Monday, May 28, 2007

More dead wildlife

Much to mom's horror, another poor creature has died at our paws. Well, teeth actually.

Here's how it happened. Dad saw a rabbit in the back yard, and decided he didn't want it there, so opened the back door for us to run out and chase it away. Only he didn't count on Sam actually catching it! As soon as he heard a squeal, dad realized his mistake, and said, "Oh S***!" Mom jumped up, and started running outside, but dad beat her to the scene of the crime, and had to force Sam to drop the poor rabbit, who was still screaming! The poor thing tried to run away, but it's back legs weren't working very well. Dad told mom to try and get it to go through the fence so it could get away. Only it was practically dragging it's legs and couldn't make it through the fence.

Mom was yelling at dad (words I can't print here) for being so mean as to let us chase the poor bunny. Dad said he didn't think we would catch it, and thought the bunny would make it through the fence. Oops, guess not. Hellooooooooo!! We're FAST!

The worst part was mom trying to pull open a spot by the gate for the poor thing to get through so it would be out of the yard. But, to her horror, it died. Right in front of her!!!! Then she was even MORE mad, and was in tears when she told dad not to EVER do something like that again! She loves her wildlife, and hates to have them killed. It really bothers her...a lot. She realizes we are all very prey driven, but she certainly doesn't want to encourage it!

Apparently Sam didn't realize the rabbit he eats for dinner, actually comes from a can, and not the back yard.

(at least it wasn't me this time)

Saturday, May 26, 2007

I've lost my fluffiness

I started losing my fluffiness last month. Mom thought it was a combination of the steroids I was on because of my itchy skin issue, and just regular coat blowing season. Only, I have lost WAY too much fur, and mom started to get worried. My fur was coming out in chunks, and looked thin, rough and broken. Even my beautiful top coat (the long guard hairs) was coming out, which usually doesn't happen. I'm not sure if you can tell from this picture, but I started to look "old" as mom called it, because I was more grey and white than black and white.

Here I am with my new quilt and pillow and you can kind of see how unfluffy I am. Whereas in this picture, I am VERY fluffy....

Because of my loss of fluffiness, mom took me too the vet and they weighed me, and I had gained 8 pounds, and am now up to 122 pounds!! Mom was pretty shocked, especially since they have been watching my food consumption very closely and feeding me those dreaded green beans! Then the vet took my blood to test it. She told mom I am hypothyroid, which explains my fur loss and weight gain. So, now I have to be on thyroid medication just like Abby, Samuel, and Kona.

I am already starting to feel better and am less hungry than usual. Hopefully my be-woo-tiful, fluffy fur comes back soon too!

(feeling sort of naked without my fluffiness)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I'm IT - Again

I've been tagged by the Ao4! I have to tell 7 things about myself, then tag other friends. How cool!!

Let's get started!

1. First, and foremost - I love food!! Eating and chewing on a chewy are my most favorite things to do.

Well, that and.....

2. Sleeping! Yep, I love to nap, especially on my couch, with my new quilt and matching pillow!! My other favorite sleepy spot is my bed in the basement where it's always nice and cool!

3. I'm very bossy. I'm the queen in this house as far as I'm concerned. I often "grumble" at the other dogs if they come too close to a toy, or a chewy, or my food, or mom and dad if I am getting attention. I usually get in trouble for it, and then get told "Holly, you be nice!" Whatever.

4. I LOOOOOVVEEEE Attention!!! Yep, I'm an attention hog. No one else is allowed attention if I am in the room. I make sure I butt right in and get the attention turned back to me where it belongs!

5. I am very lucky to have mom and dad. If they hadn't found me, I would most surely be dead. You see, I had a tapeworm, and it was starving me of anything I found to eat, which wasn't much, so I was skin and bones. I only weighed 79 pounds when I was found. Now, some of you may think that is big, but for me, who is 114 pounds now, that was really skinny. You can see the difference in these two photos.

<-- Old me.
New me. -->

The whole "diet" issue aside, I sure like the new "fluffy" me much better than the old "skinny" me!

6. I love being a therapy dog! It's so cool that I get to go visit sick people, and elderly people, and sometimes kids too! I do such a good job because I just love people and attention (see #4) so much!! Most people think I'm really beautiful and the more adoration I get, well, lets just say it makes me pretty happy!! Not to mention how good I make them feel too. That's what it's truly about!

7. When dad comes home every morning from work, I get so excited that I woo, and wooo, and woooo loudly, and do the whole body wag, and jump around like a little puppy! You see, I know that as soon as dad gets home that I'm gonna get my walk so I get REALLY excited! And then, when I get home....I get to eat, and then take a nap. What could be better?!?!

I tag Star and Sherman, and my good friends Kelsey and Smokey, and Tasha and Eva.


Monday, May 21, 2007


On Saturday a big box arrived for me, only the human woman had gone out of town to Kansas City for the weekend with her friends, and dad decided to let it sit and wait for mom to get home!!! I kept seeing it sitting on the counter, and knew if was for me, and I was getting very upset that I couldn't open it!

Then, mom finally came home on Sunday afternoon, and she was very excited to see the box too! So, we tore it open. Here is nosey boy Samuel with his face stuck in the box. Those are my feet you see on the right side.
As you can tell by the extremely happy look on my face, there were some GREAT presents in the box!
There was a great magnet for the magic cold box that said "Bad to the Bone" and a cool Husky/Malamute pin which mom is going to put on her jacket. And, do you see the red thing? That's a mini hanging quilt with my sweet, adorable, darling Dave's eyes! And, it has a saying on it, "Ask not at whom the Siberian stares....The Sibe stares at you!" Mom hung it on the light dimmer knob which is on the wall right by the corner of my couch were I sleep. I can can now look up and see those be-woooo-tiful blue eyes looking down on me any time I want!

