Monday, November 13, 2006

I'm being starved

Ok, maybe not starved, but, this whole diet thing, is really starting to annoy me.

I love food. I should be allowed to eat as much food as I want. But noooooo, not since I gained 5 more pounds!

Here is my empty bowl. I'm so hungry, I was contemplating eating my bowl, that's why my foot is holding it down. The humans don't like it when we chew on our bowls. Especially when they end up outside all chewed up, and then they have to buy more.

They tried the metal ones, but I don't like those. I like the plastic ones, cuz I like to pick up my bowl and carry it where I want to lay down and eat, not where they decide to put it. It's really hard to pick up and carry those metal ones.

Mom has reduced my food by 1/2 a can of moist, and I'm down to 2 1/2 cups dry and 1 can green beans. Oh sure, they reduce the good stuff, but keep giving me the whole can of green beans! Helllloooo! I'm a carnivore! I don't think I'm suppose to be eating that many veggies. Maybe my vegetarian mom is trying to turn me into a vegetarian! If I see the lettuce and carrots come out, I'm going to go on a hunger strike!

Wait a minute. That would be counter-productive to my wanting to eat MORE, not LESS! Ok, scratch that. If I see more veggies come out I'll just claw the human woman and eat the couch, or her shoes. That should do a better job of getting the point across! (and not make ME suffer any)

I guess I'll just have to lay here and look sad and pathetic like Sam always does. This look seems to work for him. I'll just sit and wait for my dinner and hope mom decides to be nice and give me enough to eat. Apparently she has forgotten that when she found me I was practically STARVING! (sigh)

Wonder if Meeshka can give me any pointers on how to get more food when I'm on a forced diet? I'm certainly going to go out of my way to be more annoying to see if that works.

(feeling weak from hunger already)


Anonymous said...

Woooo, Holly! You poor, starving puppy! Look at that face! You need more FOOD! My mom would find your poses with the bowl irresistable and would give you anything you wanted. Unless it was a "health" issue, of course. Sometimes, before I have a big vet appointment, mom forgets to give me my breakfast; when I remind her she just goes around saying, "I can't Davy, I can't!" and refuses to look at my poor, starving face. I can't do the sad eyes look as well as Stormy (maybe you could try that?) but I've still "got it". Make your mom look you in the face; maybe that'll help.
By the way.... we switched to beta yesterday. So far, so good, though we haven't made any changes to our template yet. It's too confusing so far!

Anonymous said...

I blogged just for woo today.

IndyPindy said...

Oh poor Holly! In that first picture you look SO annoyed! Then in the second one you look so sad and pathetic!

Hey, I bet if you whine while you look all sad and pathetic like that, you would get some more food!

Holly said...

I'll have to be sure to try the whining thing, and definitely more clawing, and maybe try climbing on my mom (119 pounds is a pretty good sized lap dog). That sort of thing always works for Sam when he wants treats, so maybe I will have to start doing it for more food!

Thanks for the support though guys!!


Kelsey and Smokey said...

Oh my gosh Holly, I feel so bad for you. I can't believe that you are forced to just look at the empty dish and feel such awful hunger pangs.

I'm on my way over with a nice big juicy steak for you! Hold on Holly, here I come........................