Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I'm IT - Again

I've been tagged by the Ao4! I have to tell 7 things about myself, then tag other friends. How cool!!

Let's get started!

1. First, and foremost - I love food!! Eating and chewing on a chewy are my most favorite things to do.

Well, that and.....

2. Sleeping! Yep, I love to nap, especially on my couch, with my new quilt and matching pillow!! My other favorite sleepy spot is my bed in the basement where it's always nice and cool!

3. I'm very bossy. I'm the queen in this house as far as I'm concerned. I often "grumble" at the other dogs if they come too close to a toy, or a chewy, or my food, or mom and dad if I am getting attention. I usually get in trouble for it, and then get told "Holly, you be nice!" Whatever.

4. I LOOOOOVVEEEE Attention!!! Yep, I'm an attention hog. No one else is allowed attention if I am in the room. I make sure I butt right in and get the attention turned back to me where it belongs!

5. I am very lucky to have mom and dad. If they hadn't found me, I would most surely be dead. You see, I had a tapeworm, and it was starving me of anything I found to eat, which wasn't much, so I was skin and bones. I only weighed 79 pounds when I was found. Now, some of you may think that is big, but for me, who is 114 pounds now, that was really skinny. You can see the difference in these two photos.

<-- Old me.
New me. -->

The whole "diet" issue aside, I sure like the new "fluffy" me much better than the old "skinny" me!

6. I love being a therapy dog! It's so cool that I get to go visit sick people, and elderly people, and sometimes kids too! I do such a good job because I just love people and attention (see #4) so much!! Most people think I'm really beautiful and the more adoration I get, well, lets just say it makes me pretty happy!! Not to mention how good I make them feel too. That's what it's truly about!

7. When dad comes home every morning from work, I get so excited that I woo, and wooo, and woooo loudly, and do the whole body wag, and jump around like a little puppy! You see, I know that as soon as dad gets home that I'm gonna get my walk so I get REALLY excited! And then, when I get home....I get to eat, and then take a nap. What could be better?!?!

I tag Star and Sherman, and my good friends Kelsey and Smokey, and Tasha and Eva.



Jack & Moo said...

Woos, Holly!

Sounds like you have a quality life at home, with lots of attention, lots of goodies, and lots of love! That's a good thing in our book! Being a therapy dog sounds extremely interesting.

We've never been "tagged" before, except the kind that go on our collars! Sounds like fun!

Star & Sherman

Joe Stains said...

wow holly I am always being told to be nice also, its a bunch of crap!

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Holly, I can see why you're getting the attention. You're so pretty and fluffy. I would want to pet you too. :)

~ Girl girl

Princess Eva and Brice said...

Thanks for tagging us Holly! We'll get to it as soon as possible. Humans very busy right now. As you can see by the time stamp of this comment we had to get dad up very early so he could help us comment to some of your friends! You are lucky just like us to have a pack that loves and nurtures you so much! We'll try to do our seven things tonight after dad gets home from work! Belly Rubs, Tasha & Eva.

Peanut said...

Oh I'm an attention hog also. My mom calls me a jealous (bad word here) :)

Lorenza said...

Hi, Holly. If we are the best, we deserve the best! Attention is a priority, right?
I am so happy that your family found you and you are what you are now.
Have a nice day

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

I agree that the new you is much better!! How did you get to be a therapy dog? You must be very well behaved. You sound like us when Mom and Dad come home from work. We have a routine of Mom letting us out of our kennels in the bedroom and then we run as fast as we can to the back door where Dad is waiting to let us out. Usually we have to jump around and get lots of pets before we calm down enough to go potty!


Kelsey and Smokey said...

Holly, I finally got those humes off the computer so I could update my blog! Check it pics and fun stuff too. Of course, there's pictures of my handsome fluffiness too!

MaPaw said...

Eating and sleeping are some of my favorite activities as well!

Anonymous said...

Holly.. I am very impressed with the plastic bowl in your mouth!

The Army of Four said...

Rooo, Holly! I've never seen your "before" pictures before! You look way too much like Zimmie when he first got here! :( I'm SO very glad you have your mom and daddy now!!!
I love your list! I'll make sure Davy reads it, too! :)

Sooky said...

Hi Holly,
Great pics, I loike the fluufy Holly better than the skinny one too, Sooky

The Army of Four said...

Dear Holly:
I answered your "Ask the Ao4" question today! (Saturday) Come on by the blog!
Tail wags,