Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bucket(less) Head

So, mom comes out of the bathroom after getting "ready" to go out this evening cuz she is going to one of her friends house for a food/jewelry party, and here is what greets her.

Notice anything missing?

Yep, somehow he got the bucket off his head. First thing mom said was "where is your bucket?"

She looked outside and didn't see it there. So, the next logical place to look was the bedroom. Yep, there it was, on the bed. She has no idea how he got it off his head! It did give her a good chance for a better look at his ear.

Looks pretty nasty, and very painful! Those little black lines are the stitches that are made in a quilting sort of way to keep the hematoma from returning. Ok. I do kinda feel a little sorry for him now after seeing this picture.

However, these just make him look pathetic. He likes to lay out on the patio on the frozen ice.

I laughed a little after seeing these. Mom keeps calling him her "poor baby." I think he's just milking it cuz he is getting so much attention.

(eyes rolling)

Monday, January 28, 2008

Bucket Head Video

Mom couldn't resist getting video of Samuel being EXTREMELY pathetic with the bucket on his head.

Now you know why I have been laughing at him.

(he's really playing the sympathy card)

Bucket Head

It's really hard for me to type this, cuz I keep laughing so hard!

Here's why....

Does something look a little "off" in this picture?

How about these?

See why I'm laughing? Samuel looks so funny with his ear all flopped over like that. Just totally brings out the dorkiness in him!!! (not that that's too difficult for him) Mom and dad started calling him "floppy!"

Mom wasn't sure what was wrong with him. His ear became swollen and seemed filled with air and fluid on Friday evening. She looked it over very closely and only found a tiny scratch. She thought maybe he got it while out on his walk with dad that morning. They were out in the brush looking for a place to hide his newest geocache. Mom thought maybe he was having an allergic reaction (which, for Samuel would not be unheard of) to something he come in contact with out in the brush. Therefore, she started giving him benadryl.

When it hadn't started to go down on Saturday, she checked with her SMS friends, and thanks to Meeshka's human woman, (yes, there are a few unstupid ones) she found out that what he had was an aural hematoma.

So, today mom took him to Thevets, and sure enough, he had to have surgery! She just hates to leave any of us at Thevets all day cuz she always worries so much. When she finally picked him up, this is what he looked like....

How I get to call him "bucket head"!!!! Haroorooroo!!!

Seriously, he looks even more pathetic than usual. Mom is all appologetic like this was her fault, and keeps calling him sweet names and talking all babyish to him. He has to keep the stitches in his ear for 3 weeks, and the bucket on his head for at least a week. I have a feeling mom is going to be spoiling and babying him the whole time!

I think I need to horka.

(still laughing, but wanting to gag too)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Stuffie Swap

My very good friend Sitka, and her khat sister Tia, along with her mom, sent us some great pressies! We got stuffies! 2 rhino's, 2 hippo's (I'm going to assume that isn't a hint) and a new MOOSE!! They also got Samuel a nubbly cone, which I have decided I want. You see, the last nubbly they sent, the tomato, I didn't like, but Samuel did, so they figured he would like this one too. Only I claimed it first! Well, and all the other stuffies too. We also got some yummy treats, which Samuel and Kona can't have cuz of their stupid allergies, but that 's fine, cuz it just means more for me.

The greatest pressie of all, was a beautiful blanket that has a Malamute embroidered on it, along with mom's name! She doesn't have a picture of it yet, but I promist to post it. She also got an adorable Siberian Huskies Puppy calendar! It's going up at work, she said!

Instead, for your viewing pleasure, is a VERY long video of me with all the new stuffies. And my stupid siblings are trying to take them away from me. Which does not make me a happy Malagal! As you will see in the video, I keep trying to keep track of them and the stupid brothers keep stealing them!

And, in case you have any doubt as to my strength, (Khyra) just watch what I do to that stick!

Just click this link to watch the video. (it was too long to upload to blogger)

Hope you enjoyed it. I know it's long, but dad was very interested in all the fun we were having, so he got a little carried away.

(MY stuffies)

Monday, January 21, 2008

Rescue Road Trip - The Final Episode

Yep, I'm back! And, with the final episode of my mom, and Summit the Super Mal's mom rescue road trip.

Once Summi's mummi and my mom left Colorado, they made a quick stop in Kansas. And where did they go, you ask? To a place I have wanted to go since I very first laid eyes on a certain adorable, blue eyed, freckle nosed Siberian named DAVE!!

