Friday, April 26, 2013


Happy Friday everybuddy!

We finally had some warm, sunny weather yesterday, so we were all wound up.  And, unfortunately, Titus got to be the receiver of a good dose of Siberian Smackdown!

Even the old boys, Samuel and Monty, tried to get involved!  Lena and I just LOVE playing tag team on Titus!

Hey, there may be more boys than girls in this house now, but the girls still RULE!!!

Happy weekend!

Khady Lynn

Monday, April 22, 2013

I'M 5!!!

Today is my birthday!  I'm 5 years old!  I'm really quite a grown up lady, but hu-mom still insists on calling me her "baby".   I guess it's just a mom thing, especially since she still calls Samuel her "baby boy" and he's ancient!

Anyway, back to me!  Here is a brief look at how much I have grown and matured over the past five years.

Here I am with my mom, Gloria, and my siblings.  Me and my sisters Lily Dawn and Hilde were the black and white pups.  Unfortunately, my sister Hilde passed away not long after this.  The light red pup on the left is my brother Shinzou (originally Jonathan), and the dark red pup is my sister Cornelia Marie.  We were the "Deadliest Catch" crew, and all named after the show.  My "registered" name is D'Azul's Northwestern, and I was originally called Skipper, after Captain Sig Hanson. 

Look at me!  I was just a weeee teeny thing!  I was only 2 months old in this pic.

Me at 1.  Already enjoying the cool air vent!

Oh look!  It's me at age 2, still on my favorite cool air vent! Hmmmm, I'm starting to see a pattern here.

With my chewy at age 3.

Age 4.  Hmmmm, something about the location of this photo looks a little familiar.

Finally, me now, age 5!

I may be all grown up, but I couldn't have become the girl, I mean WOMAN that I am today, if it weren't for the wonderful mothering of my beautiful Holly!  She raised me to be the absolute best puppy.  Hu-mom still comments on the things I do that remind her of Holly.  All I can say is, I'm sure glad I take after her.  She was the ultimate role model for a Princess like ME!

And so, for my birthday, as my (and Holly's) good friend Summi would say....WHIP AND SPRINKLES FOR ALL!  Or, as my favorite Unkey Tubey (yes, he is my real uncle) says....CHEESE AND BACON FOR ALL!  I'll let you all decide which you would rather have. 

Khady Lynn

Friday, April 19, 2013


Yes, Titus has been having quite a good time digging in the mud!  Remember THIS post where dad measured how deep the hole was getting? Well, Titus was finally caught in the act this time!

Dad had even filled in the hole with the dirt, but Titus decided he wanted the dirt OUT of the hole!  Oh, and ignore dads comment about the dog poo containers on top of the air conditioner.  He was just getting ready to take it all out to the trash!

Oh well!  At least it wasn't me getting caught!

Happy weekend everybuddy!

Khady Lynn

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


More to come!

Khady Lynn

Thursday, April 11, 2013


It's the "grumpy old man's" birthday today!  Samuel is 15!!!!

Until Titus got here, Samuel was my most favorite pup to chew on!  Even in his old age he still liked to play with me and was such a good sport!  Now, not as much, but hey, at his age he has the right to want to not be bugged by a kid like me!

So, enjoy your day Samuel!  And, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Khady Lynn

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Monday, April 08, 2013


Hey every buddy! Khady Lynn here!

I just want you all to know that I am aware I have some VERY big paws to fill by taking over my momma Holly's blog, so I sure hope that I can do her proud.

However, hu-mom says we seem to have gone a little "wild" without Holly here.  There have been a few things get chewed up. (pens, paper, two more doggie beds, another pillow from our (well, Holly's) couch, dad's ear buds, a candle, and hu-mom's nail polish ended up outside, just to name a few)  Hu-mom says it's because Holly isn't here to keep us all "in line".  I certainly don't recall ever being in a line, but apparently now that she isn't here, we are definitely not in it!

Holly also made sure our playing didn't get too out of hand.  She was always worried about me, and didn't want anyone messing with her baby.  But, hu-mom says the only one who seems to be getting "messed" with now, is Titus. 


He makes an easy target though.  He doesn't really fight back.  That's so lame.

Happy Husky Smackdown!
Khady Lynn