human won't be giving us any freshly cooked or raw meat!

If anypup, or human out there wants to keep up-to-date on the latest recall information, you can subscribe to and get all recall information e-mailed to you.

Stay safe my friends!


Saturday, April 28, 2007


I got a package in the mail yesterday! I just loooovvvveeee getting mail! Especially when there are yummy TREATS inside! I got this great card, with two adorable pups on it! Can you tell who it is? Yep, it's the dynamic due of Steve and Kat! And, in addition to the cute card, was a little bag of yummies!

And how cool is this!!! Look! Our names are on them! Wow, personalized treats!

On the left is Sam eating his treat.

On the right is Kona with his. Notice how intently Monty is watching, just waiting for his.

As soon as he got it, he started chewing right away, it was THAT good!

And Abby, she is so gentle, she takes hers like a lady.

And then there's me! I was so excited to get my treat I almost took moms fingers along with it!

THANK YOU STEVE AND KAT!!! You two are awesome!

(yummy in my tummy)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Wolf Park

Apparently the humans had a pretty good time at Wolf Park, even though we weren't there with them. They bought some really cool stuff at their auction, learned a lot of cool facts about wolf recovery in Yellowstone, got some interesting dog training tips (hopefully they won't try and use any of it on us), and attended a really nice dinner where they enjoyed even more talks about wolves and met some really nice people from as far away as England!

The humans didn't get to go inside the enclosure this time because they ran out of time on Saturday before they had to go to dinner, but they did get some pretty cool video.

Here is Kailani getting a belly rub.

This video shows the wolves gathered around a couple staff members, and the stupid humans are trying to get the wolves to howl, which they refused to do. So, most of the noise you hear is the stupid humans. All the wolves wanted was to be petted! (they're not stupid!)

This next video shows Tristan, the alpha wolf getting a massage, while two other wolves of lower status decided they need to do some manly dominating stuff. Boys!!!

And finally, some more pack play. They can get a bit rambunctious, but it's all for a good reason - to keep everyone in line and in their proper hierarchy. That's what keeps a pack strong and healthy.

So, after viewing these videos, I have decided that I am basically a wolf at heart. I like belly rubs, and being petted, and massages, and bossing everyone else around. I think I would fit in at Wolf Park perfectly!

(I wanna be a wolf!)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

A Very Cool Place

The humans are going on vacation Friday. And we don't get to go. Our cousin Tracy is staying with us (she's dad's niece) cuz she loves us, and knows how to do all our meds, so we will have a really good time driving her crazy and letting her spoil us. She's really good at giving us lots of treats!

Guess where the humans are going? Don't know?

Here's a hint:

Guess what THAT is! Yep, it's a WOLF! Mom took this picture last year when her and dad went to Wolf Park in Battle Ground Indiana. She got to take lots of pictures of beautiful wolves, and she even got to pet them! And, best of all, she got a KISS from Wolfgang! How cool is that!

She was so excited cuz she really loves wolves. She is basically a wolf freak! We have a lot of wolf stuff around our house. Maybe that's why she likes Huskies and Mal's so much, cuz we look kinda like them.

Here is one of my favorite pictures. This is Tristan, the alpha male, and boy is he gorgeous!! Just look at those beautiful green/gold eyes, and all that beautiful fluffiness!! *sigh*

This is Wolf Parks 35th Anniversary, so they are having a big party this weekend. Since mom and dad are not just members, but also sponsor a senior wolf named Echo, and a young Coyote named Willow, they really wanted to go back and celebrate with them.

So, hopefully they will have some really great new pictures to share with us when they get back!

(don't worry Dave, I still only have eyes for you)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Dry Food Recall

My humans just learned this morning that Natural Balance has now placed a recall on it's Venison and Brown Rice dry dog food, and also the Venison and Green Pea dry cat food.

This is especially scary since these are dry, not canned food, and there are NO GRAINS in it!

Their website states that no other Natural Balance products are affected. My human is becoming concerned. Sam eats the NB Duck and Potato dry. The rest of us, except Monty who eats Science Diet RX u/d, eat Blue Buffalo. Mom is now seriously considering making our dog food herself!! Hey, sounds good to me!

Keep safe everydog!!

(I'll have some baked chicken, and steak, and cheese, and......)

Saturday, April 14, 2007


Look what I got in the mail today!! It's from my good friend Sitka! I was especially interested in the pigs ear!

I did a test lick first, then got right down to eating it! Boy was it yummy!

I even abandoned the old cow ear I had been hording and chewing on from time to time, in order to consume my new pigs ear. Which I did, in record time, of only 15 minutes!!

Mom gave each of us one of the treats, and we were very happy to have them! Thank wooo Sitka! You're pawsome!!!

(yum yum)

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Monster poses

I don't have many, but here are Monty the Monster's sleepy poses. You can blame the human man for the lack of good examples. Well, that and the fact that Monty usually sleeps either outside or in the basement in the back storage room. I guess he likes his solitude.