In addition to all those presents, there was a little package with something verrrrrry interesting in it. Can you see what it is?

That's Dave's fur!! And, it included a personalized note from him too!
Dave's mom even included a great present for my mom! Some cool earrings with pretty blue beads and a doggie bone hanging off them, and a be-wooo-tiful beaded bracelet to match! She loved them so much she immediately put them on and said she would wear them every day!

Finally, here is the main reason for the other really cool presents. It all started with an e-bay auction to help MaPaw Siberian Husky Rescue raise money for some rescued Sibes that needed medical attention. As soon as I saw the be-woo-tiful quilt and matching pillow, I just knew I had to have matter what the cost. Good thing the mom doesn't care if I steal her plastic to buy things!!!

So here are some pictures of me enjoying my new gorgeous quilt and matching pillow. Don't you just love it?

I sure do!!! You can see how comfy and relaxed I look.

Thank woo sooooooo much to my sweet, adorable Davy, and the rest of the Ao4, and especially to their human woman for such wonderful gifts, and the be-wooooo-tiful quilt and pillow. I absolutely love everything!!!!

(having sweet dreams tonight)

Friday, May 18, 2007

Only a month?

Dad got his Dog Fancy magazine a couple days ago, and in it was a short article called "Could it be a case of THE ZOOMIES?" (page 42)

Now, those of you who are Husky (or Malamute) owners know all about the zoomies. The zoomies are when we get this rush of energy, for no reason, and just zoom around the house like psycho dogs, as if we are being chased by some unseen monster. It is lots of fun, and also a great way to burn off some pent-up energy. Sam is notorious for doing the zoomies. He just freaks out for no reason and stats running around the house and bouncing off the furniture and bouncing in little circles around the room. I do it too, but not as often.

Anyway, there was this article about the zoomies in Dog Fancy, and here is a bit of what it said...
"This amped-up, often naughty, play behavior helps puppies rid themselves of excess energy so they can fall asleep. Five or 10 minutes of zoomies burn up extra energy and allow your pup a better night's rest." blah blah blah.....
"Zoomies seldom last more than five or 10 minutes per evening, and that stage of development generally lasts only a month or so. Enjoy it while you can--puppyhood seems all too short once it's gone."

PUPPYHOOD???????? Ummmmmm, apparently someone forgot to tell this stupid human that Huskies and Malamutes do zoomies ALL THEIR LIVES!! What's this "month or so" crap? Sam is NINE!! And I'm TWO! I guess they didn't do very good research. I could have told them that the zoomies are very much alive, well into old age, when you are a northern breed dog! DUH!!!

Any other ADULT doggies out there still do zoomies?

(another shining example of human stupidity)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A Very Sad Goodbye

It is with heavy heart, and tears in my eyes that I say goodbye to the tiniest member of the Dogs With Blogs group.

Our honorary "dog" Fufu, the Hamsterrier, has gone to the Rainbow Bridge to be with his Bibi. I think she was just too lonely without him, so called him to her.

Fufu was very special and unique. He had wonderful stories and adventures and got the BEST presents ever!

Godspeed sweet, adorable Fufu. I will miss you.


Sunday, May 13, 2007


Mom signed up for her final Clep test, Civil War and Reconstruction, which will mean she will finally be done with school, and get her bachelors degree.

She got a copy of the study guide from the library at Bellevue University, so she can study for her test.

Unfortunately, this is what she found the other day. Apparently Sam was a little bored, and there weren't any chewies around. Mom was NOT happy! Notice the partially EATEN pages!

Now mom's probably gonna have to pay a lot more money than she would have for just the test, and buy the school a new study guide.

She has learned her lesson though. She put the study guide up out of reach, and we now have plenty of chewies laying around.

(glad it wasn't me)

Friday, May 11, 2007

Tummy Tagged!

Ah, my favorite sleepy position. On my back, doing the "air it out" pose.

I have been Tummy Tagged by Sitka and Boomer. Here's how it works; you have to post a picture of yourself in a vertically reversed position. A.k.a., tummy up!! Then, just tag three other bloggers and you're done!

Here is my gorgeous, and fluffy tummy.

I tag my beloved Dave, from the Army of Four, Lorenza, and my new friend Hobbes!

(feeling sleepy now)

Sunday, May 06, 2007

A new friend

I have met a new, and quite interesting friend. His name is Hobbes, and he is an "Italian" Weimaraner. Actually, he is a regular Weimaraner, but is Italian!! He lives in England with his dad. He has a funny accent, but it is fun to read his adventures.

He is having second thoughts about his blog, so I told him to join our wonderful group Dogs with Blogs so he could meet lots of new friends and help improve his English.

Please stop by his blog and welcome him!

(I love finding new friends!)

Friday, May 04, 2007

Another Present!!

I was so excited yesterday, cuz I got a present! Right out of the blue! Literally!

Mom had just gotten home from work, so I brought her my new present.

She was not happy.

Take a look at why......

Apparently this tiny baby squirrel fell out of his home that was in our tree. I didn't hurt him, I simply found him, and brought him in the house to show mom what a wonderful present I got!!

She was still not happy. She has "issues" with deceased wildlife. Animal lover that she is, this really bothered her. Then, to my horror, she picked it up in one of those plastic bags, and I never saw it again.

I went back outside, hoping to find another one. But, no such luck!

(waiting for the baby birds to fall out of the sky next)