Friday, December 19, 2008

Please Help My Friend

I am terribly sad. My good friend Stormy of the Colorado Crew is missing. Her brother Thunder, who some of you may remember from the Rescue Road Trip last January, is missing his sister very much.

This is Stormy. She lives in Peyton Colorado, which is just northeast of Colorado Springs, and has been missing for about a month now. Her hu-mom isn't sure exactly what happened, but she thinks Stormy might have dug under their fence, and escaped through the neighbor's yard.

Stormy is microchipped, and has tags with her contact information. Her mom is in contact with several organizations to try and help her find Stormy, not to mention all her SMS friends. My mom even contacted Thunder's traveling partner, Skyler's rescuer to get his help with the Sibe contacts he has in the Denver area. We are all doing what we can to help bring sweet, beautiful Stormy back home.

So, if you all could please pass along this message, and help us find Stormy and bring her back to her brother Thunder, and PomPom brothers Bow and JoJo. Please also keep your paws crossed for her safe, and quick return. Her family is having a real hard time with her being missing, as I'm sure you can all understand.

Come home soon Stormy! We all miss you, and are worrying about you.


Thursday, December 11, 2008


Hey every buddy! It's me, Khady Lynn, again. No, I don't have any new snow, although they got some at MayaMarie's house down by New Orleans Louisiana! There is something completely wrong when they get snow in the south, but not in Nebraska!

Anyway, enough about my lack of snow. On to much better things!

I got my very first Christmas present today!! It was from my D'Azul family! Here, take a look!

Can you tell how excited I am? I really love it! Thank you soooo much to my D'Azul family! I think I will sleep with it tonight on my soft comfy pillow so Holly doesn't steal it.

Khady Lynn

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Hey every buddy!! It's me, Khady Lynn! Guess what? It FINally happened! We got SNOW!!!!!!! And boy, was it the most fun and exciting thing I have ever experienced!

I woke up early this morning and went outside to do my "business", when what do I discover? This wonderfully cold and fluffy white stuff! It did something strange to me, I must say. I got this amazing rush of puppy energy!

Apparently Monty woke mom us this morning at 6 a.m. barking. When she got out of bed to see what he was barking at, she realized it was me. Doing zoomies in the new snow! I just couldn't help myself! It was sooooo fun!

Dad got these videos of us when he got home from work. I think I should take up snow boxing. What do you think?

Mom and dad did think it was pretty funny to watch me. That is, until mom noticed the paw prints on TOP of the hot tub!! Yep, that's right, I was practicing my high-jump abilities. For some reason mom decided to put the steps to the hot tub on TOP of it so I couldn't use them for my "puppy queen of the mountain" game. Why is it that humans always ruin all the really good fun!

I sure hope we get some more of this fun, white, fluffy snow soon! Not only to keep my big sis Holly from complaining, but because it's so much fun!

Time for my nap now.

Khady Lynn