This pose is known as Keep the Bathtub in Place, which requires the upside down froggie doggie. This is a very important pose, because it keeps whiny, pathetic boy's bathtub where it belongs, so he can get in it next time it rains.

Below left, also using the upside down froggie doggie, is your basic Hold Up the Wall. In the photo on the right with Kona, he is not only performing Hold Up the Wall, he is incorporating the Hail Stormy. However, he is using BOTH paws, and sticking them out straight in front of him, rather than up in the air.

And, on the rare occasion he gets on my couch, he's kinda lame on Hog the Pillow. Abby and Sam are much better Hog the Pillow sleepers.

Once again, I'm ready for a nap. Till tomorrow my pup pals! (and fufu too)


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Abby's sleepy poses

Abby likes to do the upside down Froggy Doggie too! Here are her examples.

She also has the Hog The Pillow down VERY well!

But, she also has one that the rest of us don't. Lay On The Chewy pose.

And, then there's the very uncomfortable looking Head On The Step pose.

And lastly, the all important, Hold Up The Fireplace pose, which does incorporate the upside down froggie doggie, AND an excellent Hail Stormy thrown in too! Abby is so multi-talented!

Well my pup pals, that's it for tonight. On to the Samoyed boys tomorrow!

(getting sleeping myself)

Monday, April 09, 2007

More sleepy poses

Thought I would share a few of my siblings sleepy poses. We have some in common, and some that are different.

This is the sad, pathetic, whiney, freaky boy's sleepy poses. (aka-Samuel)

On the left, the spare bed. He's basically decided it's his. (he will share with Monty sometimes)

On the right, mom's lap. That's because he is a BIG SCARDY BABY! Or, mama's boy. Actually, I think it's both.

This is his Air-It-Out pose. He does this a lot. But definitely not as well as I do.

His all time favorite spot is my couch (0k, I do share with him) on the pillow. He hates it when someone is in his spot on the pillow.

Then of course, is his spot on the humans bed. See where he is in this picture on the right? This was HIS spot for 7 years, until dad came along. There were some "issues" at first when dad took Sam's spot on the bed. (Sam thought it was his, and wanted dad to move) Eventually they worked it out. But, once in a while, Sam decides to re-take his old spot and hog the pillow next to mom's. (or, put his head slightly ON mom's pillow)

Then, there is the bathtub. He goes and sleeps there whenever there is a storm, or it rains. Mom especially loves it when he gets in with his muddy feet and then she has to scrub out the tub BEFORE she can get in and take a shower. Not to mention the fact that Sam is not too thrilled to get out just so SHE can get in!

And, just to keep you all happy, here is a shot of me. Just because.

(need to make sure my fans get their Holly fix)

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter

Hope everydog, and person, and Fufu had a wonderful Easter!!

Love, kisses, and God Bless You All!!


Friday, April 06, 2007

Sleepy Positions

Aaaahhhhh yes. Sleeping. My second favorite thing to do. Eating, of course, being the first.

Since some of my other friends (Ao4 and Magnum) are sharing their sleepy positions, I too must share mine.

First up - The Doughnut. Notice how I keep my nose nice and warm with my fluffy tail.

Next - Hide Your Face Using A Human. In the picture to the left, my face is stuffed behind dad's knees. On the right, I have my face hidden between my paws which are resting on moms leg (those are her snowflake sleepy pants.)

Third - Hog The Pillow. This means laying your body on as much of the pillow as possible.

Fourth, is one of my favorites (which annoys the humans tremendously) - The All-Out Sprawl. This makes it extremely difficult for anyone else to get on my couch.

And last, but certainly not least, the Air-It-Out, also known as the Upside Down Froggie Doggie.

I hope you all enjoyed my sleepy positions. They are all VERY comfy!

(I definitely need a nap now)

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

What the..?!?!?!

Back in March while the Iditarod was going on, dad found this book on E-bay and decided the title was just too interesting to pass up. So, he bought it.

He is now in the process of actually reading it.

What I want to know is.....why on earth would the editor let this guy title his book something like THAT!?!?!?

(further proof humans are stupid)

Sunday, April 01, 2007

"Holly" withdrawal

For those of you going through "Holly Withdrawal" because I have been posting so many pictures of the freaky boy, I am happy to give you your "fix" by sharing some new pictures of ME.

I hope this makes you all feel better about not getting to see my beauty for so long.

I love lounging in the doorway, keeping an eye on my yard.

I also love to CHEW. Chewy's are my favorite.

Hhmmmm, what's this over here? Wonder if it's edible?

Aaaahhhhh, all this chewing means I need a good stretch of my front legs and paws.

Well, all that chewing has made me sorta tired. So, I guess the only thing to do is nap. At least my chewy will be safe, here between my paws.

(Holly "fix" complete)


I couldn't stop laughing at this picture, so just had to share. In case you can't tell, yep, it's the freaky dork boy, Samuel.

(this pic just screams "dork")