Friday, November 03, 2006

Me and the goofy Sam

A few days ago Sam and I had traveled down under to Opy's Howl-oween party, and my goofy step-brother Samuel drank just about all the beer. Here's a picture of him with his Zema bottle. He's not looking too good. I think he's working on his hang-over.

Any time mom or dad have any sort of alcoholic beverage in a bottle, Sam wants some. If you leave the bottle on the end table by the couch, he'll walk up to it, start licking the top, then nudge it with his nose to get it to fall off and onto the floor, where it will spill, and he can drink it. He's quite a lush. So, mom and dad have to be very careful not to leave any bottles just sitting around, or he carries them off to try and drink them. Hence the photo on the bed. He took it with him. Sad.

And now back to ME. Because this is MY blog, so it's all about ME. I thought I would share a pic of me when I first came to live in my house. In my previous post, I am laying all stretched out on my couch and you can sort of see how skinny I was. Well, here is a better shot of just HOW skinny I was.

Mom snapped this one of me on my third day at my new house. You could see every rib, and my hip bones.

And here's a picture of me NOW. No more ribs and hips showing on this girl anymore! Which is why I am now on a diet.

I am now a very happy girl in my great home, with a great mom and dad, and some "ok" step-siblings. And, as you can see, we are actually treated pretty well. According to Meeshka, I should demand a few extra meals a day, (although not according to mom) but I don't think I'm doing too bad!


(fat and happy beats skinny and lonely any day)


Dachsies Rule said...

How right you are! Fat and happy beats skinny and lonely any day! We are so glad to be happy but we would like to be a little fatter. Mom is pretty strict with the diet *sigh*
How are dachsie huskies supposed to keep up if we don't get enough food??

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

The Army of Four said...

HOLLY! I'm so glad you're where you are now! You look like you were as skinny as Zimmie was! You poor thing! God bless your mama for giving you such a great home!

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

So, that's where all the beer went :-) Naughty Sam ! Twas lucky that we were ablt to go on a beer run to get some more !

Hey, nothing wrong with us "big boned gals" - more of us to cuddle, I say :-) I am SO glad that you found your furever home Holly - you look much better now than you did before :-)

Big hugs to your mum and dad too for taking you home that day.


Kelsey and Smokey said...

Holly, you are stunning inside and out. Your humom and hudad were very lucky to find such a wonderful girl for Christmas. You're the miracle we all need in our lives.

Your anniversary of being saved is coming up. How you gonna annoy/torment/harrass them on that day? I'd make it very special and very annoying, you know, a special thank you. :>)