Thursday, November 29, 2007

Leaving me AGAIN!

Sorry I have been away for so long. It's been a crazy week. As you recall, mom and dad left to go visit mom's family last Wednesday.

First, they had to drive through icy roads, and got stuck on I-80 about 25 miles west of Des Moines and were just parked there. They finally got off the interstate and went south to Highway 34 and took that east to Burlington. What should have been a 5 1/2 hour trip, turned into 8 1/2 hours.

Second, dad's dad passed away on Thanksgiving morning. He had been very ill for a long time, so it was not unexpected. He had a long and wonderful life, a loving wife, and 10 wonderful children (dad was number 8) and he is now in a much better place, with no more pain.

In addition to that, dad's mom got her car stolen that Monday, but then returned this Wednesday, luckily. She's not use to the way big cities work since she is from a very small farm town, so thought it was ok to leave her car unlocked with the keys in it while visiting one of dad's sisters here in Omaha. Needless to say, she has learned her lesson.

Mom and dad's 3rd anniversary was the day of the funeral. Mom was not going to remind dad, considering he had a bit more on his mind. But, he ended up remembering anyway, and they did get to go to dinner that evening to celebrate.

Finally, the night before the funeral (Monday evening) Samuel and I were playing with the monkey stuffie, and were playing tug-o-war. Mom was egging us on, when one of the legs came off. Well, Sam, the dork, started chewing on the leg, and when mom tried to take it away from him, he ran out the doggie door, and then when mom went outside to chase him to take it away, he ran away from her and swallowed the foot long stuffie leg!

At this point, she started freaking out, cuz all she could think about, was Kelsey, and his clogged tummy ordeal. Mom got out the peroxide, and made Samuel drink about a cup. He eventually did the horka, and up came his dinner. Mom waited some more, thinking, if the food came out, which went in first, and the stuffie leg, which went in second, did not come out, he might be in trouble! After about 20 minutes, mom figured the stuffie leg was not going to come back up, so hooked him up with the leash, and went outside to put him in the car to take him to the emergency vet. He stopped to horka on the front deck. No stuffie leg. Then they went down the steps to get in the car, and Sam did the horka again on the driveway, and guess what!?!? Up came the stuffie leg!!! Mom was VERY happy that she wasn't going to have to spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, to have the stuffie removed from Samuel's tummy. He's 9, you'd think he'd be over that sort of puppish stuff!

And dad wonders why mom drinks the adult grape juice. *Sigh*

Well, for more bad news, mom is going out of town again, and leaving all of us home, including dad! She is going to Kansas City with Kelsey's mom to see a KC Chiefs game. They are going down on Saturday (driving through an ice storm that is suppose to hit the area) to spend a couple hours at a spa, then doing some shopping at the plaza, and then dinner with more adult grape juice. Then, Sunday they will go early to the stadium to tailgate, (which means eating and drinking adult more beverages) and then come home after the game. They are both quite excited about their weekend! Well, minus the nasty weather they are suppose to get on Saturday morning, which mom will be driving through. (good thing she has plenty of experience with this sort of thing)

I have a lot to catch up on. So it will probably be a while before I can do so. But, just to make you all happy, here is a picture of my most beautimus face. (an oldie but a goodie)

(waiting for things to get back to "normal")

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Another Road Trip

The humans are doing some packing, and so I was thinking, "cool, another fun trip for me!"

Well, as I keep watching them, I have noticed that they are not packing any dog stuff. No water jug, no food, no bowls.....what the heck?!?!

Turns out, the mean, and stupid humans aren't taking me with them. In fact, NONE of us are getting to go. Instead, we get a doggie sitter. Dad's niece Tracy is going to come stay with us. She has done it before, so she knows what she is in for. (And still agrees to do it)

Mom and dad are going to see mom's family, including her sister's family. She hasn't seen them all for 2 years, so she is very excited to go home.

Not sure if cousin Tracy will let me blog while mom and dad are gone, but just in case I can't get to the puter, I want to wish all my furry friends, and their humans, a very Happy Thanksgiving!! Be thankful you have the love of your family, and all your DWB friends! And, remember to wish all those fur babies who do not have families out there, a furever home as soon as possible!

(wonder if I'll get turkey since my vegetarian mom is gone?)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

He's At It Again

Yep, freak boy is spazzing again. I am totally serious when I say, I think he has brain damage!

Either that, or he's posessed.

Ok, maybe both.

(Lord help us all)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Road Trip Part 3

Hello all!! I'm so glad you have enjoyed my road trip so far. This will be the final installment of my fabulous day!!

Ok, where did I leave off? Ummmm....oh yes, leaving the Cutler-Donahoe bridge.

Not too far away was this really cool stone bridge.

And, being the most beautimus Malagal in the Midwest, mom took these pictures of me under, and on top of the bridge.

Once we left there, we went up this long, winding road, into the forest! Here are some cool shots of me posing (only cuz I wanted to) and looking all pretty and fluffy.

Wait a minute! What's that back there?

Hey Oswald, is that you? Did you follow me all the way into the forest?

After my photo shoot in the forest, we continued on our way up, and up, and up to the top of a big hill! When all of a sudden, out of nowhere, I saw this!

DEER!!! How cool is that?!?! They watched us as we drove by, and I just stuck my head out the window and watched them right back! Mom and dad were very surprised I didn't try to jump out of the car after them.

As we drove on up the big hill, we came upon something that I was sure had to belong to my friends the AO4's Giant!

