Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Sad Day

It is with an extremely heavy heart, and leaky eyes, that I say my friend Kelsey Ann of the Kapp Pack has gone to the Rainbow Bridge.

I also learned that Timber, from Stella Louella's home has also gone to the bridge.

This is a very sad time for all of us, and we are soooo sorry for their families. They will be in our thoughts and prayers.

Run happy and pain free Kelsey Ann and Timber. May you both wear your Silver Harnesses with great pride.

You will see your humans again one day, until that time, keep watch over them.

Please visit both Kelsey Ann's and Timbers blog pages. I'm sure they could use some friendly wishes at this time of grief.

((((((((Malagal hugs to both their families))))))))

(very, very sad)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Working On My HULA Certificate

Hey there!! Khady here. While big sis is napping, I thought I would jump on and tell everypup, khitty and Girl Girl how good I have been when it comes to working on my HULA Certificate.

Here are some wonderful examples of my work so far;

1. Demonstrate disruptive behavior.

I like to demand my breakfast and dinner. Only this time, dad decided it was a good way to get us all to howl. I just wanted my food!

2. Cause the humans to freak out for no reason.

One night I tried to jump up on mom and dad's bed, where Samuel was eating his food, and didn't make it. I hit the floor and started in with the Husky Death Screams. Mom came running from the other room, and immediately picked me up and started checking me out, cooing at me and asking if I was ok. I then started to wiggle out of her arms, so she set me down, and off I bounced.....perfectly fine!

3. Destroy something.

I'm doing very good on this one!

I'm learning that rugs are tasty, and fun to unravel!

Yep! Those are dad's glasses! He left them where I could reach them. Taught HIM a lesson, didn't I?!!

Well, I think that's pretty good for only being here for a week! I'm still working on the other requirements, but am pretty sure I can have those knocked out fairly quickly!

Khady Lynn
(good thing I'm khute)

Friday, July 25, 2008

I Need A Bigger Pool

Harooo every pup, khitty and Girl Girl! My new big sister Holly let me blog. Isn't she nice? I really like her, and she has been really nice in welcoming me.

But, I do have one thing to complain about. The pool here is a bit small. For some reason, all I can fit into it is my feety feet and snooter.

This just isn't working for me.

Finally, I just gave up, and decided to take a nap.

After all, it IS a tough job trying to fit in that little pool.


Khady Lynn

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Khady and Lilly

My new little sister, Khady, and her sister Lilly sure had a great time this weekend. Here are some videos of them doing zoomies around the yard. Boy, are they fast!!!

This is Khady doing zoomies by herself.

And, here is Khady and Lilly together.

And fun with WATER!!!

Well, I hope you enjoyed the videos. They make me tired just watching them!

(I'm a new big sister!!)

Pup Pup Puppies are here!

What a great weekend! Two of the Deadliest Catch puppies, Dawn/Lilly and Skipper came to stay with us! Both were going to their new homes this weened. Lilly to Colorado, and Skipper, well, she is staying here.

Please welcome Khady Lynn (formerly Skipper) . My new puppie.

Khady and her sister lilly are sooooooo adorable!

(I'm such a good mommy)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Pup Pup Puppies!!!!

We are puppy sitting this weekend for the remaining two Deadliest Catch puppies, Lilly and Skipper. They are both going to their new families this weekend! Mom is having quite a good time with them, and has taken TONS of video and pics.

So far, we are all getting along really well with them. Sam, well, is being Sam, and yelling at them. I am trying to keep everypup in line, and making sure they are being good, and not bothering my visitors!

They had a great time running around the yard and playing. Mom is working on getting the video ready to go, but it takes some time.

In the mean time, you will all just have to wait to see the pics and video until Saturday evening.

Talk about a great suspenseful ending.......


Saturday, July 05, 2008

Final Episode From My Visit

Here is another video of me and Dave. He is still yelling at me. I sure wish he understood that it wasn't my fault that it took so long for me to visit. Oh well, I still love him anyway!

And, here is a photo of me listening intently to some really good advice about Dave from the Supreme Commander of the Army of Four, Stormy!

And here is a pic of me being very nice to Ammy! She is such a nice girl! Although, the look on her face says she might think I'm a little strange!

