Monday, January 29, 2007

The Spaz is at it again

The freak is at it again. He had another "episode" last night where he spazzed out. This time the human woman was ready though. Enjoy!

I got up and thought about putting him in his place, then thought......why bother? He does such a good job making himself look like a dork. Why should I stop him?

(Lord he's embarrassing)

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sam the spaz

Pathetic whiney boy has moments where he just goes a little bonkers. Mom calls them his "spaz" moments. In these moments, he starts barking at her, and bouncing around like a freak. Which, of course, he is. Most of the time when he does this he also goes and gets a toy to bring to her so she will play with him. Which usually doesn't last long because either I or Monty comes along and ruins the fun. And, sometimes, he just wants her to get up and get him a treat. He's very demanding like that.

Anyway, mom caught his last "spaz" moment on video, so I thought I would share. By the time she was smart enough to get the camera to film him, he was almost done, so what you are seeing is a "reduced spaz" moment. But, a "spaz" moment, none-the-less. Turn up your volume so you can hear me woo at him! Enjoy!!

(I'm no spaz freak)

Friday, January 26, 2007

This is so cool!!!

Dad was searching for some cool Husky stuff for mom's birthday (which is today, so yes, he's a little late) and he found these!

Siberian Husky Beer!!!

Then mom looked up company, which is named Thirsty Dog Brewing Company, and guess what? They have some really cool merchandise your humans can buy for you! Mom is already planning on purchasing a mousepad, t-shirt, and pint glass to start!

The really sucky part is they don't sell this really cool beer in our neck of the woods. But those of you who live out east can give it a try!!

This is a bummer, cuz Samuel reallllllly loves beer. The humans only give him a taste, but if they walk away and leave a bottle unattended, he's right there knocking it over, so he can lap up whatever spills!! But hey, he's a freak, so what else can you expect?!

(not a beer freak)

Thursday, January 25, 2007

My skin issue

Well, the vet isn't for sure what it is, exactly. Might be hot spots, but might not.
She did a skin scraping, and didn't find any critters (thank goodness, not sure I could handle any critters living in my skin). But, I do have a secondary staph infection from all the licking I have been doing.

So, I am now on Vetalog, which is a steroid, and Cephalexin, an antibiotic, and some nasty spray stuff that mom has to spray on my spots to help dry them out. I don't like it, and have learned that when she comes at me with the white bottle, that I should run outside. She has now learned to hide it behind her back, and then pretend she is going to rub my tummy, so I roll over, and then she sprays my big red spot. Not very nice of her! Then, I jump up and run out the doggie door so she can't spray me again.

The vet also suggested mom start adding some of Sam's zinc sulfate to my food. Apparently us northern breeds (especially Siberians and Malamutes) seem to have lots of issues with zinc responsive dermatosis. So, we'll try that for a while too and see if it helps. Seems Sam was about the same age (almost 3) when his started.

Funny thing is, when mom got me home from the vet, dad told her that he noticed Abby licking her tummy. So mom checked her tummy, and sure enough, she had a spot too!! What the ?!?!?!?! So then she had to call the vet back and ask her to get the same meds for Abby as I got!

Mom is very confused about why this is happening, especially since none of us have ever had any problems in the past (all the others anyway, I'm still sorta new). And we are all very well groomed by dad, and get Maxiderm in our food (it's a liquid supplement that has vitamin E, flaxseed oil, omega 3 fatty acids, and some other stuff that is really good for our skin and hair). So, the humans are stupified at what is causing all the skin issues!

Well, better go now. I need another nap, and the human woman has that look in her eyes that says she is thinking of getting the spray bottle out to try and spray one of my spots, so I think a nice nap OUTSIDE is in order.


Sunday, January 21, 2007

Lots of happenings

Lots going on around here.

First, we got 6 more inches of snow!! Oh the beauty of the light, fluffy, white stuff! I just love it!

Here are some pictures of me, Sam, and Abby in our new snow.

