Sunday, July 29, 2007

Tagged again!

I love playing tag games!

Sorry I have been away for so long. Mom was having some vision issues, so I have not been allowed on the computer! Hey that's not MY problem!

So, anyway, now that mom is better, I am back and I have been tagged by Quincy and Tristan for a great new game they created! I was also tagged by Magic and Georgie and Indy too. Thank you all for thinking of me!

First question;

1. Where is your favorite place to sleep?
That's pretty easy. Mostly in the basement where it is nice and cool, especially during the summer. Otherwise, the couch is definitely a very close second!

2. Is there a specific trick your humans make you to do get treats?
Well, usually there are 5 of us crowding around mom when we know the treats are coming out, so with our faces stuck right in her tummy, there's really no use in trying to make us sit. Sometimes we will, just naturally, cuz we are well behaved, but usually we just take out cookie and chew real fast so we can get another.

3. If you could spend an entire day doing anything at all, with anyone, what would you do, and with whom?
Well, as long as I could get my required naps in at some point, I would love to spend the day (as long as it is nice and cool outside) hiking with my mom and dad and fur siblings. We love going for long walks in the cool weather with mom and dad. If a lake is involved, that's even better! Unfortunately we have to avoid the lakes here in the summer because of the deadly blue green algae, but fall is great for swimming! If I can't do that, I choose to snooze all day and eat to my hearts content.

4. What is your favorite toy?
I love stuffies! My most favorite is my Holly Go Lightly stuffie, that talks and looks a lot like me!

5. If you could change one thing in your life, what would you change?
I would allow my mom to rescue more Sibes and Mals so we could have an even bigger family. Unfortunately we are maxed out for Omaha so we can't. But, I know mom would love to have about a dozen more! She also likes to help Sibes and Mals who need help, and recently helped a Malamute in Missouri find her new furever home! She was very happy to assist in helping two families and one great Malagal find a great new home. She also does transport too! Other than that, my only selfish want is more food. Duh!

I am going to tag Sooky, Amici, and the Mullin Clan!

(back to napping after my long night of blogathon)

Monday, July 23, 2007

Dog Show

The Nebraska Kennel Club had it's dog show this weekend and some of my friends from D'Azul were going to be there so I just had to send my human woman down to meet them. I would have loved to go myself, but unfortunately, they don't allow non-show dogs! What kind of crap is that? I'm just as beautiful as those frou frou show dogs!

Anyway, my human got to see Joaquin show on Saturday. He got robbed! He was beat out by some skinny, scrawny little thing who was nowhere near as cute and adorable as Joaquin! Here is a picture of Joaquin in the show ring.

Here is a much better picture of him from the front. Isn't he just the cutest?!

Mom also got pictures of Juarez, and she even bought a window cling that was drawn after a picture a lady took of him! He is quite handsome too!

Mom didn't get a picture of Naomi cuz she was too busy talking to Naomi's human, Cecile, while Lisa (the mean) was showing Naomi, so she forgot! Naomi did great, and got best of opposite! However, mom did get a picture of the beautiful Princess Penny! Penny didn't get to show cuz she didn't have all her fluffiness, but mom said she still looked quite beautiful to her. Just see for yourself! Penny is very special to her humans, and even if she doesn't show, always goes with her mom on trips.

She is such a sweet girl! You can just tell by those soft brown eyes!

Mom also got to see the only Malamute that was there. He was just a puppy, and was soooo cute! She said I must have looked like that when I was about 6 month's old too. Nice and small.

You gotta love those goofy Malamute ears!

Just as mom was getting ready to leave, she was saying goodbye to all the beautiful D'Azul Sibes and Joaquin decided he did not want her to leave and was protesting! Here is a little of what he had to say.

He is so adorable! Mom loved giving him kisses and petting him! It made her want more puppies! Good thing she is maxed out for Omaha requirements or I think we would have a dozen more!

