Thursday, October 05, 2006

A pretty boring day

Well, it was a pretty nice day outside. So we spent the day outside in the sunny weather. Samuel and Monty got in trouble for barking at some kids and waking Dad up. He works nights, so sleeps during the day. He wasn't very happy with them waking him up. He yelled at them and made them come inside. But we all got pork twists chewy's to try and keep us inside. That only lasted about 15 minutes, then we were back outside, keeping watch over our yard. The humans hate it when we hang out outside in this kind of weather, cuz then we bark at everything.

When Mom got home, her and Dad left to go get some exercise with their geocacheing GPS things. And they didn't take us with them!! Can you believe that? We saw them getting ready to go by putting on their walking clothes and shoes, and we got all excited and were barking, and Samuel was doing the death screams, and then they left without us. We were all just shocked that they didn't take any of us with them. Then they didn't get home till after 8:30 and by then our dinners were really late, so we were all sure to annoy them, and bark at them, and hang out in the kitchen giving them the "I'm starving to death" look. They finally took the hint and fed us.

Well, I'm bored. Guess I'll just go back outside and take a nap. But, I'll be sure to keep one eye open, just incase we need to bark at something.

(maybe the opossum will come back and we can bark at HIM)


The Army of Four said...

Hey Holly! Glad to see you here! Make sure you sign up with Dogs With Blogs!
Tail wags from all of the Ao4,

JustMeCopper said...

Hi Holly! I am a long haired dachshund named Copper and I live in Georgia. I read Meeshka all the time too. I had a sister named Holly but she was very old when I was a puppy and, well, I am not sure where she went. She was 15. So I like your name. Come over to my blog and then go to Dogs With Blogs and they'll put you on their list. Then sign up at Miss Sunshades blog to join in the Christmas Card exchange. I am glad you were adopted. I have never had hard times lik that. Talk to you later.