Friday, October 20, 2006

Bring on the SNOW

It's finally suppose to snow here tomorrow morning. They say it won't stick, but at least it's going to snow. This, of course, means we get to go in, and out, and in, and out, of the doggie door, bringing in wet feet, wet fur, and lots of mud. It's going to be absolutely grand. And we are going to irritate mom extensively! We all really LOVE that.

Sam was practicing last night for the rain/snow by sleeping in the bathtub. No one has quite figured that whole thing out yet. Mom went to go get ready for bed last night, and there he was, snoozing in the bathtub. She peeked in on him, rolled her eyes, then left him there. He really is the picture of pathetic.

Here is a perfect example. This is his spot on the couch. He always has to have this spot. If dad tries to sit here, Sam will jump up on the couch, and nudge in behind dad, and then kick dad with his feet until he moves to the other end. (This is actually a excellent example of positive human training.) Then he just lies there, with his pathetic head on the pillow, and stares at mom. This is what he is doing in this picture. Mom was sitting in the recliner, which is beside the couch, and the end table sits between them, and so she snapped this picture of "pathetic boy." I mean, look at that face! He can't let mom out of his sight. If she gets up to go to another room, he has to get up and follow her. On Wednesday nights, when mom is in school, he whines and lays on the rug by the front door, waiting for her to come home. He only gets up when it's dinner time. Have I mentioned he's pathetic?

Hopefully mom will get some cool pictures of us cavorting in the snow tomorrow. Unless it turns into slush too early. Then maybe she'll just get some pics of us all wet and dirty!!


(still NOT pathetic)


Althea said...

Hey Holly,
My feline brother Spencer is just like Sam. He follows Mom where ever she goes. He always sleeps on her head. Mom gets really made a me when I put his head in my mouth. Dad calls him a little "Momma's Boy". Pathetic.

Turbo the Sibe said...

It's been so long since we've had snow in Missouri that I've forgotten what it is!

Kelsey and Smokey said...

Snow? I LOVE snow!!!!!


Oh, did I mention that I LOVE SNOW????????