Thursday, October 26, 2006

Where is mom?

I really dislike Wednesday's. Mom is gone all day at work then all night to school. She doesn't get home until almost 10 pm, and by then, I'm about ready for bed. Trouble is, we know when it's 5 o'clock, and she should be home from work, and when she doesn't come home, we get worried and have to wake up dad. Every noise we hear outside, we have to start barking and Sam does his Husky death screams, and we make all sorts of "happy" ruckus, thinking it's finally her coming home. But it's not. We're on a schedule here, and she is really messing things up with this whole school on Wednesday nights stuff.

It's the same way when dad doesn't get home in the mornings by 7:15. We start to get worried, so we do the same barking, Sam does his Husky death scream, more get the picture. Mom goes in to work late on Thursdays, so when we wake her up early on those mornings cuz dad isn't home yet, she gets mad at us and tells us to "knock it off." Not sure what it is we're suppose to be knocking off, but usually if we knock things over, or off the tables, we get in trouble. These humans and their mixed signals. How on earth are we suppose to figure out what the heck we are suppose to be doing when they talk in circles?

Oh well, we'll just go on ignoring them for the most part. Some day they'll give up trying to figure us out, since we've pretty much already given up on them.

My new friend Amber of the Ao4 wanted mom's recipe for our pumpkin/yogurt squares treats. They are really yummy, and mom says they are low fat, which is good for me, cuz I'm on a diet! So Amber, here it is;

1 large container of vanilla low fat yogurt
1 can pure pumpkin (not the pie filling)

mix together in a large bowl, and spoon into ice cube trays. Freeze. Empty trays into large freezer bag.

Then be sure the humans feed them to you as often as possible since they are NOT fattening!

Another new friend, Indy, has invited me to be an honorary member of the Husky bloggers ring, since my step-brother Samuel and step-sister Abby are both Siberian huskies. I feel very privileged, so want to thank her for the invitation! I will be sure to join, cuz Sam is quite strange, and does lots of really funny things. Mostly I share them because he is pathetic, and I'm not, so I like to make fun of him. He makes it way to easy!

Well, it's way past my bedtime now, so I'm off to do my favorite thing.....sleep!

(ok, make that second favorite thing next to eating)


IndyPindy said...

Hi Holly,

Thanks for mentioning me on your blog! Except - I'm a boy.

This is the second time this has happened this week. Wierd. Sigh...


The Army of Four said...

Hi Holly!
Thanks for linking to us! And thank rooooo so much for the recipe! Those treats sound WONDERFUL! I love ice cubes, and punkin AND yogurt, so I think these will be REALLY good!

Anonymous said...

Hey Holly,

Thanks so much for sharing the recipe!! I'm gonna print it out and posted to the fridge door hopefully mum will get the idea!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade