Friday, December 01, 2006

Since we didn't get any snow.....

Since all the nice, fluffy snow went southeast of us into Missouri by Tubey's house, I am pouting.

Therefore, in support of the Ao4 and their cute poses, here are a couple of me and Abby with our cute poses. This is the step into the kitchen from the family (aka "doggie") room.

Later, at dinner time, (you will all be so proud of me), I had mom feeding ME with the SPOON!

HAAAA!!! I have her trained! Now, mind you, I had already eaten all my food, so none of that "waiting to be fed" crap. She was feeding the sissy pathetic boy, but I wanted more food (darn diet) so as I was sitting there, using the sad pathetic eyes, she actually gave me a bite with the spoon and I ate it. The she would feed sissy pathetic boy a few bites, then ME, then sissy pathetic boy, then ME! And back and forth this went until all the food was gone.

After that, because mom was so excited that I was "talented" enough to use the spoon, I got this...

Yep, that's a stuffy that looks just like me! Or Sam, whichever, since we look kinda similar. Mom found it tonight at Target in the doggie toy section. Best of all, it squeaks! I wasn't allowed to gut it and chew up the squeaky though. Mom took it away from me so I wouldn't destroy it right away.

So, it was quite a productive evening for me, even though we don't have any snow to play in, and I didn't get to gut the stuffy.

(time for bed after all that human training and stuffy chewing)


Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

I have to start practicing some cuteness too.

Bussie Kissies

The Army of Four said...

Holly! Wooooo! You look ADORABLE! That cute pose is a killer - and you're way cuter than that stuffie, you know!
Abby looks mighty adorable, too. My mom likes her feet.

Holly said...

Buster - We all need lots of practice at our cute poses so we can keep the humans ooohhhing and aaahhhing at us!

Dave - Abby has those cute freckles on her nose just like you. She also has them on her paws, which is kinda funny and cute too! But your freckles are the cutest!


Turbo the Sibe said...

My Human now wants one of those squeaky husky stuffies!

Holly said...

Tubey, TARGET - pet toy isle!!

Fu Fu said...

Oh Holly, you look very cute.. You gotta train your humans more. And that squeaky toy does look a little like you. :)

~ fufu