Friday, March 29, 2013


And then, along came the baby.

And it was as if Holly had given birth to Khady herself!  The love and connection was incredible!

Holly NEVER payed with any of the other dogs except Khady.  Or, allowed them to play with Khady the way she did.

Even when Holly was trying to act all "tough" with Khady, Khady always knew she could get away with it!

They were the very best of friends!

There are soooo many more that I could add.  Khady is doing pretty good.  She seemed a little sad the first couple of days.  When Khady, Lena and Titus would play, I could see Khady stopping to look around, as if wondering when her momma was going to come running in to break up the fun!  Holly hated it when anyone else played with Khady.  She was so protective of her.  We'll just have to see how things come along as everyone gets use to the "fun police" not being around.

I know I am missing her presence terribly.  I still keep thinking she will come walking in the doggie door any minute.  Or, that I will look over and she is sprawled out on her couch. It's going to take a long time for me to get use to not having my big Boo around.  All I can say is, I'm pretty sure she will be watching over her precious baby Khady!

Until we are together again one day, rest in peace my beautiful Holly.  I sure hope they have a big couch for you to nap on in heaven.

All our love forever,
Mom and dad.

Thursday, March 28, 2013


As I continue down memory lane, I'd like to share some of Holly's adventures "out and about"!

Here are a few of the trips Holly took. 

First, Zorinsky Lake, here in Omaha, for a day of frolicking in  the water, and hunting for critters.

A warm day in winter to take a dip!

There's got to be something interesting in there!

A keen eye and alert ears listening for those critters.

A beautiful stance while chillin' in the lake.

 Second, a very special trip to meet her bestest Malabro, Summit the Super Mal, for the very first time!

Summi on the left and Holly on the right.  Hard to believe Summi was only 10 months old then!!  To say he's a big boy, is an understatement!

Walking with the Big Guy!

Being playful with her new pal.

Next, a trip to the Danish Windmill in Elk Horn Iowa.

With dad in front of the windmill.

 Looking for the rabbit who ran into the bushes.

Checking out the scenery.

From there, we actually continued our trip and visited the historic Covered Bridges of Madison County!

This is the Cutler-Donahoe Bridge built in 1870.

Checking out the inside of the covered bridge.

While in the same area, we found this really cool castle.

The wording on the side of the castle says "Erected in memory of Caleb and Ruth Clark. Pioneer settlers of Madison County.1846-1926."

A great view from the tower.

Beauty shot in the fall scenery.

And, finally, in July, 2008, off to meet her true love, Dave, and the rest of the Army of Four in Kansas.

Meeting the Ao4 hu-mom.

Meeting the beautiful leader of the Ao4, Stormy.

The sweet and lovely Amber.

The very handsome Zim.

Overwhelmed with joy at meeting her adorable beau, Dave!  

She was VERY excited to finally meet her true love!

She DEFINITELY enjoyed her car rides!

I sure hope this picture makes you laugh as much as I always do when looking at it!

Until tomorrow.

Holly's mom, Jan

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Holly's mom here.  I'd like to start by saying that this has been the most shocking loss for me.  All the other pets that I have had in my adult life have all passed away from issues related to old age.  My two cats, Alex and Kirby, were 13 and 17.  My very first Siberian, Abby, who I got at just 6 weeks old, lived to be 16 1/2.  My husband's two Samoyeds (from when we first got together in 2002), Cyrus and Kona, lived to ages 13 and 14.  My first rescue, Shula, who was 13 when I adopted her, lived to be 16. 

Holly was only 8.

From the moment we saw this dog in a corn field on our way home from visiting my husbands family on December 24, 2005, Holly came into our home and immediately made it HER HOUSE!

She was a BIG girl, but weighed only 79 pounds and was skin and bones.  We also found out she had tapeworms, so she definitely would not have lived much longer in the freezing cold of winter, with no food.

This picture shows just how thin she was.  We could see every rib, her hip bones and feel every bone in her spine.  But, she was SO happy to finally get love and attention, and FOOD!

She was even small enough to fit on the recliner!  But that sure didn't last long!

10 months later, you can see she is quite the fat and happy Malagal!

Although she ruled her house with an iron paw, she was such a snuggle baby!  She absolutely LOVED cuddling!

Snuggling with me.

Snuggling with dad.

Or, napping with dad.

And, of course, snuggling with her best Malabro Summi's mummi!

But, most especially, she LOVED snuggling with her baby Khady!  The bond was immediate, and the two were absolutely inseparable!

I hope you will come back to visit each day this week as I continue to share this incredible girl with you all. And, thank you all SO MUCH for your thoughts, prayers, and words of kindness.  Although I can't stop crying when I read them, they mean the world to me!


Tuesday, March 26, 2013


It is with extreme shock and sadness that I must tell you all that Holly suddenly passed away yesterday. 

She had not been feeling well for about a week, so we took her to the vet on Thursday, 3/21 because she was not eating well and was having some diarrhea.  Her blood work showed all her organ function was fine but that she had a bad infection and some gastrointestinal bacteria, so she was put on Flagyl and Ciprofloxen.  Over the weekend she seemed to be getting worse, and refused to eat at all.  I actually had to spoon force feed her some canned food to get some nutrition into her. 

So, Monday morning I called the vet to tell her Holly was not any better and so I took her in so they could try to figure out what was going on.  They re-ran her blood work and it showed her white count had gone from 40,000 on Thursday to 58,000.  The vet did an x-ray, and did not like what she saw, so did an ultrasound.  It showed several masses of different sizes all throughout her abdomen.  The vet said they could open her up to see what was going on, but that it did not look good.  I told her to go ahead, because I needed to know for sure nothing could be done, before I could let her go.

When the vet got her opened up, she found a massive tumor on her pancreas with metastasis throughout her intestines and completely covering her liver.  There was no reason to wake her up.  I went to the office, and got to be there with her when she left. I told her how very much I loved her, and how I would be sure to take care of her baby Khady for her. 

I am devastated beyond belief and still in shock and denial that this actually happened.  On March 8th she went in for her annual vaccines and was just fine.  Two and a half weeks later, she is gone.  I just can't wrap my head around it.

I have decided to continue this blog in honor of my very specially Hollybollyboo.  Of course, her beautiful baby Khady will take over for her, because I know that is what Holly would want.  I have never known two dogs so incredibly attached to each other.

I will be posting some memories and pictures this week to honor her.  I hope you will all drop by to smile at those memories, and maybe they will bring back some fond memories of your own.

Rest in peace my beautiful Boo.  Your mommy and daddy love you very much and will miss you forever.


Monday, March 25, 2013




Some pup, or pups, have been very busy, and mom is NOT impressed!


Thursday, March 21, 2013


The snow is gone and we are all quite sad.  But, there is always yard work to be done.  Especially since it is now SPRING!

That thing is big enough to hold Khady!  I wonder what Titus has planned for it?


Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Snooter kisses!

Khady Lynn

Friday, March 15, 2013


Titus in snow bliss!

Happy weekend everyone!


Wednesday, March 13, 2013




Friday, March 08, 2013


No one is talking, and with good reason.  All I can say is.....It wasn't ME!


Thursday, March 07, 2013


Last night mom went to a grooming demo for Taysia Blue Siberian Husky Rescue, and Titus got to be a demo dog and be beautified!!

He was a really good boy.....well, except when they were brushing his fluffy butt!  

Needless to say, after all his beautification, he came home and crashed!

He really does look great.  You just can't tell by his sleeping position!

Just glad it wasn't me!