Sunday, October 29, 2006

We got our walk

Lucky for the humans, we got our walk Sunday. It was absolutely GORGEOUS out, so they took us on a nice long walk in the warm, sunny weather. Mom even brought along the camera (she's learning) and snapped some great pictures of our outing.

Here I am checking out this nice hole to dig in.

And here I am supervising Monty while he is digging. I'm just waiting for him to get out of my way so I can take over, but he's a digging FREAK, so he just kept at it.

Here I am STILL trying to get at that hole, and Monty just won't give it up.

When we got home, some of us took turns laying on our favorite big patio step. Abby went first, she's a gimpy after having surgery on both her knees. The fur still hasn't grown back on her right leg, and her last (of 3) surgeries on that knee was in January. Even the vet isn't sure why it isn't growing back yet. This is a good example of why NOT to shave a northern breed dog!

I was even nice enough to let the girly boy Kona take a turn. But, then I decided the nice step was mine, so I took it over. Mom has it all nice and covered with a blanket for our comfort.

It was a great day, and with all that exercise we spent the rest of the evening napping. Since it got dark so much earlier, we were really confused and thought it was bed time way too early. What's up with these humans and this time change thing? I swear, I will never understand them.


(what time is it?)

Saturday, October 28, 2006

We didn't get to go

Well, the humans went out of town today and left us home. It was a beautiful day, and they left and didn't take us out at all! No walks, no road trip to some doggie friendly place. Nope, they totally abandoned us today.

Luckily, they got home in time for our dinner, so we didn't have to destroy anything in protest. If they would have been late, I'm pretty sure one of the boys would have had to pee on something just to show them we were mad.

We get an extra hour of sleep tonight! Whoohooo! We're always happy when we can get more sleep. After all, it is one of our favorite things to do (except for our walks, which we DIDN'T get today).

Tomorrow it is suppose to be 70 and beautiful! Probably the last warm day of the year. Mom will be doing homework all day (which still doesn't make any sense to me since she just sits in the recliner with her book and laptop) since she didn't get to do any today. Dad will have to nap in the afternoon cuz he has to go to work tomorrow night, so we had better get a good, long walk in the morning! If not, I think I'll tell one of the boys to pee on something, just to show we will NOT be ignored.

(can't lose any weight without my daily exercise)

Thursday, October 26, 2006


I would like to give my deepest, most sincere apologies to Indy for calling HIM a her. You see, my mom has a friend who had a cat whose name was Indy, and that Indy WAS a her. So, you can see where I made my mistake in assuming all those named Indy, must be a "her." I certainly won't make THAT mistake again!

This sort of thing happens to my step-brother Kona quite often too. Everyone thinks he's a girl. But, he does sort of look like a girl, and he is quite prissy.

People who see me usually think I'm a boy because I'm so big. At 115 pounds they look at me and say "wow, he's so big." Mom always points out that I'm a girl. So, I can certainly understand what it is like to be called the opposite sex, and it's no fun!

Well, back to napping. Just wanted to be sure to let my new friend know how sorry I am for my error in "assuming", cuz we all know what happens when you assume.......

(I'm so embarrassed)

Where is mom?

I really dislike Wednesday's. Mom is gone all day at work then all night to school. She doesn't get home until almost 10 pm, and by then, I'm about ready for bed. Trouble is, we know when it's 5 o'clock, and she should be home from work, and when she doesn't come home, we get worried and have to wake up dad. Every noise we hear outside, we have to start barking and Sam does his Husky death screams, and we make all sorts of "happy" ruckus, thinking it's finally her coming home. But it's not. We're on a schedule here, and she is really messing things up with this whole school on Wednesday nights stuff.

It's the same way when dad doesn't get home in the mornings by 7:15. We start to get worried, so we do the same barking, Sam does his Husky death scream, more get the picture. Mom goes in to work late on Thursdays, so when we wake her up early on those mornings cuz dad isn't home yet, she gets mad at us and tells us to "knock it off." Not sure what it is we're suppose to be knocking off, but usually if we knock things over, or off the tables, we get in trouble. These humans and their mixed signals. How on earth are we suppose to figure out what the heck we are suppose to be doing when they talk in circles?

Oh well, we'll just go on ignoring them for the most part. Some day they'll give up trying to figure us out, since we've pretty much already given up on them.

My new friend Amber of the Ao4 wanted mom's recipe for our pumpkin/yogurt squares treats. They are really yummy, and mom says they are low fat, which is good for me, cuz I'm on a diet! So Amber, here it is;

1 large container of vanilla low fat yogurt
1 can pure pumpkin (not the pie filling)

mix together in a large bowl, and spoon into ice cube trays. Freeze. Empty trays into large freezer bag.

Then be sure the humans feed them to you as often as possible since they are NOT fattening!

Another new friend, Indy, has invited me to be an honorary member of the Husky bloggers ring, since my step-brother Samuel and step-sister Abby are both Siberian huskies. I feel very privileged, so want to thank her for the invitation! I will be sure to join, cuz Sam is quite strange, and does lots of really funny things. Mostly I share them because he is pathetic, and I'm not, so I like to make fun of him. He makes it way to easy!

Well, it's way past my bedtime now, so I'm off to do my favorite thing.....sleep!

(ok, make that second favorite thing next to eating)

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Left behind once again

Well, for the third Tuesday in a row, I didn't get to go to pet therapy. Dad took Kona (the girly boy), and mom had homework to do, so I didn't get to go. Once again, I didn't see her doing any work around our home. All she did was sit in the recliner with the computer on her lap, read a book, and type all night. Doesn't look like much work to me.

Sam wasn't too happy either. He thought dad took Kona out for a walk and didn't take him, so he laid on the floor and whined the whole time dad was gone. It was quite annoying listening to his pitiful little whiney noises. See, usually in the mornings dad takes me and Monty out for our walks first, then he comes back and takes Sam and Kona for their walks. So, since he saw Kona leave with dad and he had the L. E. A. S. H. on, he thought he was being left home and not getting his walk. Hence, all the whining. What a sad (and pathetic) little Sibe. Once again, here is a very recent picture of Sam practicing his patheticness.
This is usually the look mom gets when he wants something......usually a cookie. If the "look" doesn't do it, then he starts with the whining, then on to clawing (I think he's been reading Meeshka and taking hints from her) and then on to plain ol' woo woo's and barks. By the time he gets done making such a ruckus, mom is thoroughly irritated, and gets up to give him a cookie to shut him up. She is well trained!

I, on the other hand, just went and did my usual. I napped on the couch.

This a a wonderful example of how well I do at napping. I have my favorite spot on the couch, with my own pillow, and I just curl up and off to bunny-chasing dream-land I go.

I'm so glad these humans have this wonderful house for me, with all the nice places for me to sleep. I have my own mattress in the basement, a couch that is pretty much mine (and Sam's too, cuz he takes the other end) lots of floor room, mom's nice big bed, and the nice big patio outside. What more could a lost and found Mal gal want? I guess I'll stay here. These people are very good at catering to our doggie needs (as they should!)

(oh yea, I'll take all that nice yummy food that has made me fat too!)

Sunday, October 22, 2006

The weather man stinks

The weather man was totally off! It snowed.......for like, 15 seconds! And then it was back to rain. We were all pretty bummed, even the humans. They were looking forward to some pictures of us playing in the snow, but alas, no such luck. All we got was some cold, blustery weather, which is fine for us, but the snow would have been really nice.

Otherwise, we had a pretty boring, but relaxing weekend. Mom did homework all weekend, as usual. We didn't get a walk on Saturday cuz the humans were too "busy." Hey, one of their chores is to take us all out for our walks. They were slackers because it was suppose to snow, but didn't, so they used that excuse not go out in the nice, cold, wet weather. They were forgiven though, since they went to the big doggie store and bought us some new chewy's and treats.

We did get our walk today. So I guess we will change our plans for some sort of boredom destruction on Monday when mom is at work and dad is sleeping. We try to keep them well trained when it comes to our required walks with the "threat" that we might tear something up if we don't get our proper amount of exercise. We don't want them forgetting their training by letting them slack TOO much.

Time for bed now, so I'm off the the basement to my mattress. Afterall, I've had a hard day lounging outside in the cold, and taking a walk.

(getting plenty of beauty sleep)

Friday, October 20, 2006

Bring on the SNOW

It's finally suppose to snow here tomorrow morning. They say it won't stick, but at least it's going to snow. This, of course, means we get to go in, and out, and in, and out, of the doggie door, bringing in wet feet, wet fur, and lots of mud. It's going to be absolutely grand. And we are going to irritate mom extensively! We all really LOVE that.

