Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Stealing Isn't Nice!

Hey every buddy! Khady Lynn here. Guess what dad did? Can you tell by this picture?

Yep, he STOLE my fluff!! That is sooo not nice of him. I really like my fluffiness, and he keeps trying to steal it! Besides, isn't stealing illegal? I should be allowed to keep all my fluff. After all, that IS why mom calls me "fluffy butt".

Mom even took pictures of me beside my stolen fluff.

Dad is very lucky I have plenty more fluff to go around!! Not to mention, I'm really cute, even if I am missing some of my fluffiness.

Khady Lynn
(the "less" fluffy butt puppy)

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Hey everybuddy!! Khady Lynn here, checking in after a beautiful weekend!

I had a great day Saturday! First, I got to go for a walk with mom and dad to look for one of dad's geocache's so he could replace the log book. I got a hold of some kind of tasty poop, but mom yelled at me, and then took it away. Right out of my mouth!! Can you believe that??? She said "Khady!!! That's disgusting"! Hmmm, I thought it was pretty yummy!! Humans have no idea what really tastes good.

Next, I got to go to Petco! They just opened a new store by my house, and so mom and dad let me go and snoof around. It was really pawsome! There were sooo many great smells, and treats, and stuffies, and food for me to check out!! I even got two new Nylabone chews to help keep those pearly whites of mine in perfectly sharp shape!!

After that, I got to do MORE walking! Mom and dad took me to a new location that dad was scouting out for a new geocache spot. There was lots of good stuff to snoof there, too. But, I didn't find anything tasty to eat that time. I did try to dig in a couple spots in the brush, but mom told me no, cuz it was too muddy. Pffffftttt!!! She totally likes to ruin my fun!

I did sooo much snoofing, and walking, and then chewed on my new Nylabone when I got home, that when it came time for dinner......

Yes, it's true, I fell asleep in my dinner bowl. As usual, mom thought it was funny, so took a few pictures. She really needs to stop taking such embarrassing pictures of me. There are 5 other pupsters who live here!

Hey Saaaammmmuuuueeelllllll!!!

Khady Lynn

Saturday, March 07, 2009

What the.....Hail???

Hey everybuddy, Khady Lynn here! Last night, the strangest thing happened. This flashing light started, and then this loud booming! Next thing I know, a funny noise outside. Mom and dad opened up the door, and this is what I found....

It was hailing!!! I wasn't sure what it was at first, but when I looked out there, these little white things kept bouncing off my head and snooter! Mom just kept laughing at me, which wasn't very nice, I don't think.

That happens a lot for some reason.

Khady Lynn

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Where's Droopy?

No, I didn't type that wrong, I don't mean Dopey, as in one of the Seven Dwarfs. But, then again, I guess "dopey" fits him too. Anyway, seems droopy...I mean Samuel, is MIA most of the time. Apparently, he likes to hide out in the bedroom on one of the new doggie pillow beds. Mom is always going in to check on him to make sure he's still alive because he is ALWAYS in there!

Here are some examples of how he spends 99.5% of his time. And, NO, that is not an exaggeration. The other .5% of the time is all it takes for him to do his "business" outside. Mom even FEEDS him in there while he is laying on that thing!!

Yep, pathetic isn't he? He has his own soft, comfy, fluffy doggie bed, and mom even moved it in front of the FAN for him!! Oh, and all those blankets on the floor? Those are for him, in case he decides not to sleep on his soft, comfy, fluffy doggie bed. *sigh* He is WAY too spoiled.

Well, at least he isn't on my mattress.

(hmmm, speaking of my mattreszzzzzzzzzz)

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


I know you have all heard of a copycat, (my apologies to my kitty friends) but I have a copyPUP! See for yourselves!

I groom myself, she grooms herself.

I look beautiful, she looks pretty.

I look down at my foot and lick my nose.....

SHE looks down at HER foot, and licks HER nose!!!

Apparently, I am being a fabulous role model and great big sis, cuz she sure wants to be just like me!!! (no khomments, woo know who woo are-Khyra!)

Princess Hollybollybananaboo

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Mmmmm HH Cookies!

Hey everybuddy! It's Baby Khady here. I got my first taste of the BEST cookies in the whole world! Yep, that's right Happy Hearts Dog Cookies!!!! Mom ordered a whole bunch for us. And, she let ME taste them first!

Here I am sniffing the fabulous flavor applesauce and banana! It was awesome!!!

Next came the blueberry banana! You can even see the pieces of blueberry in it!!

We also got the peanut butter and banana ones. I got to try them, too. I can honestly say, these are the BEST cookies ever!!! If you haven't tried them, please go to the Happy Hearts Dog Cookies website (see the link above, or their button on my sidebar) and order some of these fresh, home baked cookies! You never have to worry about the ingredients being safe, cuz they are all human grade, human baked, human tested!

I'm glad mom stocked up, cuz I think I'm gonna want to eat a LOT of these!! Thanks so much to Maya Marie, Bella and Missy's mom for making such totally awesome, healthy, and safe cookies for us!!

Khady Lynn