Well, I must say, I am very envious that mom got to go and meet all those beautiful pups, and I had to stay home. I mean, they are MY friends! Oh well, maybe some day I will get to meet them. Until that time, at least I have these great photos to keep, and the stories that mom told me. She said the D'Azul's humans were great people too, and VERY nice to let her spend so much time with them. Mom really appreciates that, and says a big THANK WOO to them!!

Well pups, it's about time for my dinner, so I better get going. Till next time.

(bring on the green beans and pumpkin)

Sunday, July 22, 2007

My Favorite Books

I've been tagged by Sitka to tell you about my 5 favorite books. After reading her list, I realized we have a lot of favorites in common! I think it's because we're both northern breeds.

My favorite books are:

1. Dogged and Determined: The Taz Adventures, by Scott Ski. Taz was a rescue and foster dog, who kept being returned to Scott by his potential adopters. For some reason, they did not find his Siberian antics appealing, or entertaining. However, the book of his adventures, and those of the other foster dogs he lives with ARE extremely appealing and entertaining!! Mom first read the stories as Scott shared them on Sibernet, and then had to buy the book. She was lucky enough to get an autographed copy too! (Actually that was her second copy since Samuel ate the first one)

2. It's a Sibe Thing, You Wouldn't Understand, by Raven Delaval. This is a great book about life with Siberian huskies, and what it is like to live with them. It is a great book for anyone thinking of getting a Sibe, who wants to know if they are the right breed for them!

3. Grizz's Story, A Greater Courage - A Dog's Journal, by Jo Helms. This wonderful story is about the life, and fight of Grizz, a Siberian Husky who is battling cancer. A true story of love and courage for any animal lover. Be sure to have plenty of tissues handy when your humans read this one!

4. The Dog Who Loved Too Much: Tales, Treatments, and the Psychology of Dogs, by Nicholas Dodman. This is a great book on dog behavior. If you need help with training, or behavior problems, this is a wonderful book. Mom used it when Samuel was young and had separation anxiety. It was very informative.

5. Marley and Me: Life and Love with the Word's Worst Dog, by John Grogan. And excellent book which shows that not just Sibes and Malamutes can be destructive and naughty! I think it actually helps us look pretty good in some spots! Definitely entertaining and will have the humans laughing out loud!

These are all some great books, so go out and give them a try. I would like to tag my friends Dusty Doodles, Indy, Sasha, Turbo, and MayaMarie.


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I'm Melting.......

It was 100 degrees here today. And the humidity was so thick you could cut it with a knife! We all avoided going outside unless absolutely necessary (i.e. bodily functions made it unavoidable).

Mostly we sleep all day. We've been sleeping a lot lately because of this ridiculous heat. We do get our morning walks with dad, but even then it's very warm and humid, and my tolerance for being out in it is very low. It does wear us out the rest of the day though. Which, apparently dad likes.

I love sleeping. I hate the heat. This is what I think of the stupid heat!
I'm a Malamute for goodness sake, I'm suppose to be cavorting in snow and cold weather, not melting in tropical heat! We need to move north. SOON!

(how much longer till winter?)

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Time Capsule Tag

I have been tagged by Sitka and Marley to tell 5 things that I would put into a time capsule. I have given this some thought, and here is what I came up with.

1. Food. Duh! I love food, and the food we get is very yummy, and doesn't contain any melamine tainted grains! So I want to be sure the future pups get safe and yummy doggie food.

2. A couch. All doggies need a nice, soft place to stretch out and sleep. Dogonally, I LOVE my couch. It is may favorite place to sleep. It is a good thing my humans don't mind that I take up the whole thing when I feel like it.

3. Air Conditioning. Apparently the stupid humans are ruining our planet so it's going to be very hot here in the future. So, I want to be sure all future doggies stay nice and cool. Here are a couple pictures of old Shula, she use to love to lay in front of the little fan that was in front of the A/C vent.

4. Chewy's. I love chewing, and mom and dad give us some great chewy's. Here are some good examples.

5. Stuffies! I don't really play with toys much, other than to hoard them from the others, but I do like my stuffies! Here I am with one of my favorites, which looks a lot like me.

