Wednesday, November 29, 2006

They LIED to us!

Ok, no real surprise there. Since when have the weather indicator people actually been ACCURATE?!

No snow. Not a single flake. So actually, I was more accurate than they were. I said we'd either get a foot or nothing. And we got NOTHING!!!

Anyway, I'm over that now.

I promised I'd get back to the important stuff.....ME, but then something else came up. Something that makes me just want to horka. See below.

That's mom. She has to spoon feed Abby her canned food. This started many years ago when Abby had the e-coli up her nose and had all kinds of meds mixed in with her canned food. Ok, she still has all kinds of meds mixed in, but now it's just something she's use to, so if mom just sets the food in the bowl in front of her, she just looks at it as if to say "ummm, what am I suppose to do with this."

THEN, Samuel came over, cuz he likes Abby's food, and most of the time mom has to dab a little of Abby's canned food on top of Sam's food so he will eati it. He's quite picky. So mom tried the spoon feeding thing with him, just to see what he would do. And here's the result.....

Yep, you saw it here. The Master of Sad and Pathetic, proving he has earned his title honestly. This is the most blatant display of pathetic I have ever seen. He is being spoon fed like a baby!! He has this human woman so completely trained, it's absolutely priceless! I don't know whether to be envious because he has her trained so well, or horka all over the floor because this display of patheticness makes me sick.

What have I learned from this display? Being picky and not eating your food, gets you spoon fed by the human woman. So, if I understand this correctly...... if I refuse to eat my food, look longingly and sadly with those pathetic eyes at my mom, then she will spoon feed me? Uummmm, NOT gonna happen. I'm tougher than that pathetic, sad little sissy boy. And I have specific food issues that do not allow me to let food just sit in my bowl and be ignored. Nope, sorry, don't see me just sitting there waiting for someone else to feed me. When the bowl is put down, I'm on it like stink on a skunk! That's why, in previous pictures of me, I am eating my bowl. The food that was in it has already been inhaled!

I have SOOO got to teach these Husky's how to be less pathetic.


(still NOT pathetic)


Fu Fu said...

Hey Holly. I know you're not a big baby and would not be spoon fed. :)

~ fufu

Bogart said...

Hey Holly & the Furry Five!

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for my Christmas card! I got it today!!!


Sunshade said...


Hey, come over here, I have been having a lot of unexpected snow here in Vancouver. It never snows in November, only rains, but it's been snowing, and it started on my birthday!! YOu can come over, I have dug lots of snow holes, and I don't mind sharing with you. I love to sleep in snow holes like you sibes and malamutes do, but mum makes me to inside.... hmmmmph!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

The Army of Four said...

I dunno, Holly. It's getting Sam exactly what he wants!
Play bows,

Sibe's Mom said...

Holly, I admire your tenacity!


Holly said...

fufu - no, I am certainly no baby!
bogart - glad you got the card. I got yours today too!
miss sunshade - I would love nothing more than to come visit you so we could play in the snow together.
Ao4 - Sam always gets what he wants because he's a suck-up sissy boy.
dakota - I try, believe me, I try!