Friday, November 24, 2006

The other white meat - Kona

This is the other Samoyed in my house. His name is Kona. Like the coffee. And the island in Hawaii. That's where dad got his name. He just turned 10. He's the second oldest, after Abby.

Everyone always thinks Kona is a girl. He acts kinda girly. He's certainly prissy. He doesn't like to get his feet wet, so he hates to walk on the grass when it's dewy or been rained on.

He also barks a lot. Usually for no reason, other than he's excited, or because no one is paying attention to him. He is a therapy dog, just like me. And he does really good at it cuz he just walks up to people and stands in front of them. Then, if they don't pet him, he barks at them. Then, if they STOP petting him, he barks at them again, or he nudges their hand, or arm, to tell them they need to keep petting him. If you ignore him, he'll just walk over to the next person and bark at them.

Abby likes him though. She likes to give him kisses. But, then again, she likes to give everyone kisses.

Kona is also stubborn (and too smart I think). When mom use to walk him with Samuel, he would walk waaaayy behind her, really slow, while Sam was always walking fast waaaayy in front of her. Poor mom would be in the middle, with Sam 16 feet ahead on the retractable leash, and Kona 16 feet behind on his retractable. I'm sure it was funny to see. Sam pulling mom, and mom pulling Kona. She knew he walked really slow on purpose, just to irritate her. Cuz when she would slow down, Kona would slow down even more. Drove her crazy. She finally gave up trying to walk them together, cuz it was too hard for her to be stretched in between Kona and Sam. Now she makes dad take him. But dad said Kona doesn't do that to him, so mom knows he was just doing it to her on purpose. Just to be annoying. Mom use to joke that old Shula, at 15, was faster than Kona!

I like to pick on Kona, cuz he's afraid of me. heheh. He's always sure to walk way around me, and give me plenty of room. And he won't look right at me either. When he walks by me he actually looks the other direction! He's such a prissy boy!

Well, it's my dinner time. And I think I'll need another nap after that. More on my siblings tomorrow.
(bossy, not prissy)


Turbo the Sibe said...

Kona seems stupid like Lex.

Holly said...

Hey Turbo
Hey's "questionable" that's for sure. We're not sure if he's really smart, or really stupid. It's sometimes hard to tell for sure!


The Army of Four said...

Um... Holly? I don't like to get my feety-feet wet either. I hope you don't think less of me.