I would like to nominate Franki V, Indy, Tucker, and Macie and Malechai.

Have a great weekend!

(time for a nap after all that intense thinking)

Thursday, July 12, 2007


I was visiting my new friend Sasha's blog this morning, and she had some really cool slogans that she got from this website, after visiting Quincy and Tristin's blog.

My slogan is, "Come see the softer side of Holly." Which I think fits me perfectly since I am very soft and fluffy!

My movie quote is, "You had me at 'Holly'!" Awwwwww.

How fun!!! Now everydog (and GirlGirl) can go out there and get sloganized!

Oh, and here's a picture of me since I haven't posted one in a while. It's an old one, but I'm still just as cute.


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Good-bye Sherman

It is with a heavy heart, and deep sadness that we have lost another DWB doggie.

Sherman, of the Cyber-Sibes lost his battle with lung cancer tonight. He will be greatly missed by his best friend Star, and most of all by his wonderful humans, who gave him such a wonderful life filled with love. Please stop over at his blog, to wish him farewell on his final journey.

Run free sweet and beautiful Sherman. Wear your silver harness with pride as you meet all the others at the Rainbow Bridge. We will all miss you.

Hugs to Star and her family.

(wooing with tears)

Monday, July 09, 2007

I'm a Rockin Girl Blogger

I was awarded a Rockin' Girl Blogger award by my friend Sitka.

Thank you Sitka!!!

So, you might ask yourselves, what is this award, and what does it mean? Well, you can click here, and find out how this all started. Basically, if you know a girl (furry or otherwise) who you think is cool, and fun, and has a totally awesome blog, you can give her this award! Then they pass it on to 7 more rockin' girl bloggers and so on, and so on!

I would like to nominate: Freda, Meeshka, Tasha and Eva, Sasha, and Magic and Georgie!

To get your cool Rockin' Girl Blogger logo, just right click on it, then select "save picture as" to save it to your computer, then there ya go! You can paste it to your sidebar, or put it in your next post.

There are so MANY awesome girl bloggers out there, it is just so hard to choose. I'm sure you will all get nominated as this goes from blogger to blogger!

(feeling very honored once again)

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Just Like New

The humans have been very busy, and making a lot of noise. Worse yet, they have blocked us from the family room! Dogonally, I don't really care, cuz I like laying in the front living room under the ceiling fan where it is nice and cool. However, my favorite place to sleep is in the basement, which I can't get to. However, Abby and Samuel are having the biggest "issues."

You see, Abby's favorite spot is by the fireplace on her blankey, in front of the oscillating fan, and she couldn't get to it. Samuel, just can't handle not being close to mom, so he mostly whined at the barrier the humans put up to keep us out of the room (he's so pathetic).

Back in either April or May (I can't remember which), mom and dad pulled out all the carpet from the family room in hopes that it might help our itchy skin problem. It didn't, but at least the old, ugly carpet was gone. They bought some new hardwood looking laminate flooring, and apparently they have finally gotten around to putting it in. They started on Friday afternoon, and finished on Saturday evening! It's a really big room, so that's why it took them so long.

Now, the floor looks beautiful!! They put the area rugs back down for us, so we wouldn't slide around. They also put Abby's blankey back in her spot in front of the fan. Samuel was much happier once he could get back to following mom around too. (what a baby) And I was happy cuz now I can go back to the basement to sleep on my soft comfy mattress where it is extra cool!

I'd like to think they are done with this home improvement stuff, but I don't think so. Mom still has lots of wall paper and ugly borders to remove, not to mention painting pretty much every room, and putting new flooring in the kitchen and bathroom. I see much more noise and us being gated off from our "usual" spots coming up. Oh well, at least our house finally won't look like a retirement home when it's done!

(happy as long as I'm cool)

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Independence Day!

