Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sam the spaz

Pathetic whiney boy has moments where he just goes a little bonkers. Mom calls them his "spaz" moments. In these moments, he starts barking at her, and bouncing around like a freak. Which, of course, he is. Most of the time when he does this he also goes and gets a toy to bring to her so she will play with him. Which usually doesn't last long because either I or Monty comes along and ruins the fun. And, sometimes, he just wants her to get up and get him a treat. He's very demanding like that.

Anyway, mom caught his last "spaz" moment on video, so I thought I would share. By the time she was smart enough to get the camera to film him, he was almost done, so what you are seeing is a "reduced spaz" moment. But, a "spaz" moment, none-the-less. Turn up your volume so you can hear me woo at him! Enjoy!!

(I'm no spaz freak)


Cubby said...

He looks like fun! Even lazy Dakota came over to hear you guys!

SteveKatWilbur said...

Holly, you did a great job at woo-ing him into submission!

Steve & Kat

Macie-Malechai said...

Wow, Macie does that to our lady too, gives her the claw & then bounces around barking, it's just crazy! I'm like you Holly, much more laid back & unspastic! Love your Woooo's by the way, music to my ears (I just figured out how about a month ago).
Face Licks, Malechai

The Army of Four said...

Hollybollyboo..... you have such a lovely woo. Wow.... I'm feeling poetic.

MaPaw said...

I only get excited like that for one of two reasons: breakfast or dinner. Those are exciting times.

Joe Stains said...

the DOOFUS does this too!!! I will have to get mom to try to catch it on video!!

Shmoo said...

oh geez, what a dork.

Yeah, I know what you mean, I go through that stuff every day with the two spazzes here.