Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I love my couch

I really love my couch. But everyone else wants to use my couch, and it's mine, so I think they should stay off it.

For example, here, Samuel and Abby are on my couch. Abby just recently has been able to get back ON my couch since her knee surgeries that began over a year ago. So here she is laying in MY spot on my couch. That's Sam's usually spot, so I guess that's ok. Well, at least I'll put up with it.

Here's dad laying in Sam's spot, so he had to lay in my spot. Notice the unfavorable look Sam is giving dad for being in his spot.

Here I am in MY spot, and Abby is in Sam's. He usually doesn't like anyone in his spot, but he loves Abby (he grew up with her so she's his best friend) so he lets her lay there.

This is usually how the couch and Sam hogging the whole thing. Dad sometimes sits between us, but usually there isn't enough room, so we make him sit on the floor. Mom usually has the recliner, and there's no way she's giving that up.

But, if I had my way, this is how the couch would always look.

Notice how skinny I look. This was my second day at my new house after being rescued from the corn field and starving to death. As you can see, I was making myself right at home, right away. But, think about it, isn't this life with the nice big house, nice yard, nice patio with a nice big step to lay on, and beds to sleep on, and my own nice couch with a nice soft blankie to lay on, pretty much the best thing any girl (or boy) could ever ask for? I even have plenty of food to eat! Which has led to my, ummm, "weight" problem. But at least I get walks almost every day to help with that issue.

Oh well, fat, happy, and comfy. Just the way I like it. :-)


(works for me)


IndyPindy said...

Hey Holly, it's better to be fat and happy and comfy and loved than starving with no family! Besides, you are beautiful!


Dachsies Rule said...

It looks to us like your life is perfect! And having other doggies around to take your spot on the couch just means you have doggies to play with.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Kelsey and Smokey said...

I think that a dogs place is on the couch or on the chair and the humes should let us be comfortable.

Looks like that's how it is at your house Holly, although it was nice of you guys to share the couch with your human man.

When my mom gets on the couch or in the chair, I wait for her to get good and comfortable (all bundled up under her blanket and pillows just right) and then I JUMP on her and start chewing on her like she's a bone. It's a riot!!!