Sam was practicing last night for the rain/snow by sleeping in the bathtub. No one has quite figured that whole thing out yet. Mom went to go get ready for bed last night, and there he was, snoozing in the bathtub. She peeked in on him, rolled her eyes, then left him there. He really is the picture of pathetic.

Here is a perfect example. This is his spot on the couch. He always has to have this spot. If dad tries to sit here, Sam will jump up on the couch, and nudge in behind dad, and then kick dad with his feet until he moves to the other end. (This is actually a excellent example of positive human training.) Then he just lies there, with his pathetic head on the pillow, and stares at mom. This is what he is doing in this picture. Mom was sitting in the recliner, which is beside the couch, and the end table sits between them, and so she snapped this picture of "pathetic boy." I mean, look at that face! He can't let mom out of his sight. If she gets up to go to another room, he has to get up and follow her. On Wednesday nights, when mom is in school, he whines and lays on the rug by the front door, waiting for her to come home. He only gets up when it's dinner time. Have I mentioned he's pathetic?

Hopefully mom will get some cool pictures of us cavorting in the snow tomorrow. Unless it turns into slush too early. Then maybe she'll just get some pics of us all wet and dirty!!


(still NOT pathetic)

Monday, October 16, 2006

Spitty rain

Well, it was an icky day. We had that nasty spitty, misty, rain stuff. Not real rain, not just fog, but the kind of humid stuff that just hangs in the air and sticks to your fur. The only one who doesn't mind it is Samuel. And he's just weird, so we don't count him.

Apparently he thought it was "bad" weather, so he did a stint in the bathtub. Mom took Sam and I for a nice long walk. When he got home, I guess he decided that the misty, spitty stuff was too scary, cuz he went and got in the bathtub. Dad was not too happy when he went to get in the shower, cuz it was all full of Sam's dirty dog feet. He made mom come look at what her "son" had done. She just laughed, and told him when he is showering he could just wash it out then.

Kona was refusing to go outside. He is such a prissy boy, he doesn't like to get his delicate feet all wet. Dad had a hard time getting him to do his business this morning out on their walk, cuz he didn't want to walk in the wet grass. He spent most of the day inside, keeping dry.

We all spent lots of time napping today. That's what this kind of weather is good for. At least it's cool. Wet, but cool.

Mom was watching David Letterman on TV tonight, and some woman was putting wigs on dogs. It was embarrassing to watch these poor dogs have wigs put on them. Luckily, most of them were the snack sized dogs, and none of us big dogs. Totally humiliating. Thank goodness no one wants to put sweaters or wigs on us northern breed dogs. We'd probably just try and kill it by shredding it.

Well, mom said it's bed time. And I need to get to the bed so Sam can't hog mom all to himself. I don't stay too long. Just long enough that Sam doesn't have any room, so he goes and gets on the spare bed. He likes to hog that one too.

Here are a couple good examples of us doing our share of bed hogging.


Sunday, October 15, 2006

We LOVE those cooool temps

We had a wonderfully cool weekend. This makes us all have much more energy. So, in order to wear us out a little bit, our humans took us for a lovely long walk on Friday evening to the local lake. They walk us off the main paths and in the grassy areas so we can sniff, and pee, and look for bunnies. Samuel, Monty and I love bunnies. We don't get to chase them though. Not sure why. Whenever we see one and start to take off, we get to the end of our flexi's and then have to stop. That just really ruins all the fun, cuz then the bunnies get away.

Saturday we didn't get any walks. The humans were lazy. Mom was busy doing homework, not that I saw her doing any work on our home, she just worked on my computer all day, and read some book. Dad was the one doing all the home work. He finally got mom's garage door opener hooked up. Mom was very happy about not having to go out into the weather to get in her car now. I don't know why she doesn't like to go out in the weather. We sure do. In fact, we spent all day out in the nice cold, sunny weather.

Today they did take us all out again. It had sprinkled a little this morning, so Sam spent time in the bathtub. I'm not really sure what is up with all that. Any time it thunders or rains, he goes and gets in the bathtub to sleep. But, he also goes out and wonders around in the pouring rain, so he really doesn't make any sense. Luckily this morning it was just a few sprinkles, so he wasn't scared, and he didn't get soaking wet so mom didn't get mad. It wasn't even enough to get our feet all dirty so we could muddy up the kitchen floor. I know how much mom likes mopping the kitchen floor after we put our footprints all over it.

