Saturday, October 07, 2006

Another warm Fall day

Well, it was another warm Fall day here in Nebraska. It was in the 80's. Hellooooo!!! It's October, it's suppose to be much cooler out!

Samuel spent the day hanging out outside on the big step out the back door to the patio. It was like, 84! Why is he outside in the heat? We have no idea. But, he's weird, so we'll just not mention that whole thing.

The rest of us, who are much smarter, stayed inside in the airconditioning where it was nice an cool.

Mom spent most of the day doing her homework, and sitting in the recliner with the computer, so I couldn't use it. Dad mowed the yard and then had to fix his car, so he wasn't any fun. We didn't even get our walks this morning cuz mom was sleeping in. Dad took Kona and went to visit his hospice care patient. We were all upset because he got to go in the car, and we didn't.

This is a picture of Kona. Everyone thinks he's a girl. He does act kinda girly. But he's a great therapy dog cuz he LOVES attention. In fact, if you STOP petting him, he either nudges your hand to start again, or he'll just bark at you. So, as long as you keep touching him, he's fine.
Maybe I should try that.........hhhmmmmmmm............

Well, since it was another warm, boring day, all we did was snooze. I have included a couple pictures of my and Abby's favorite sleeping positions. We do this all the time. We find it extremely comfortable. Sam sleeps in this same position sometimes too. Mom says when Sam does this he's "airing it out", whatever that means.

It's suppose to be cold next week. Like, 40 for a high on Thursday!!! WOW, we are soooo ready for that! They have upped the high's for the weekend to 60, but hey, we can handle that. That just means that the nights are going to be REALLY comfy for sleeping, so we'll get to spend all our time lounging on the patio. Hey, works for me. They even mentioned the possibility of SNOW!!! That is so COOL! I can't wait. Whoo hoo, Fall may actually, finally be coming.


(gonna be chillin soon)


Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Hey Holly,

Welcome to - it's great to have you aboard, and I am sure that you will make heaps of friends here :-)


Jay said...

Hi Holly, have lotsa fun in the snow. I wished I have the chance to play in the snow too!

Dachsies Rule said...

Hi Holly,

We are three smooth red dachshunds. We sneak over to Meeshka's blog to read about her all of the time and admire her fluffiness. Welcome to blogging. Come by and see us sometimes. We are going to add you to our list of blogs!

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Cubby said...

Too hot in Texas, too!

MJ's doghouse said...

wow you guys are so lucky..i used to live in ontario and we had lots of on vancouver island we jsut get rain...BUT...i do get my ocean to swim in all times...i like you blog....MJ