Friday, November 27, 2009

Photo Finish Friday

While the humans are away, we'll be relaxing and just chillin'.

I really like this spot between mom's body pillows!

Hope everyone had a great turkey day!!! We're spending our time just relaxing and hanging out.

Oh. I guess that means we're spending our time just like any other day. Oh well, at least cousin Tracy is here to keep us entertained, and give us lots of treats!!!

Holly and Khady Lynn

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A New Career

Dad thinks I have a new career in the making.


I wonder if someone would hire me to skhwish Michael Vick?

Did you happen to notice Khady and Samuel's magic trick? Khady ran behind the shed, but then it was SAMUEL who appeared from around the back corner! (That happened right before I did my new linebacker body-slam thing to Sam and Monty) You can watch the video again if you missed it the first time.

Anyway, someone's gotta keep these out-of-control kids under control here! Might as well be me!


Monday, November 23, 2009


Are kinda boring. So, I guess I'll just hang out.

I wonder who dug this hole?


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ummm, That's Mine!

Monty has my squeaky Husky head toy. He likes to take my toys and not let me have them back. I don't think that's very nice.

Hey moooomm, can you get my squeaky Husky head away from Monty, please???

Khady Lynn
(Samuel was NO help)

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Ruby Blue's Weekend Visit

Hey every buddy! Khady Lynn here. My new friend Ruby Blue from Iowa visited us again this weekend. We had sooo much fun! I really like it when she visits.

Here is one of our play sessions.

Holly was even nice enough to show her how to do some digging.

Mom and dad also took us for a great walk on Saturday afternoon. There were sooo many fun things to sniff! We even got to see some deer, but mom didn't have the camera ready when we saw them cuz they are really fast.

Here we are way down in the brush by the lake checking out the deer trails. There was a lot of fun sniffing and playing going on there!

As you can see, Ruby really blends in with the tall grass! It was really tall and thick. Mom was having a hard time keeping up with us. She doesn't have a very good "Husky leap" to get through the deep grass like we do!

We had a long day of bitey face, chase, and general playing. Holly really tried her best to referee us, too. But, we really didn't listen very well, cuz as soon as she would walk away from us, we would go right back at it! Hey! We're puppies! It's what we do!!!

After the long day, little Miss Ruby Blue was a bit tuckered out. I was nice enough to let her have my couch to sleep on.

Oh yeah, and Holly was nice enough to let her have her big doggie bed to lay on, too. (check out that huzzy pose! She's quite an early learner at only 4 month's of age!)

Then she decided the couch and pillow were much more comfy.

We had a really good time! I'm glad she came to see me again cuz it's nice to have some pup closer to my age to play chase and bitey face with. Not that Holly and Samuel aren't fun, but it's just different with the "older" dogs.

I was pretty worn out after our busy day, too. Only, I had a better pillow and snuggly spot for MY nap!

Can you tell what I'm napping on?

How about now?

Hawoowoowoo!! It was Samuel!!! What a nice big brother he is to let me sleep on his feety feet and snuggle with him. I thought that was very nice of him!

Well, I hope you enjoyed Miss Ruby Blue's visit with us. I know her Iowa Crew and Summiii sure are glad to have a RB free weekend so they can get some rest!!! Especially since it's Kaynh's birthday! This was a special treat for him not to have Ruby there trying to play bitey face with him. Happy birthday Kaynher!!!!! I hope you also got some livergreat and whip!!

Hey. I do what I can!

(super puppy sitter)

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Ruby Blue's visit from Iowa.

Khady Lynn
(and, she's coming back again!)