After our walk, mom went back to do more homework, but I still didn't see her get out of the recliner and away from the computer. I'm not really sure how that sort of work does any good on our home. It only seems to stress her out and make her grumpy (at least that's what dad says)

Well, since it is nice and cool outside, we are all sleeping comfortably on the patio most nights. Luckily we have the doggie door so when Sam wants to come inside and get in bed with mom he can. He's such a momma's boy, he can't leave her for too long. We saw some pictures of snow on the TV tonight, and want to know when WE are finally going to get some of that white stuff. The weather people say it's going to be in the 50's and 60's next week, so no snow. Oh well, the cold weather helps us sleep really good at night. Speaking of sleep, I think I better get out there to my spot by the fence. All this talk of cool weather and sleep is making me tired.

(sleeping comfy in the cold)

Thursday, October 12, 2006

FREE....Juuuuuusssst for a second

I had my freedom, just for a second this morning. Dad came home from work and, as usual, hooked me and Monty up for our walk. We always get to go first, cuz we scream the loudest, and jump around the most, so since we are more excited than the other 3, we get to go first!

So, back to my short freedom......Apparently dad didn't get the hook from the flexi around my collar hoop, but instead got my tags loop. Then, when dad opened the front door, out Monty and I went like our tails were on fire, and my tags came flying off, and the leash came away, and I was FREE!

There I was, running down the sidewalk, on my usual path towards the park, and dad is yelling and running after me. It was so much fun! Then, I heard mom scream my name from behind me, and so, silly me, I stopped and turned around to look at her to see what she was yelling about. Well, that's all it took for dad to grab my tail. Then he grabbed me around the neck with his arm, like he was trying to hug me. I'm not sure what that was all about! I was just in a hurry to get to the park. Not sure what the big deal was. Next thing I know, here comes mom, in her robe, to see what happened. She was all upset for some reason. SHE was upset!! Hey, I'm the one who was now totally embarrassed because she came running down the sidewalk in her ROBE. Dad told her everything was fine, he now had me "hooked up" correctly. She went back and found all my tags on the driveway, so at least they can put them back on my collar.

When dad brought us home, mom gave me a big hug, and some smooches. She mentioned something about me giving her a "heart attack." I didn't know hearts attacked people, but it sounds like something that isn't too fun. But I got hugs and smooches, which was cool! Oh well, I was free for just a few seconds, but I knew where I was going. Still no idea what the big deal was. Not my fault the humans can't keep up with me.

(back in my house, with my tags on)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Well, apparently Sam didn't learn anything on Sunday when I took the little toy away from him and beheaded it.

He was playing yesterday with his favorite squeaky ball, so when he wasn't paying attention, I went and took it from him. Then he got one of the rope toys with a ball on it and was playing with that, so I went and took that away too.

Here I am hoarding the toys I took so no one else gets to play.

Mom calls me "Brutessa" because she says I'm a brute. I'm going to assume that is a compliment for my great toy stealing and hoarding abilities!

I mean, after all, this is MY house, so those are MY toys, and I can hoard them all to myself if I want to. It's a good thing I am sweet and cuddly, and have one of those faces that makes mom like to smooch on me. Those other dogs are just going to have to get use to the new rules, cuz I'm here, and I'm the biggest, so that makes me in charge....right? Right.

Well, it rained today, so we took Meeshka's advice from yesterday, and napped. Except for dorky Sam, who kept going outside and laying on the big patio step in the rain, and getting wet, then coming inside, then going back outside, then back in. Mom wasn't too happy when she got home from work and Sam was all wet. We haven't figured out yet why he does that.

Oh well, time for bed now, more napping. Maybe it will stop raining soon and we can go outside in the nice cold weather. It will be muddy, so we can track up the kitchen floor too. Mom will be so happy when she gets up in the morning!


(toy hoarder extraordinaire)

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Toy destruction

This is my dorky step-brother Samuel. He loves to play with toys. Most of the time we don't get to play with toys because, as the boss, I get bossy and take them away from everyone. Mom doesn't like that too much. She believes in sharing. I have no idea what that is.

Well, today she decided to let Sam play with this little toy she got last weekend at the local humane society's Walk for the Animals fund raiser. Mom did a really good job raising money, and so she got a goody bag that had some cool stuff in it, like both these toys that you see on the floor.

