Sunday, February 28, 2010

Serene Sunday

A very good way to spend my day.

Mom always wonders how I can breathe with my nose in the corner like this.

Even the baby was having a serene day.

Hope everyone had as serene a day as we did!

Holly and Khady Lynn

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Khady Lynn
(I could totally do that!)

Just Because

I'm tired. And bored. But, we got some sunshine.

Ok. Back to my nap now.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

2010 Cat-O-Lympics - Competitive Napping

Hey every buddy! Khady Lynn here with you. Again!!! I saw on my friend Huffle's blog that she is having Cat-O-Lympics and is hosting the Competitive Napping event. I figured this was right up my alley!!! I have, after all, studied with the Queen of Napping herself.......Holly!!

So, dear Huffle, here are my submissions for Competitive Napping! Feel free to choose your favorite!

Doing my best to nap, even though Samuel is in MY spot!

My crab stuffie makes a wonderful napping pillow!

Being brave, and napping on Hollys spot on HER couch.

Napping on my wonderful cool air vent last summer.

Napping "huzzy" style on the doggie beds.

MY usual spot on the couch.

Doing the general "huzzy pose" to nap.

I can nap anywhere! For example.......on Samuel's paws.

This is the human's bed. It's pretty comfy, too!

This is usually mom's spot on the couch. But, I decided to do my doggie donut pawsition in it.

This is my doggie donut a'la sunshine.

Napping with Holly's moose toy.

Dad, trying to share my napping spot with me. Pfffttt - not cool, dad!)

And, finally, my "try to take up the whole couch" napping pawsition.

I have been such a good student of Holly's, don't you think? I sure hope I have a shot at the gold! I do practice a LOT!

Khady Lynn
(napping protege' extraordinaire)

Snow Zoomies

Hey every buddy!! Khady Lynn here with you again! I wanted to post a new video of me doing some zoomies. No one seems to be able to keep up with me, even though I'm not really running very fast!

Geeze! They're such lazy butts! I really need my friend Ruby Blue (Summi's sister) to come play with me again. At least she can keep up!

Khady Lynn

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Prayers and Awards

Hey every buddy! Khady Lynn here. I just want to send out lots and lots of Sibe vibes and many prayers to my sister Cornelia Marie's "sister" Sitka. Sitka has been very, very sick since this weekend and underwent surgery Monday. Please stop by and wish her a speedy recovery! We are keeping all our paws crossed for her. She is in very good hands at the University of Georgia (UGA), and they are taking great care of her. We know she will be home very soon and playing again!

On a lighter note, I got an award from my friend Quincy. I'm so honored! I've never gotten an award before, so I am very excited. Ok, ok, it was for Holly too, but she said I could have this one all to myself! (she does have her "nice" moments)

So, here is how it works;

The Award Rules:
Rule #1 - Copy image to your blog.
Rule #2 - List 10 things that make you happy. (In no particular order of significance.)
Rule #3 - Tag 10 bloggers who brighten your day.

Cool!! So, here are 10 things that make me happy.

1. Chewing on, and playing bitey face with Holly and Samuel
2. Playing and doing zoomies in the snow
3. Napping in my special spot on the couch
4. Playing with my stuffies and keeping them away from Monty
5. Peanut butter filled Kongs
6. My wonderful mom and dad, who take great care of us.
7. All my fur brothers and sisters
8. Having such great blogging friends
9. Morning choir practice where I get to lead and be the loudest
10. Having such a wonderful home where I am spoiled pretty much every day

I don't know who all has, or has not received this award. And, since all my blogging friends make me happy, I am going to share this with ALL my friends who have not yet received this award! I love having my friends come and read our blog. That makes me happiest of all!!!

And, just to keep all our fans happy, here is a picture of me and Holly doing our "usual".

Now, off to my couch for a nap.

Khady Lynn

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sunday, February 07, 2010

I Want It!

I like my toys. I don't like it when somepup else takes them and plays with them right in front of me. Especially when it's dork boy. I do a lot of yelling when that happens. However, I don't think some of dad's rude comments about me are necessary!

I do believe dad owes me an apology for his comments. Witch??? Wide ass??? That is totally uncalled for!


Wednesday, February 03, 2010