Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Yes, I know it has been, like, furever since I posted anything.  I am blaming it on the lazy human woman who has to type for me.  But, anyway, I'm back with some fun that I "technically" wasn't involved in.  However, as Queen of this house, it IS my job to snoopervise EVERYTHING!  Including the other furry inhabitants who are being BAD! (or, good if you look at it from a Siberian Husky point of view).

First, guess what mom caught the "foster" boy, Titus, doing?

But, do you think he got in trouble for doing it?  Heck no!  Mom just laughed at him.  I think she knows that scolding him at this point was probably pointless.

Then, dad scooped out a "trench" along the patio so that when the snow finally comes it has a place to drain instead of creating a wading pool on the patio.  Well, since DAD was digging, Titus and Khady decided they would help too. I, of course, made sure Khady was doing a satisfactory job, without actually getting my nice big swappers dirty.  After all, it IS below my Queenly status to do manual labor (or ANY labor for that matter).

So, the patio is now ready for snow, if only we would hurry up and get some!