Thursday, November 30, 2006


And here I thought I had the family fooled that I was a good girl. Sweet, cuddly, fluffy, cute, and innocent. You angel!

Well, I got busted by dad.

Yep. That's me with mom's slipper. Dad spotted me out the window carrying it around, so he came outside to document the evidence.

I wouldn't even put it down when I had to pee.

I was even nice enough to take it back in the house. But as soon as mom came home from work, dad ratted me out! I heard him tell mom, "you're daughter isn't the angel you think she is." He then proceeded to show her the above evidence.

But then, something happened I didn't expect (as I sat there looking at mom as innocently as possible.) Mom said "I bet Monty took it out there, and Holly found it, and she was just keeping it away from him. Then she was nice enough to bring it back in the house so Monty wouldn't chew it up."

WOW! Mom was defending me! See, Monty is well known for carrying things outside, like toys, shoes, and our plastic eating bowls. Now, I'm not saying what reeeaaalllly happened, so I'll just let her believe what she wants to believe, and therefore keep her opinion of me as that sweet, cuddly, fluffy, cute, innocent and angelic girl.

I even got to go do some pet therapy tonight. Mom took me to the hospital to visit Kelsey's mom who had surgery on her ankle. I had a great time and got lots of attention. People were really surprised to see me walking down the halls. I got lots of compliments on how pretty I am. I know mom is really proud of me when people acknowledge what a gorgeous girl I am!

So, even though I got busted by dad, mom still loves me enough to stick up for me (and blame Monty.) Heehee, I have her so fooled!


(stupid humans)


The Army of Four said...

Woo. Maybe Monty air-brushed the pictures of you to make it LOOK LIKE you have your mom's slipper in your mouth but you really DON'T! Did anypup think about THAT?!?? I for one think you are a "sweet, cuddly, fluffy, cute, innocent and angelic girl." Woo.

Holly said...

Thanks for sticking up for me and being on MY side Dave! You're the best!

(now blushing)

Freda said...

Hey Holly, Your One Two One Two (Four) Step-siblings and Your Humans,

Thanks for the great Christmas card and photo. You looks sooo pretty.

I know that you found that slipper outsides and were tryin' to rescue it from your sibs. For that I bet you're gonna get a big surprise under the tree. Cooools!

Thanks again and happy holidays to you and your gang.


P.S. May I add you to my 'Paw Pals' list. That would be cooools! Thanks.

Freda said...

Hey Holly,

You've been added. Cooools! Thanks.


Holly said...

Thanks Freda, you are now added to mine too!