Yep, that's my boy! They stopped to see the Army of Four!!! And, they went without me!! I must say, mom is very lucky she got some good pictures and video, or I'm not sure I would not have been so happy to see her when she got home.

Here's some great video from when the mom's first arrived. Wow, what a great welcome they received!

Dave was quite the gentleman, but sure wanted to know where his Holly was! I think he was a little upset that I wasn't there! I can tell he wanted to come back to Nebraska with them! However, he was sure to pass around the love between the mom's anyway. Ignore the devil eyes in these photos, mom's stupid camera software won't fix the red eye cuz it's not "red" enough! (which is just stupid)

Here is dave cuddling with Summi's mummi. Doesn't he look happy?!!

After such a warm welcome, things settled down a bit, Dave was doing his velcro thing that his mom is always talking about. He likes to go from person to person and just hang out and get petted! That sounds a lot like me too!

Davie was getting some love from Summi's mummi while they were all discussing little Skyler. Do you see those legs sticking up? I couldn't figure out what that was until I got a better look. Supreme Commander Stormy decided she needed a quick nap after all the excitement! I don't think I've ever seen a doggie sleep with both feet in the air like that. It's called the Double Stormy Salute!

Here is the handsome Zim! He was taking a quick rest and getting petted by Summi's mummi.

Here's a great video of Zim and Dave playing. Mom was sitting down on the floor with them, so that's why it is all really close up action!

My mom kept saying how Zimmie kept "instigating" play with everydog! So, Summi's mummi came up with the new name Zimstigator for him! We all thought it fit perfectly!

The moms sure had a great time meeting the great Army of Four! If only I could have been there with my mom, that would have made it totally perfect!! But, I know I will get to meet the Ao4 and my darling Dave some day!

Best of all, mom bought something for me and Dave. I know Dave posted about his gift, and so now you get to see mine!
Do you see it? Here's a closer look......

I absolutely love it!!! It shows our commitment for each other! And, since Dave and I love ech other, what could be better!?! Well, diamonds would be nice, but they won't fit on my clawtoes.

I guess this means we are either going steady, or engaged?!?!! Wow, I am soooo happy!

I would like to thank the Army of Four and their humans for welcoming us into their home and showing us such a great time! They are such wonderful pups with even more wonderful humans! I know it sure made my mom's and Summi's mummi's trip end with big smiles on everyone's face!
Next time, I better get to go, or there will be some serious squishing of the human woman going on!!!

(now officially "taken")

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Rescue Road Trip Part 3

Our saga continues.....

Once the mom's dropped off Skyler with his new foster dad, they continued on to Thunder's new furever home.

Here he is at the front door, waiting for his new mom!

Once he went inside, he met his new mom, and new Sibeling sister Stormy!!

That's Thunder doing the play bow stretch.

Thunder in the back, and Stormy in front in both pictures.

Once everyone got acquainted, Thunder thought it was time to check out the back yard.

Stormy tried to play with him, but he wasn't real sure what she was trying to do when she was running zoomies all around him! I'm sure he will catch on pretty quickly! His new mom said he has even started to get up on the couch to snuggle!!

He also has a couple PomPoms as mini siblings.

I think Thunder is going to be VERY happy at his new home!!!

But wait!!! There's more!! Stay tuned for the final chapter of the mom's rescue road trip!! The mom's made another stop somewhere VERY important!

(off to check out our new snow and single digit temps)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Rescue Road Trip Part 2

Ok, where did I leave off? Ah, yes, the rescue trip!!

Well, along with the catish (or Khatish) Thunder, mom and Summi's mummi also had the great luck to pick up a 6 month old Sibe named Skyler, who was almost sent to the Rainbow Bridge for biting someone. Luckily for him, some extremely nice people in southeastern Kansas realized that because he was so young, had been stray, and seemed rather skittish and fearful, that all he needed was some love, socialization and rehabilitation. So, they rescued him, and were then looking for transport to Colorado. Wow, what a coincidence, mom and Summi's mummi were heading just that way!! Therefore, they volunteered to swing down to Salina Kansas and pick him up on their way to Colorado Springs!

Here are a few pics of Skyler when he was picked up.

Doesn't he look just like Demon, from Snow Dogs???

Here he is smiling, cuz he knows he is being saved by two people who are very happy to have given him the chance to live a long and happy life in a loving furever home.