Well, I hope you all enjoyed hearing, and seeing my great adventure to visit the Army of Four! I sure hope I can go back again some day!! I think Dave and I definitely need more time together!!

(still in dreamland over meeting my darling Dave)

Friday, July 04, 2008

More From My Visit

Here are some more great pics of me visiting the Army of Four.

Here I am with my darling Dave. Mom is trying to hold me back, cuz I just wanted to give him a big kiss!! She didn't think it was appropriate on our first meeting.

In this picture, I am telling Dave just how happy I am that I finally got to meet him in pawson!! He is even more handsome than I thought! *sigh*

Here, he is wispering sweet things in my ear. Don't ask what it was, cuz I'm not tellin'!!

Next, I got to meet Zimmie! He has a tail very similar to Khyra's.

I decided to ask Zim if he could give me some pointers on how to make Dave chill out a bit, since he was yelling at me when I first got here, about taking so long to finally come meet him! Like I wouldn't have come sooner if I could drive myself! Duh!

Our humans wanted us to pose together. We tried really hard to follow Stormy's "Cooperating for Photo's" directions. I think we did pretty good. I was kinda looking at the camera, but was getting ready to get up, as you can tell by my leg.

Before he left, Zim gave me some very top secret information. I was listening intently to every word! Don't worry Zimmie, I've got your six!

Stoopid dad didn't take any pics of me and Ammy. I don't think he could tell Ammy and Zim apart, so he just didn't take any extra photo's. But I do have some video, which I will post tomorrow.

Finally, I got to meet the Supreme Commander of the Army of Four! Dear, sweet Stormy, who always reminds my mom of her Shula. Isn't she beautiful?!?!! As a good trooper, I was sure to show the proper etiquette and bow to her!

Stormy had some very good advice for me regarding Dave, and also how to keep better charge of my pack. I will be sure to take to heart everything she said. She is soooo smart!

After all the meet and greets, and since it was so hot out, I decided it was time to make myself comfortable. We all went inside, and I took the opportunity to do my usual.........nap on the nice cool tile floor!! I was all set to start dreaming of my darling Davie!

After a while of the humans chatting, Mom and dad decided to head home. I had such a great time visiting with the Ao4, and finally meeting my true love! After we pulled away from the house, I became sad. Oh Dave, I sure hope we can see each other again soon!

Until then my love, I will miss you!

Your Furever Malagal,

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Road to Oz

Yesterday mom and dad packed me up, put me in the car, and off we went. We drove for a really long time, and at one point they let me out to stretch my legs and do my "business." I noticed a sign that said I was on The Road to Oz! Oz? I don't know anyone named Oz, so why are we on this road to see him? Then I thought to myself, "wait, I seem to recall mom watching a movie about a place called Oz." It was about this girl named Dorothy, who was from Kansas, and she got hit by a tornado (duh, it's Kansas) and when she woke up, WAIT!!!! KANSAS???? That's where my darling Dave lives!!!!" Oh, how exciting! I am going to see my true love Dave, and the rest of the Army of Four!!!

When we finally stopped, I got to meet Dave's mom and dad first. They were very happy to see me! They gave me tummy rubs, and generally just praised my beauty! I'll get to that later.

And then, to my surprise......

My darling, adorable, Dave!!! I don't think he was too happy that it took me so long to get down there to see him, cuz he sure had a lot to say about it! But, as you can see, I was trying to let him know it wasn't my fault, and that I was very happy to see him! He practically made me swoon with how handsome he was in pawson!!!!

Tomorrow, I will post more pics and videos of the rest of my visit. I am off to nap, and dream of my sweet, adorable Dave! *heavy sigh*

(dreaming of my pickle nose, blue eyed boy)

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Road Trip

Apparently I am going on a road trip tomorrow. Mom won't tell me anything about it. I hope it's somewhere fun.

I also had a visit from my friend Eva!! She got a new brother, and they stopped through Omaha for a visit! I promise to get pics of our visit up soon, (thanks to Eva's mom and dad cuz my mom is stoopid and forgot her camera), but if you can't wait, stop over to her blog for a sneak peak!!

I'll let you know what happens on my trip later. I need my beauty sleep now.

Princess Hollybollybeawootifulboo
(It better be worth the drive)