Here is a close-up shot of Sam having a great deal of fun with his toy. I'm not sure why he is lying on his back to play. I usually just sit with the toys between my feet to keep everyone else away from them. Since some of my rules are; if I like it, it's mine; if you have it and put it down, it's mine; if I can take it away from you, it's mine. But today, mom kept me away from Sam and let him have his fun.

But, when he was done, and walked away, you guessed it, I went and took it, cuz now it's mine. Mom made the mistake of walking away for a few minutes, and then I took over. I decided that I didn't want anyone else playing with that toy, so I "took care" of it.

Now that I have eaten one of it's legs, and decapitated it, mom threw it in the trash. Hehehe. That'll show all of em', don't play "keep away" from Holly, or Holly will keep it away from everyone for good. I just love being the boss!


(Now lets see what toy I can work on next)

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Another warm Fall day

Well, it was another warm Fall day here in Nebraska. It was in the 80's. Hellooooo!!! It's October, it's suppose to be much cooler out!

Samuel spent the day hanging out outside on the big step out the back door to the patio. It was like, 84! Why is he outside in the heat? We have no idea. But, he's weird, so we'll just not mention that whole thing.

The rest of us, who are much smarter, stayed inside in the airconditioning where it was nice an cool.

Mom spent most of the day doing her homework, and sitting in the recliner with the computer, so I couldn't use it. Dad mowed the yard and then had to fix his car, so he wasn't any fun. We didn't even get our walks this morning cuz mom was sleeping in. Dad took Kona and went to visit his hospice care patient. We were all upset because he got to go in the car, and we didn't.

This is a picture of Kona. Everyone thinks he's a girl. He does act kinda girly. But he's a great therapy dog cuz he LOVES attention. In fact, if you STOP petting him, he either nudges your hand to start again, or he'll just bark at you. So, as long as you keep touching him, he's fine.
Maybe I should try that.........hhhmmmmmmm............

Well, since it was another warm, boring day, all we did was snooze. I have included a couple pictures of my and Abby's favorite sleeping positions. We do this all the time. We find it extremely comfortable. Sam sleeps in this same position sometimes too. Mom says when Sam does this he's "airing it out", whatever that means.

It's suppose to be cold next week. Like, 40 for a high on Thursday!!! WOW, we are soooo ready for that! They have upped the high's for the weekend to 60, but hey, we can handle that. That just means that the nights are going to be REALLY comfy for sleeping, so we'll get to spend all our time lounging on the patio. Hey, works for me. They even mentioned the possibility of SNOW!!! That is so COOL! I can't wait. Whoo hoo, Fall may actually, finally be coming.


(gonna be chillin soon)

Friday, October 06, 2006

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Ah yes, fall in Nebraska. Is there such a thing? Most of the time we go from really darn hot, to cold. Or vice versa. However, we have actually gotten some nice fall like weather lately. Today it was low 70's, breezy and sunny. Going to be in the mid 80's tomorrow (a bit too warm for us) but then it's going to start getting nice an cold! By next weekend the highs are only going to be in the mid 40's and 50's! Yaaa Baby!! We are REALLY going to like that. As it is, we are spending much more time enjoying the great outdoors. Especially at night when it gets into the 50's. Dad isn't liking it though, cuz he tries to sleep during the day, and we keep waking him up. Oh well, this is OUR weather, deal with it humans!

Dad had a meeting tonight with the hospice care people. Mom and dad volunteer us (me, Abby, Samuel and Kona) as therapy dogs, so we get to visit all kinds of really nice people, and get lots of attention and ear scratches. So mom took me and Samuel for a nice long walk around the neighborhood. She took us up by the school and we got to play with some kids up there that were playing on the playground. I just love kids and people! Wherever I see them I have to try and veer toward them so they can pet me. I mean come on, that's what they're there for right? To PET me! They always comment on how pretty Sam and I are, and how BIG I am. Mom always jokes that I weigh what SHE would like to. I'm not sure what that means.........I weigh 114 and am on a diet cuz my vet thinks I am a bit "overweight." So why would mom want to weigh as much as me?

I'm so glad I now have other dogs reading my blog!! I know them from Meeshka's site. She is the Queen, and we all bow to her, so I am happy to finally get some blog friends! It's nice to have others to talk to besides my siblings. Most of them don't say too much, except for Sam, who talks all the time!
Thanks to Copper and Stormy for reminding me to join Dogs with Blogs. I will be sure to do that. I have checked out most everyone's blogs from Meeshka's links, and love hearing all the other antics of other dogs. Gives me great inspiration!