Today is the day we, in the United States, celebrate our independence from Great Britain. It is a way for us to remember the freedoms we have won, and the rights that are so important to us. It is hard to believe that there are still so many out there in this world, who do not have the same rights and freedoms that we take for granted every day. We are all extremely lucky, and should feel very proud of what we have with our democratic society.

I would also like to say a huge THANK YOU to all our service men and women, both at home and abroad, for the greatest commitment, and often times sacrifices, that they give to protect not only OUR freedom, but also to help those in less fortunate countries, try to gain their freedom and stand up for their rights. Although there are some people do not support what they are doing, we should always support the people who are willing to put their lives on the line for the freedoms we live with each day.

So, remember to not just celebrate this July 4th holiday with fun, family and fireworks, but to remember WHY we celebrate it, and just how lucky we are to live in such a great country.

Also remember to remind your humans to keep you doggies safe. This time of year is the busiest time for shelters due to dogs and cats, who are frightened of the loud noises. It is always much better to leave us home than to take us with you! Believe me, we will be much happier!

(I'll be hiding in the basement)

Monday, July 02, 2007


I've been tagged by my new friend Sasha, to woo about my humans. They're pretty boring, but I guess they are pretty important since they feed me! So, here goes.....

Mom is an animal freak! Ok, maybe not "freak", but she does love them very much. She is a vegetarian. She supports lots of different animal welfare groups, such as the ASPCA, National Wildlife Federation, Defenders of Wildlife, lots of doggie rescue groups (see my sidebar), our local Nebraska Humane Society. She also sponsors Echo, a wolf, and Willow, a coyote at Wolf Park. She also participates in a transport group that looks for people willing to help transport doggies and kitties to new furever homes, or rescue/foster homes. We don't get many out this way, but so far she has participated in four.

She works for a local life insurance company that has been in business since 1890!! She is a Business Specialist in the claims department. She goes to lots of meetings, and is involved in lots of projects. Apparently she has to know everything about everything, so she can do anything that has to be done. Whatever the heck that means!

She is not from Nebraska originally. She was transplanted here by her ex, who was in the Air Force. She grew up in both Illinois and also Minnesota. She also spent four years in Japan, which is where she got her kitties, Alex and Kirby, who are both at the Rainbow Bridge now. She really wants to go back to northern Minnesota, cuz she knows that would be a great place for us since they get lots of snow, and don't have the heat and humidity like we do here. Plus, Nebraska is pretty boring, and Minnesota has lots of lakes and forests and much more fun things to do. All we have here is corn!

Dad is an electrician. He works at a really big place where he is responsible for fixing things, and wiring things. He basically keeps everything running like it should. Wonder why he won't let us keep running like we should?

Dad is great because he takes us for walks every morning when he gets home from work. We really look forward to those! Then he feeds us our breakfast, which is the most important meal of the day!

One other great thing about my humans is that there is always one of them home with us! Well, unless they go somewhere together (like dinner) but we always have a napping partner. Dad sleeps during the day cuz he works nights, so we take turns napping with him. Mom sleeps at night, cuz she works days, so we have her to nap with then. You can't get any better than that!

We are pretty spoiled here. Considering the medical issues we all have, it's amazing they put up with us. We eat 3 different kinds of food because of diet issues. There are more pet meds and supplements in our house than there are human meds! Feeding time is always an ordeal to make sure everyone get their meds and the correct ones! We also have plenty of yummy treats, lots of which mom makes herself, chewy's, and lots of toys.

Mom and Dad also volunteer their time with Therapy Dogs, Incorporated. Kona, Abby, Samuel and I are all registered therapy dogs. We visit local nursing homes, assisted living centers, hospitals, and hospice care facilities. Dad always takes Kona, but mom takes turns with me, Abby and Samuel. Abby hasn't gone for quite a while because of her missing hair issue, but since it is starting to finally grow back, hopefully she will get to go again soon! We all love the attention!

Well, that's about it for the boring humans. I will tag Kelsey and Smokey, Star and Sherman, and our newest husky bloggers Quincy and Tristin.