Sunday, October 28, 2007

What a GREAT Day!

Wow, did I have a great day! Want to know why? I bet you do!
My mom and Kelsey's mom had to take a doggie down to Hearts United for Animals because his family did not want him any longer because he had some "issues". Anyway, before mom left, she got a phone call. And guess who it was? It was Summit the Super Mal's mom!!! She was coming to our neck of the woods for a visit with some family, and wanted to know if I would like to meet Summit! Well, DUH! Of course I would!!!

So, after we dropped off the doggie at HUA, we met up with Summit and his humans. Here are some wonderful pictures of us together.

Hello Summit! Nice to meet you!

What do you think of my pretty tummy?

Wonder what's in this clump of grass?

Hey Summitt, lets PLAY!!!

Finally a doggie close to my size!

Oh Summit, you are such a handsome and sweet boy!

Here we are walking happily along the trail on such a be-woo-tiful day!

Oohhh, look what I found on ground? Can you see what it is?

It's a Khaterpillar! He curled up in a ball cuz he was afraid of me. Don't worry little Khaterpillar, I won't eat you!

So was I right? Was it a great day or WHAT?!?!!! I got to meet Summit the SUPER Mal!! I'm trying to woo him into starting a blog! His human is being reluctant. So, I need all the MindMeld help I can get from all my doggie friends! You can visit Summit's Dogster page here and send him some comments to help convince him to begin blogging!

Thanks for visiting with me Summit!! I sure had a great day, and hope you did too!

I only hope I haven't made a certain Khute Khanine girl out in PA jealous!!

(very sleepy after my busy day)

He finally did it, Summit now has his own blog! Check it out here!


NAK and The Residents of The Khottage said...


I was almost khorrect - I thought maybe you had met Davey BUT NOOOOOO

It was the meeting of the MALS!!!

Somebody makes you little svelte!!!

Darn khorrect I'm jealous!

But then again, I got to meet THE BUTTERS and woo didn't!

Now, tell some tales about your HU-MOMS!!!

Wuv, Wows, and Wags,


Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Wow, Summit is WAY handsome! What does Dave think of this? Is he jealous? Maybe you'll develop a big crush on Summit! After all, there is more of him to love.


The Army of Four said...

Wooooooooooooooooooooooo!?! Woooooo?!?


Khady Lynn said...

I think this just shows that if I can get along so well with a big boy like Summit, I will do just fine when I finally meet my true love Dave!! Dave's mom no longer has to be afraid that I will eat him!! Woooooo too Dave! No worries! I am still furever your Malagal!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Holly
Looks to me that you were the happiest girl on earth meeting Summint!
It makes me so happy you had a great day!
Have a good night

Tucker said...

You have a very pretty and fluffy tummy, Holly! It's great that you had such a good day!

Bama said...

Glad you had a great day, HBBB. You better be extra sweet to Dave though, jusst to make sure he knows he's your number 1 guy & doesn't need to worry about the Oh So Handsome Summit.
We had a great day too, we went to the Husky Howl Party, and got to play with tons of other huskies at our local dog park, and I think they raised a lot of money for SHRF-our FL husky rescue group.
We'll be posting more about the party with pics sometime this week.
Bama & the RHP

Summit the Super Mal said...

Holly, your hu-mom ROCKS!! And Kelsey's mom snapped some great pics of our day, didn't she? Did you notice that in the pictue that we are walking together that we "ARE IN STEP"? Now, that's a MAL connection if I ever saw one.
PS...I had the whole ride home to work on her about a blog. She's going to need a lot of help, but see if you can find something that looks like:
Summit the Super "Bloggin" Mal

HEHE...I think we did it!!

Khady Lynn said...

Way to go Summit! I see Khyra's and my Sibe/MalMindMeld has finally paid off!


IndyPindy said...

Oh how exciting! It looks like you and Summite were just the best of friends! You look like such a sweet and friendly girl!

Marley said...

Woahhhh Hollybollyboo, that looks like a ton of fun. I'm glad you found a playmate that's just your size!

(Be careful not to hurt Dave's feelings toooooo much though!)


The Daily Echo said...

RuhRoh.....I know a certain Sibe in Kansas that's a tad unhappy right now!

Kapp pack said...

I think Davey might need a little TLC right now. Looks like you had lots of fun meeting Summitt! We will be sure to check out his blog.

WOo woo, Kelsey Ann

Joe Stains said...

wow you sure are lucky to have met such a nice and handsome dog. we hopped over and said hello!

Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

Holly - you are such a flirt!

Or should I say a "big" flirt!

Lovely pictures, I will check out Summit's blog right now!

ps I hope poor Dave is not too envious.....;0(

Koda said...

Glad you convinced Summit to blog, we need more Mals!

Anonymous said...

Wooo HBBB...

It sure looks like you had a fun time with Summitt.


Amici said...

Summit looks like he rocks! You two are cute together...maybe you can be just friends though so you don't hurt Davey's feelings. :)