He was a little skittish at first, and didn't like to have his head touched. Both the moms were very gentle with him, and he did allow chin scratches.

Then it was discovered that he really liked Thunder!!! They got along GREAT! Here are some video's of them playing. Or, I guess I should say, Skyler wanting to play, and Thunder being......well......his usual "cat" self.

Thunder is the one laying down, in case you couldn't tell!! Ha woo woo woo!!!

They had such a good time together! And Skyler really warmed up to the moms! Before the end of the trip my mom was giving him smooches!!! He really came out of his shell, and we know he is going to be a great puppy for someone very soon. He is going to a great home that has other Sibes, and can teach him everything he needs to know about being a good boy! The moms were very happy to meet Ralph, who will be his rehabilitator/foster home. They could tell just from talking to him, that he will do a great job with sweet, adorable Skyler.

Well, I'm off to see where my dinner is. Stay tuned for Part 3!!

(very proud of the moms)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Rescue Road Trip Part 1

Mom went on another road trip, and of course, I didn't get to go. But, this time it's ok, cuz she did something really, really good!

My good friend Summit's mom rescued a very sweet and calm Siberian Husky, and volunteered to drive him to his new furever home. The thing is, Summi's mummi lives in central Iowa, where Thunder (previously named El Guapo, which means handsome one) was in a shelter, and his new home was in Colorado Springs, Colorado!!! That's 850 miles away! Well, my mom being the puppy lover she is, volunteered to go with Summi's mummi! Mom knew they would have a great time together, and she loves helping save a life!

Thunder was extremely calm and also apparently very tired. He slept the entire way, and only woke up long enough to take his potty breaks. He totally confused the two humans cuz he did NOT act like a typical Siberian! They kept looking for a zipper to his Sibe suit, cuz they figured there must be a cat in there somewhere!

Here is a picture of Thunder in the Jeep. Sleeping.

Then mom gave him her coat to lay his head on, cuz she didn't think the purse was a good pillow.

Aaaahhhh, that looks much more comfy!

They stopped for some dinner, and took Thunder for a little potty break. Apparently he really likes the snow, cuz all he wanted to do was lay down in it and get belly rubs!

Yep, he looks totally comfy in the snow!

But, he also looked really comfy in the hotel room, where he continued to sleep all the time. Mom and Summi's mummi said he was the sleepingest Sibe they had ever seen! They figured he hadn't had a good night's rest the whole time in the shelter, so he was catching up.

Mom also got some cute video of Thunder eating his first meal with them.

Notice how gently he takes the food! He has the humans hand feeding him!! He is also spitting out the pieces of dry food that Summi's mummi is trying to feed him! He's got them sucked in already!

In this video, he will only eat the pieces of Natural Balance Lamb roll that is in his bowl! What a smart boy!

Tomorrow, will be part two of the rescue road trip, featuring Skyler!!

Stay tuned!

(very pround of her mom and Summi's mummi too)

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Lucky Number 13

Today is Abby's 13th birthday. Considering how much this girl has been through, it's amazing, sometimes, she has made it this far. But, she is one tough ol' girl!!

This is what she did all day.

Hmmmm, that reminds me a lot of what I do most days. Haroorooroo!!

Mom gave her some special gourmet doggie treats covered in yogurt and a yummy lamb ear. I didn't get any treats, but I did get a lamb ear. So, I guess I won't complain too much.

Happy Birthday Abby!!!


Monday, January 07, 2008

You Make My Day!

I am so excited! I have been given an award by my good friend Echo! It's called the "You Make My Day" award. It's so nice to know I can make someones day! I am totally blushing now!

I now get to pass the award on to up to 10 more blogger friends whose blog brings me happiness and inspiration, and also makes me feel happy about blogland.

I see some of my friends have already received the award, so I am passing it on to:

Turbo (our next President)
Meeshka (our Queen)
Maddox and Shelby
Joe Stains
Tasha and Eva
Captain Maverick
Dusty Doodles
Bama and the River Hill Pack

There are really soooo many of my friends that deserve this award, so I'm sure you will all get it passed on to you very soon! I love all my blogger friends!! You ALL make me happy and inspire me to keep on reading and blogging! So, I would like to say THANK YOU to all of YOU!


Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Dad took these back in November. I think I look pretty darn HOT!!

(your next super model)