I would also like everyone to check out my friends Kelsey and Smokey's blog at
Kelsey was my mom's first Husky rescue that she learned about from her favorite group Sibernet-L. She rescued Kelsey from a shelter in St. Joseph Missouri, when he was about to be the bad words - "pts". So she saved him, and looked very carefully for a new mommy for him, that would understand him, and love him just like she did. She finally found a great human woman named Cody who is now one of her closest friends. So she still gets to see Kelsey all the time, so that makes her very happy.

Well, we apparently kept dad awake for too long today, cuz he's out on the couch, making those funny noises with his nose. I'm on my way outside to enjoy the nice, cool, breezy 50's evening under the bright full moon. Maybe we'll howl later just to see if we can wake up the humans. Will be goooood sleeping tonight.

Here is a picture of dad and Sam. This is what happens when we wake dad up too many times during the day.

Well, time to head outside to keep watch over my yard...... And maybe nap a little.

(keeping Coooool)

Thursday, October 05, 2006

A pretty boring day

Well, it was a pretty nice day outside. So we spent the day outside in the sunny weather. Samuel and Monty got in trouble for barking at some kids and waking Dad up. He works nights, so sleeps during the day. He wasn't very happy with them waking him up. He yelled at them and made them come inside. But we all got pork twists chewy's to try and keep us inside. That only lasted about 15 minutes, then we were back outside, keeping watch over our yard. The humans hate it when we hang out outside in this kind of weather, cuz then we bark at everything.

When Mom got home, her and Dad left to go get some exercise with their geocacheing GPS things. And they didn't take us with them!! Can you believe that? We saw them getting ready to go by putting on their walking clothes and shoes, and we got all excited and were barking, and Samuel was doing the death screams, and then they left without us. We were all just shocked that they didn't take any of us with them. Then they didn't get home till after 8:30 and by then our dinners were really late, so we were all sure to annoy them, and bark at them, and hang out in the kitchen giving them the "I'm starving to death" look. They finally took the hint and fed us.

Well, I'm bored. Guess I'll just go back outside and take a nap. But, I'll be sure to keep one eye open, just incase we need to bark at something.

(maybe the opossum will come back and we can bark at HIM)

My first post!

Hi! I'm Holly. I'm an Alaskan Malamute that was rescued on Christmas Eve by a wonderful human named Jan and her hubby Kerry. We live in Omaha Nebraska. I have 2 step-brothers that are Samoyeds, Kona age 10, and Monty (aka the Monster) age 5, a Siberian Husky step-brother named Samuel age 8, and a Siberian Husky/Wolf mix (only 1/4 wolf) step-sister named Abby.

Mom and Dad rescued me from certain death. When they found me I was scavenging in a corn field looking for food. I was basically starving to death. You could see all my ribs and hip bones, I was so skinny. I only weighed 79 pounds (skinny for a Mal). But Mom fed me real well, and now I weigh 115, and am on a diet. Oops, guess she fed me a little "too" well!!

Dad takes us out for walks/runs every morning when he gets home from work. Then mom usually takes us (me, Sam and Abby) out in the evening when she gets home from work. We are also learning to scooter, which is really weird, cuz usually when we pull on our walks they don't want us to, but then when we have our fancy harnesses on they WANT us to pull. These humans, they are so hard to figure out!

Well, this is my first post, so I will make it short. I have met some other great dogs with blogs on my favorite HULA member's list at Meeshka is my hero. Hopefully when I grow up (I'm about 2 1/2) I can be just like Meeshka. She's awesome. I read her blog every day to get pointers. And even though I'm not a Husky, I am a pretty close "relative"!! And, I have Abby and Samuel to get pointers from too!

This is a picture of Samuel. He's quite a whiner boy.
Mom had to block the doggie door tonight while she let an oppossum get away from us. (How mean is that!?) Sam whined the whole time. He sounded like he was in pain or had been beaten by a stick or something. He's such a pathetic Husky. Just look at that face? Doesn't it say "pathetic" to you?

Well, better go. The "all clear" has been given, so we are able to go back out the doggie door, and sniff the fence for the oppossum. I can't believe she didn't let us keep barking and terrorizing it. Geesh, where's the fun?

More later. Right now I need my beauty sleep.

(NOT pathetic)