Sunday, November 19, 2006

How to get treats - the hard way

We had a nice relaxing weekend and didn't do too much. I did work on my "sad and pathetic" look.

I think you can see here I'm doing a little better.

I'm still trying to eat my bowl, however.

I'm trying to clean it so it can go back in the cabinet and not the dishwasher.

Dad took it away from me shortly after this, cuz I was starting to eat the plastic, as usual.

Mom worked on her Christmas cards for the DWB's exchange, and her Secret Santa gift for her Sibernet gift exchange. We chilled out in the nice cool sunny weather outside.

Dad sucked up most of the leaves in the back yard yesterday with the big grass sucking machine. Then today Mom and dad did some house cleaning. Ok, DAD did most of the cleaning. He cleaned off the built in shelves by the fireplace, where he had all kinds of junk stacked up, that mom just refused to mess with since it was his. Then dad got out that evil Dyson, and was sucking up all our fur, along with Monty's leaves. Check out the Master of Pathetic. He actually let dad use the Dyson ON HIM!

Bad Husky.....VERY BAD husky!! How dare he let that happen. Sam was laying in the kitchen while mom was making lunch, (he was trying to get treats by just hanging out), and here comes dad with the vacuum, and Sam just LETS HIM use that thing on him to suck up his fur. The big baby didn't bark, or growl, or claw at him, he just sat there and took it! I have now lost all respect for the Master. Mom was so surprised he actually let dad vacuum his fur, that she GAVE HIM A TREAT!

Ok, so maybe he's not so stupid after all. Maybe if I let them vacuum me, I'LL get treats......hhhmmmmm something to think about. Sam was the only one who stuck around in the house while the Dyson was running. He was following mom around, so I guess he's smart enough to figure out how to get treats, while WE were all outside!

He's such a suckup.


(going to have to do more studying of the Master - he's multi-talented it seems)


IndyPindy said...

NO WAY I would let that evil sucky thing be on me just for treats! What if it took all of my fur??? I'd be nekkid!

Fu Fu said...

Hey Holly, your sad look is improving. Why are you eating plastics? Are they tasty?

~ fufu

Kelsey and Smokey said...

Holly, I love the pathetic looks - they're coming along nicely. Here's whatcha gottsta do, look pathetic and then let the Dyson thing get you - just a little bit - then look pathetic a little more and then get many treats!!!!!

D. Animal said...

Vrrrm vrmm! Sam, yum!

Anonymous said...

Not the evil DYSON! Kill it, Sam, kill it!
Play bows,

Anonymous said...

Dear Holly,
I think you've got the sad eyes look down perfectly! That first picture is a heart-breaker! My mom would give you ANYTHING you wanted with a look like that! Well... almost anything! I like the bowl action. Sometimes props help us express our emotions!

Anonymous said...

Holly, I think Sam's got the right idea! I loves it when my mama uses the Dyson on me, it's like getting a massage! Don't worry, it doesn't remove all your fur, just the itchy stuff that's already loose. It feels great!