Sunday, November 12, 2006


Some of you lucky dogs out there got snow. Northwestern Iowa, Southeastern Minnesota and some of Wisconsin got snow. We didn't get squat! We got wind. Good ole Nebraska plains wind. Have I mentioned that I hate the Midwest? It's so very boring here!

Going to be lame next week too. Weather in the low 50's during the day and 30's at night. Good for napping during the day outside, and sleeping during the night. Mom and dad really don't like this time of year too much cuz we spend so much time outside finding things to bark at. Poor dad sleeps during the day, when we are outside keeping an eye on the yard, so every time we see something we have to warn it to stay away. That wakes dad up and he has to come yell at us to get in the house and be quiet so he can sleep. We come in for a while, then as soon as he's back asleep, we got back out the doggie door and keep watch. It's a cycle we're all use to. Except for dad, who seems a bit more grumpy now.

Mom spent all day today doing her homework. Even though she just sat in the recliner with her computer typing, I still didn't see any work being done on our home. That's why it's always so late when I can get to post my blog. She's always hogging the computer so I can't get to it till late.

Good news is, this is her last assignment. Last class is Wednesday, so after that she won't be gone all day and evening to school! Whooohooo! I know that Sam will sure be happy to have his mommy back. He has issues when she is gone for too long. He's such a momma's boy.

Dad took me in to weigh me on Friday, to see if my diet is helping. Bad's not. I'm up from 114 to 119. Oops, guess mom is going to have to do some adjusting to my food, again. This means that I will most likely get even LESS treats and yummy food. I've decided that this whole diet thing really SUCKS! I'm beginning to feel abused. Less food, less treats, what is a big boned girl to do? Maybe I can act like I'm weak and suffering from the lack of food. I can sit and stare when the humans have food (you know, that "I'm starving" look), and maybe try the claw. Think she'll buy it? It's worth a shot!

Well, now that mom's school is pretty much done (except for her last class on Wednesday) things will get back to normal, and we can all get more exercise (which apparently I need) and we will be able to do more fun things with mom and dad on weekends, especially now since the weather is nice and cool. If only we could just get some snow!!

(a bit fatter, but cool and happy...... just need the snow to make things perfect!)

P.S. Has anyone tried the new Beta blog? It says it's ready for me to switch, but not sure I should yet. Any comments from your other doggie bloggers?


Anonymous said...

Hey Holly,

Glad to hear that your mom will soon be back to doing what she should, i.e. paying attention to you and your siblings. Education is important and all (I had to say that for my Mom's benefit, she's a teacher) but she really needs to get her priorities straight.

Dad and I have been using Beta blog for a couple weeks now and we like it. We haven't noticed any problems with it. It makes changing your blog template alot easier.


The Army of Four said...

Hey Holly,
We haven't switched yet - we're afraid of sending everything into Siber-space, if you know what I mean!
Our weather is all messed up, too. We're going to blog about it in a bit. We may have a solution.
Play bows,

Fu Fu said...

Holly, did you tell your mum that you are not fat, just fluffy. I also wish we get snow over here in Singapore

~ fufu

Kelsey and Smokey said...

Here's what you gotsta do. Pout and mope like you're depressed. Not like you didn't catch the squirrel you really wanted depressed, much more pathetic. Give the droopy malnourished eyes too and drool a lot like you're sickly.

Maybe all that combined will get you more food?