Saturday, November 25, 2006

My geeky brother - Sam I Am

Yes, it's the Master of Sad and Pathetic, who is also the biggest geek I know. I think it's just a Husky thing that he's as weird as he is. Mom has so many bazaar pictures of him, there just isn't enough room in my blog to show them all.

Not only have I posted pictures of him in the bathtub, the bed, hogging my couch, and now....the swimming pool. Sam loves his swimming pool. He flops around it in, lays in it, puts his whole face underwater (see photo at let) and blows bubbles out his nose. He won't let anyone else in his pool. Which is good, because he takes up the whole thing. I think next summer mom will have to get a bigger pool.

Mom got Samuel when he was only 8 weeks old. She went to a pet store with a friend who needed fish food, and in the back was this adorable husky puppy. Mom said, "can I hold him?" And that was the end of it. Home he went. Now, I know what you are thinking, and yes, mom knows that puppy stores are BAD. And she is totally against them. But, she was sucked in, and once she held that sweet, quiet, trembling puppy, she just couldn't leave him there.

By that evening, she was asking herself "what the heck did I just do." After dealing with Abby as a puppy (that story coming up tomorrow) and dealing with the husky puppy death screams, she was now doing it all over again. Sam was NOT happy his first SEVERAL nights home. He was quite dramatic, throwing himself around his crate, sighing VERY loudly, and crying most of the night. Most of the time mom was just trying to keep from laughing at him, but the rest of the time she was just trying to get him to sleep and be quiet!

He also loves yogurt. Mom has to put some on top of his food so he'll eat it (he's very picky). He is also a freak when it comes to toys. He loves to play with toys. He'll go dig through the toy box and find one he likes, then go crazy with it. I, of course, try to take it away from him, but he doesn't care. I'd say, of all my new siblings, Sam and I get along the best. He's not afraid of me for some reason. He's pretty much the only one I don't compete with. Even Monty lets me try and bite his legs. Sam does his husky growly, talky, thing at me, and I leave him alone.

Sam is very bad breeding (hello, pet store dog) and he is not a good breed representative. He is tall, like me, and weighs about 80 pounds, but isn't fat. He is hypothyroid, zinc deficient, and allergic to EVERYTHING in regular dog food. He has a special duck and potato food he has to eat. He does get things he isn't suppose to, like yogurt, and treats, but mom tries not to give him too much, or he has skin and tummy issues. He gets discolored spots on his face and his poo is not "normal" when he eats too much stuff he's not suppose to.

Sam is 8 now. But he still acts like he's 2. Mom calls him the forever puppy. He is a lot of fun though. Very entertaining with his talking, and playing by himself, and hogging the couch, and bed, and just going nutso for no reason if no one is giving him any attention. He'll just start spazzing out and doing this little dance on the floor and jumping and flopping around and woowooing at at us. Then he'll do a face/nose dive on the floor and flop around there. That's usually when mom or dad gets out the water bottle to get him to calm down. They don't usually have to use it on him, just show him the bottle, and he grumbles and lays down, and stops barking. It's actually quite funny to see. It's probably a good thing the humans don't speak his language, cuz I'm pretty sure the things he's grumbling aren't too nice!

Well, enough about Sir Sam I Am. Goodness knows I could go on and on about the weirdo, but there just isn't enough time or room here!

(not a geek)


MaPaw said...

Hi Holly, Sam and I must be brothers. We have similar markings. I am 90 pounds and just a little tubby. I also ignore other dogs trying to climb the pack ladder, and I have sudden bursts of silliness. I do not lie in the bathtub, but I hide from thunder on Mama and Papa's bed. If we did not live so far apart, I would think Sam and I were related. I guess it is an oversized Husky thing.

The Army of Four said...

Holly: Mom always says I'm "six years old, going on 8 months". Maybe I'm a "forever puppy" type a guy, too! My mom says I'm living the puppyhood I missed out on.
Ha rooo!
Play bows,

IndyPindy said...

Zim, I am six years old going on 8 months too! I went to the vet yesterday to get my rabies shot and the vet thought I was a puppy! She was surprised when mom said I was six!

Sam is funny! I developed food allergies after being on antibiotics for too long. I am allergic to everything in regular dog food too! Even the venison and potato stuff made me sick and I am not allergic to venison or potato. So I am on the raw diet. I used to LOVE yogurt too, but now I am allergic to dairy..sigh...

Fu Fu said...

Oh Sam likes yogurt? Me too. They are so yummy..

~ fufu