Second, someone was letting off firecrackers. I have no idea why, but the sad, pathetic, whiney, baby Sam hates fireworks, so he had to run to his mommy for protection. He crawled right up onto her lap while she was in the recliner doing some reading.

Then, the big baby, just laid down on her legs so he could be comforted by her. What a pathetic dog.

And third, I am having some itchy skin issues just like pathetic boy. But, since his were food allergy related, mom thinks mine might be hot spots. I'm not sure why they are hot since I keep laying in the cold snow.

I have a big red spot on my tummy, one on my right hip, and two on my tail. I keep licking and biting at them. So today, mom got out the clippers and shaved them. Then she put on some nasty, bitter tasting stuff called Sulfodene, which is for hot spots. It does feel a little better, but I keep licking the spots anyway. I am going to the vet in the morning, so hopefully we can find out what is wrong. Good thing the humans have credit cards since we are spending a lot of their money lately on vet bills!

(at least I get a ride in the car!)

Thursday, January 18, 2007

This is SO not funny

So, the human woman thought she would have some fun with me.

Personally, I'm not laughing.

my pimped pic!

(I have never been so humiliated)

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I'm here!!

Oh, I am so sorry I have been away! The stupid human woman has been freaking out because she has these Clep tests that she has to take (I guess she earns credit for a whole class just by taking a single test ) so she can graduate on Saturday! She had 4 to take, and has already taken 2. She was suppose to take the final 2 on Friday, (gee, nothing like waiting till the last minute) so has been studying every minute she is home.

Anyway, she has requested no TV, no talking, and no fun so she can study. Unfortunately, that means no computer for ME!

However, today she decided to wait until NEXT Friday to take the final 2 tests (which I guess is ok since she still gets to graduate on Saturday, but just won't get the actual degree until the test is done) so she has mellowed out a bit, and decided I can again get on the computer. 'Bout time!

So, for your viewing enjoyment I am attaching some fun pictures of me.
The first picture is of me and Monty running in the nice fluffy snow we got this past weekend.

Next, is a picture of me laying upside down. Dad thought my flappy lip was kinda cute.
DUH! I'm always cute!

And lastly, is a picture of me in dad's Wolf Park hat.

Apparently he thought it would be funny to put it on me and take a picture. Personally, I don't see anything "funny" about it. It's just humiliating when humans do these things to us.

Well, that's all for now. Mom is still going to be studying for her test, but at least now there won't be so many restrictions since she is giving herself an extra week. Nice thing is, after that, life will return to being fun again, since mom won't be stressed with school stuff anymore. And I'm all for that, cuz she was kinda cranky all year!

(still able to have fun regardless of the stressed out human woman)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A star is born

Monty (aka "the monster") loves to howl. Strangely enough, he howls along with Uncle Fester at the beginning of the movie Adams Family Values when Uncle Fester is howling at the moon.

The following videos are of Monty howling to this movie. It's quite entertaining. And, the dork does it EVERY time the humans play it! (they have it saved on the DVR just for him)

You will notice in this second video that I am eating the rug. These people just don't feed me enough!

(still not enjoying this dieting thing)

Monday, January 08, 2007

Happy Birthday Abby!

Today is Abby's birthday (along with Elvis). She is 12.

She has had a tough life, with all her illnesses, injuries, and surgeries, but is still quite a tough old gal!

You would think she would have a much worse disposition than she does. But she is still sweet, and gentle and playful.

You would think she would absolutely HATE going to the vet for anything, considering all the poking and prodding and medications, and tests, and procedures and surgeries. But, nope, just the name "Dr. Johnson" makes her eyes light up, and her head do that tilting thing, and she gets all excited.

She finds total enjoyment and relaxation by sleeping in her favorite position.....on her back (I like this position too). Whether it's all stretched out, or just flopped out, she makes it look so completely comfy!

She is mom's first baby. It is because of Abby that mom got the sad and pathetic, itchy and scratchy, zinc deficient, hypothyroid, allergy boy, Samuel. Abby was such a wonderful and good "Husky" that when she saw Samuel in a pet store (yes, yes, she knows that is baaaaad) that she brought him home. And then got the taste of what a REAL Siberian Husky is! And not a Husky that has 1/4 wolf in it, and for some reason that 1/4 of wolf realllllly watered down some of that Siberianness. But, that's a whole other story best saved for Samuel's birthday.

