Tuesday, November 28, 2006

And not to be forgotten.....

This is Kirby the cat. He is the smallest fur member of my house. He's 17, and came to Omaha with mom when she moved here from Japan. He use to have a brother, Alex, but he went to the Rainbow Bridge in March 2003.

Kirby had quite an exciting trip from Japan to the United States. When mom took him out of his crate in Los Angeles to give him another tranquilizer pill, he accidentally jumped out of her arms, then the collar he was wearing which was attached to his leash came undone! So here is poor, frightened Kirby running around the baggage claim area in LAX airport. He tried to run back up the pet crate belt but couldn't do it cuz it was rolling down, and then he ran along the side of a wall. All this time mom was freaking out and yelling at her (then) hubby to grab him. Well, when he ran by mom, she launched herself at him and tackled him against the wall, flat on her stomach on the floor. I'm sure it was quite amusing to watch. It was very nice of mom to sacrifice her body to catch her kitty!

Abby and Samuel were raised with Alex and Kirby, so they like cats. Well, this one anyway.

Kona has been around cats before so he likes him too. (actually Kona just ignores him cuz he doesn't care)

Monty at first thought he was a large black squirrel, and therefore possible snack food. He use to lick his lips quite a lot when Kirby was around. Now he just follows him around when he ventures out as if trying to figure out what he is for sure.

I have actually shown little interest, other than staring as if to say to myself "I wonder what that is? Hhhmmmm, not sure."

Kirby is very friendly, and apparently has no clue what Monty or I could possibly do to his plump squirrel looking body. He likes to come up to me and rub his head against my chin. What's that all about? Luckily mom keeps a close eye on us when Kirby decides to do this strange behavior.

Kirby is spoiled. He has his own room! Yep, that's his room in the picture, with his very own window seat with blanket and pillow for him to lay on. He also has other spots in his room that mom has put nice soft towels or blankets that he likes to lay on. I mean, come on! A whole room?! Mom has a baby gate in the door so Kirby can go in and out as he pleases by jumping over the gate, but it keeps us curious doggies out of his room, and his snack box with all the yummy treats that mom just scoops up and puts in a bag that disappears. What a waste! Reminds me of the dead things I bring her that she puts in the same bags, yet I never see them again either! These humans are just so mean when it comes to some of the best tasty treats.

Well, hope you all have enjoyed meeting my fur family. I'd tell you about the humans, but they're pretty boring. Nowhere near as exciting as us furballs, so we won't even attempt to bore you all with that nonsense.

Tomorrow......back to the important stuff.........ME!



Althea said...

Hey Holly,
I have two feline siblings that live with me. They are pretty cool but they are wreid. Like your feline brother, they get special privileges like sleeping on the bed with Mom & Dad and being allowed on the couch in the living room.

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hi Holly,
Wow, your Mama came all of the way from Japan to live in Nebraska? That must have been a loooonnnng trip. It's a good thing that Kirby didn't get lost at the big airport. Nice post, we like learning about everyone's families.
Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Holly said...

Althea - Kirby likes to sleep in the bed with mom too. He sleeps right by her pillow.

Butchy & Snickers - mom is originally from Minnesota, and her ex was military, so that's how she ended up here. She brought both Alex and Kirby back with her. She likes it here ok, but would much rather be back in Minnesota!