Wow, the Giant has a castle in Iowa too!?! I was very intrigued by this discovery.

Here I am peeking out the bottom window that is the beginning of the stairs that go up into the giants bedroom.

Then, I went up the stairs, and peeked out the Giant's bedroom window. Wow, I was really up high!

Ha Ha Giant, I laugh at thee!!!! Ha roo roo roo!

Apparently the Giant was afraid of ME, cuz he never showed up. Here I am walking away like the tough, confident Malagal that I am.

It wasn't until later that I found out mom had taken a picture of a sign over the front door of the castle. You can sort of see it in the picture above. Here's what it said......

However, I'm pretty sure the Giant must have taken the castle over AFTER it was built!!

What a great trip! I had such a good time! But, I hadn't had a nap ALL day! I just couldn't keep my pretty brown eyes open any longer, so this is what I did on the way home........

Yep, that's me snoozing on the pillow from my couch that mom brought along for me. She's so nice to think of my sleeping comfort!

I sure hope you have enjoyed reading about my adventure, and viewing my photos. Mom said we are going back one of these days, maybe in the spring when it's nice and pretty, and see more bridges. And, this time I promise to visit Summit while there, since he is only a short distance away! I will also make sure the stupid humans bring back-up batteries so they can get lots more photos!!

(speaking of naps, I think I need one now)

Monday, November 12, 2007

Road Trip Part 2

I'd like to start this post with some entertainment. So, here is my first video.

Ha woo woo woo! That was sooo fun! I found something in the grass so thought I would roll in it! Luckily, for the humans, it wasn't stinky.

Anyway, back to my road trip with mom and dad. After we left the pretty Danish Windmill, we headed further east, and then south. The first thing we came upon was this.......

Yep, Summit was correct, we went to see the Bridges of Madison County! We only had time to see two of the bridges, due to camera battery issues (it died too soon) and it was getting dark outside. But here are some photos of us at the Roseman Bridge, which is also in the video above.

In these pictures I am down by the river that goes under the bridge. There were lots of good smells there, and this really big tree limb! Here I am up on the bridge with mom. After that, look what happened! I found some other people who were there to see the bridge!

They couldn't resist my tummy! I mean, it is very fluffy and just begs to be rubbed!

Here I am trotting across the little footbridge that goes to the gift shop at the Roseman Bridge. I was looking at the little stream that goes under it. I really wanted to get in the water, but dad wouldn't let me. Mom did let me sneak a drink though.

When we left the Roseman Bridge, we went to the town of Winterset, (which is also John Wayne's birthplace ) and visited the Cutler-Donahoe Bridge. Here I am enjoying the car ride there.

This is the sign that hangs above the bridge. Boy these bridges are old!

It reminded me a lot of the first bridge, only this one didn't have any water under it. Right after my scent roll from the first video, I decided I'd go check it out.

Here we are, I wonder what this one looks like inside?

Now I'm finally inside and walking through the bridge. It was pretty cool!

Well, that's all for today. My tale (tail?) continues tomorrow with more pictures of our road trip. AND, I found something that might be of interest to my friends the Ao4!

So, stay tuned till tomorrow for more fun and adventures!

(dragging out this suspense stuff is fun)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Road Trip Part 1

Yesterday I got to go on a road trip with mom and dad. It was a lot of fun, and I had a great time riding in the car. Here are a couple pics of me checking out the scenery. (Please ignore the date, dad changed the battery and forgot to turn that feature off)

So, where are we headed?

The first place we stopped was Elk Horn Iowa. They have a really cool Danish Windmill there, that actually came from Denmark and was then re-assembled.

Mom took some pretty cool photos of the windmill. I'm also in there with dad.

Then, I got to check out all the cool smells around the place. I thought I smelled something interesting, so had to really check it out.

Hey, what's back here?

There it is!

Well, mom wasn't fast enough with the camera to photograph what it was, but I spotted Oswald!! And, I was going to chase him back to Kansas, but dad wouldn't let me. I wonder what he was doing way over in Iowa?

I thought I spotted him going into this Viking house, so I went in to check it out.

I didn't find Oswald, but I did find this dead animal skin. Mom hates this kind of stuff, but I thought it smelled pretty interesting.

Finally, I checked out the garden sitting area. I'm sure it was very pretty in the spring and summer, but since it's November, most of the flowers have stopped blooming.

After that, we continued our trip. But, you don't get to find out where we went next until tomorrow! But, here's a hint for you. The place we went (still in Iowa) not only had a book written about it, but also a movie!

Be sure to check back tomorrow for more fun pictures and also some VIDEO!!!

(keeping you all in suspense)

Sunday, November 04, 2007

American Idol

Due to our most beautimus singing voices, Monty and I have decided to try out for American Idol. I think we have what it takes to make the finals, if not win! Here, see for yourselves....

So, what do you think? Can we make the cut and not get voted off?

(gonna be a star)

Friday, November 02, 2007

Spaz Freak

The spaz freak, aka Samuel, is at it again. I swear he has brain damage.

Here is the latest video of the two of us. He is spazzing, and I am wooing and chewing on my hip. I had a bad itch and just couldn't get it to go away!

See what I have to live with? He's like that ALL the time! Like, EVERY night! I think he might need some of mom's adult grape juice to calm him down. You would never know he was 9 years old! Weirdo acts like he's still a puppy!

(you don't see me acting all freaky spazzy like that)