Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Meet the Monster

This is Monty, aka The Monster. He's a 5 year old Samoyed and he belongs to dad.

Dad got Monty when he was just a little white furball puppy, from some back yard breeder (give him a break, he didn't know any better) and he's a really bad representative of the breed.

For example.......
He's waaayy to big for a Samoyed. Long body, tall, 80+ pounds, strange krinkly fur, pink (not black) nose. Mom says he's got Albert Einstein hair on his head. It has a tendency to stick up (you can see a little of that above. And his tail doesn't curl over his back like a normal Samoyed. It stands straight up. Like a plume.

I like him though. I like to try and bite him on his legs when I get really excited and playful. He's the only one I will actually try and play with. I don't know why, something about him I guess, makes me want to beat him up a little.

Him and Sam sometimes have "issues." See, they haven't quite figured out who's the alpha between them. Now, I KNOW I'm the alpha, but those two boys just haven't figured out who, between the two of them, is more in charge of the other.

Monty doesn't like it when Samuel plays, so he tries to take Sam's toys away (0k, I do the same thing, but that's different) and then Sam gets upset so they fight. Last time, Sam kicked Monty's furry, leaf sticking, butt. (see my previous post about the outside being inside) So now Monty has a chew spot on his nose and his ear. But, over all, we all get along pretty well most of the time. I have my bossy "issues" too, but as long as everyone does what I say, things will be just fine.

Here's Monty sleeping against the wall and Kona on the rug. Those Samoyeds can't just lie flat on their backs and sleep like me, Samuel and Abby. Guess they aren't as talented. hehehe

Monty and I go for our walks every morning together with dad. He has to take us 2 at a time, and since Monty and I are the most spastic and demanding for our walks, we get to go first!

Well, that's about all I can think of for now.


Hope you all get plenty of turkey, and dressing, and taters and gravy, and green beans (ok, no green beans) and pie........lots and lots of pie! Remind your humans that pumpkin is really good for you!!!!


(bring on the food!)


Fu Fu said...

Hey Holly. Monty looks cute. HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you guys

~ fufu

The Army of Four said...

Nice pictures, Holly..... but guess who'd rather see YOU? :)
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Shmoo said...

Happy Thanksgiving Holly!

The human woman is just finishing the food prep, so we'll be dining in style here in a bit. We love the turkey.

Oh, I finally got around to adding your link to my blog. I've been very busy with the stick pile, sorry for the delay.

Have a very Happy Hula Thanksgiving