Tuesday, November 21, 2006

OOhhhh I have a new look!

Well, I did it. I switched to beta. I kinda like it. (so far) My page now has a nice new look, with pretty girly colors!

My friend Turbo was mentioning how the humans like to take pictures of us when we are sleeping. Here......are some excellent examples of the humans taking our pictures when we are sleeping.
This is Abby. She's REALLY comfy on her back.

And then there's me......

I seem to like sleeping in the same position.

And then there's Samuel. He prefers hogging the bed. Or, if it's raining/storming he sleeps in the bathtub. Don't ask, he's just weird.

Monty is a "wall" sleeper. He has to prop himself up against the wall to sleep on his back. Obviously not as talented as me and Abby for just "airing it out."
Kona usually sleeps in the doorway, or hall, making it difficult to walk around him. I think he does this on purpose just so the humans have to step AROUND him. He does sleep in mom's room at night, but she sometimes kicks him out cuz he snores so bad. (She says he's almost as bad as dad!)
And then, when dad sleeps on the couch (which Abby, Samuel and I tend to share) we all rally around to support him.
We're such good kids.
Mom and dad have the next 6 days off from work because of the big eating holiday. We're really hoping to reap a few benefits of this eating holiday and get some good eats for ourselves! Mom's pretty against the whole "people food" thing. But I've been practicing my "sad and pathetic" look, and Sam is the master at it, and since mom is "fair" with us, if one of us gets "people" food, she is nice enough to be sure we all get some. So, I think Sam and I will try to gang up on her to see what happens. Wish us luck.

I have decided to post on each of the next few days on my siblings. That way I can share with everydog all about my wonderful family, including those other furballs taking up space in my house. Yeah, yeah, they were here first, but now that I'm in charge, its MY house. (for further clarification, see the title of my blog!)

(all this talk about sleep has made be tired)


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IndyPindy said...

Awwwww, you are all so cute! But Abby's picture is hilarious!

The Army of Four said...

Woo, Holly! What great pictures! You guys all have some great poses - we like the one with your dad. Samuel is really helping him get circulation in his feety-feet, isn't he? Wooooo! My brother Zim sleeps in the tub downstairs sometimes, too. I really don't understand that myself.
The new look on your blog is really nice! We're anxious to hear more about your family members - but WE know who's blog it REALLY is!

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hi Holly,
Your new house looks cool! Love the sleep position photos. Especially the bath tub and wall ones, hehehe. Do all 5 of you get along without fighting? or do you have your cranky days? tee hee!
Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Kelsey and Smokey said...

Hey miss Holly! Sure like your new site. I'm gonna have to spiffy mine up a bit too!