Thursday, October 12, 2006

FREE....Juuuuuusssst for a second

I had my freedom, just for a second this morning. Dad came home from work and, as usual, hooked me and Monty up for our walk. We always get to go first, cuz we scream the loudest, and jump around the most, so since we are more excited than the other 3, we get to go first!

So, back to my short freedom......Apparently dad didn't get the hook from the flexi around my collar hoop, but instead got my tags loop. Then, when dad opened the front door, out Monty and I went like our tails were on fire, and my tags came flying off, and the leash came away, and I was FREE!

There I was, running down the sidewalk, on my usual path towards the park, and dad is yelling and running after me. It was so much fun! Then, I heard mom scream my name from behind me, and so, silly me, I stopped and turned around to look at her to see what she was yelling about. Well, that's all it took for dad to grab my tail. Then he grabbed me around the neck with his arm, like he was trying to hug me. I'm not sure what that was all about! I was just in a hurry to get to the park. Not sure what the big deal was. Next thing I know, here comes mom, in her robe, to see what happened. She was all upset for some reason. SHE was upset!! Hey, I'm the one who was now totally embarrassed because she came running down the sidewalk in her ROBE. Dad told her everything was fine, he now had me "hooked up" correctly. She went back and found all my tags on the driveway, so at least they can put them back on my collar.

When dad brought us home, mom gave me a big hug, and some smooches. She mentioned something about me giving her a "heart attack." I didn't know hearts attacked people, but it sounds like something that isn't too fun. But I got hugs and smooches, which was cool! Oh well, I was free for just a few seconds, but I knew where I was going. Still no idea what the big deal was. Not my fault the humans can't keep up with me.

(back in my house, with my tags on)


fee said...

dear holly,

hi, it's fee from singapore and i like being FREE too!


Althea said...

Hey Holly,
I did the same thing one time. And the best part was that there was snow. I was so excited I started running around. Unfortunatly I made a U-turn and ran right into my Dad. He tackled me so I couldn't get away. We had to wait till spring to find my tags. Now when Dad hooks us up to go out I try to cause as much commotion as possible so that he might accidently hook to my tags.

The Army of Four said...

Breaking free is pushing the bipeds too far! Destroy something if you must test them but DON'T run off! They need us too much!
Tail wags,

Kelsey and Smokey said...

I love to run free, but when I do this, my humom has these wet drops that leak out of her eyes and she has a hard time breathing. I think she said it was gonna cause her to have a stroke. I don't see what is so bad about being stroked, especially behind your ears and on the fatty part of your neck and on your hips and your belly, and on top of your head between your ears...............


Dachsies Rule said...

Holly, be careful about freedom. It works best in back yards and dog parks. Doggies can get lost if they get "free" in the wrong places. And there are no computers to blog from "out there". We would miss you!

Roxie, Sammy & Andy