Thursday, November 23, 2006

Beta Blogger is Stupid

Ok, I don't like the new beta blogger. As my friend Tubey would say, It's STUPID.

I can't figure out how to add more links to my link list. The way it was on the old blogger was much easier. I wanted to add some new friends to my links list, and I can't figure out how to do it. I'm not very computer literate, so any help from the pro's out there would be much appreciated.

Therefore, I'm in a mood today. I didn't get any turkey, or dressing, or taters.

I did get some pumpkin (no, not the pie or special cake the Ao4's human gave my human) but the pure, out of the can pumpkin. Which is fine, cuz I do really like it. But, I was really looking forward to some turkey and other goodies. Unfortunately, I'm on a DIET, so I didn't get any yummy, tasty, fattening, human food.

So instead, I spent the day lounging and napping. Trying to figure out this whole new beta blogger thing has really irritated me, so I am just going to give up for now.

Maybe I will tackle it tomorrow when I am more awake, and not so irritable.

Hope all my other blogger doggie friends fared better than I did when it comes to this eating holiday.

One thing I can say, is that I am very thankful for all my new doggie blogger friends, my family, and my happy, fat, lazy life. It's what every doggie out there deserves.

(happy in her loving home)


Fu Fu said...

Hey Holly, sorry to hear about blogger.. I'm still on the old version. But hope you had a great thanksgiving. :)

~ fufu

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Happy Thanksgiving Holly - hope you are feeling better tomorrow :-)

Yep - blogger can be STUPID !


Ivy said...

no turkey or taters! awwww! i think everydog shud get a lick of sour cream at least!

i keep telling bloggy no thanks wen it asks me to switch to the new beta. my randy writes softwares at work and he says anything with the word beta in it is probably gonna be a little skary!

i hope it starts behavin for you soon.

Holly said...

Had my reservations about switching. Should have followed my insticts and stuck with the old one! I just need more computer training. I better talk to dad, he's usually pretty good with this stuff!

The Army of Four said...

It took us a long time, but I think we've finally figured out the new beta bloggie thing. If you need any help, have your mom shoot ours an email! Good luck!
Tail wags,