Who else, but dear, sweet, adorable, freckled nosed (just like my boy Dave) Abby, could find such pure enjoyment from rolling around on her back with a chew chip in her mouth?

So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ABBY!! May you have many more years ahead of you, and may you continue to be so full of spirit, and love, no matter WHAT comes your way.

(a very proud younger sister who has much to live up to)

Saturday, January 06, 2007

He's feeling better

The itchy and scratchy boy is feeling much better today. Mom had to change his shirt because his....ummmm, "thing" was in the way so the shirt got wet. So, he now has a new shirt, with an area cut out for his "thing" so the shirt won't get wet.

He still looks like a dork, and I'm still laughing at him, but at least he won't be able to scratch at his stitches.

I am, however, quite embarrassed to be seen with him. I actually have to hide my face so people can't see me.

Hard to believe I have to put up with this for 2 weeks, until he gets his stitches out. Oh well, I do feel kinda sorry for him. He does have to wear a shirt out in public!

HEHD Hollybollyboo
(just glad it's not me in that shirt)

Friday, January 05, 2007


The Master of Sad and Pathetic has a skin issue.

You see, Sam is allergic to everything in commercial dog foods. Seriously......everything! Beef, chicken, turkey, lamb, fish, corn, rice, wheat, barley......well, you get the picture. Anyway, he eats a special dog food that simply duck and potato. Mom does sometimes give him other things, but in very small quantities. Our favorite treats are Marrowbone treats. They have never bothered Sam, so that is why we all get them. For some stupid reason, mom decided to try something different so she bought a different kind of treat.

And then the problems began. Sam started itching. Constantly. He itched so much he had his elbow bleeding and a sore on his chest (he used his back feet to scratch).

Even though mom stopped giving him the treats once he started to scratch, the problem was already out of hand cuz his body went crazy!

The vet put him on steroids and gave him an injection. But that didn't work.
So today, he went in for some skin biopsies. He now has 6 little spots with a stitch in each one. And the best part..........he has to wear a t-shirt to keep him from scratching his belly and snagging his stitches!!

Therefore.......The Humiliation of the Master of Sad and Pathetic is below for your viewing enjoyment. I certainly laughed!

Poor guy. I do feel kinda sorry for him. He was pretty out of it, and was using the "sad and pathetic eyes" to make mom give him lots of attention. He finally crawled up on the couch and went to sleep.

Ok, I do feel a "little" bad for him. But I still had to laugh at him since he is wearing the t-shirt!

Sorry, couldn't help myself.

HEHD Hollybollyboo
(still laughing)

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

My beautiful snow is gone

Since the sucky Nebraska weather has melted all my snow, I am going to post another fun video of me and Sam with the zoomies!


(zoom zoom zoom)

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

More snow pics

Thought I would put up a couple more pics of our lovely snow we got New Years Eve day.

Here is a pic of Abby. This is her "wolfy" look. She has those cute freckles like my boy Dave from the Ao4.

Here I am with my chewy chip. I took it outside with me and then it got snow all over it. But it was still yummy as a chewysicle!
Unfortunately, our snow is already starting to melt. The weather here just sucks. I will begin complaining again as soon as it is all gone. Apparently that seems to work.


HEHD Hollybollyboo
(have I mentioned I hate Nebraska?)

Monday, January 01, 2007

Sweet Tara

I would like to take this time to say a very heartfelt, and sad goodbye to Tara who went to the Rainbow Bridge on December 10th.

She will be greatly missed by her doggie blogger friends. She was so very pretty, with her sweet and happy smile.

Godspeed dear beautiful girl. Wear your Silver Harness with pride. Your human, Connie, will be with you again one day. Until that time, you will be surrounded by others who will be happy to welcome you with love and licks!

Rest in peace.