Saturday, October 28, 2006

We didn't get to go

Well, the humans went out of town today and left us home. It was a beautiful day, and they left and didn't take us out at all! No walks, no road trip to some doggie friendly place. Nope, they totally abandoned us today.

Luckily, they got home in time for our dinner, so we didn't have to destroy anything in protest. If they would have been late, I'm pretty sure one of the boys would have had to pee on something just to show them we were mad.

We get an extra hour of sleep tonight! Whoohooo! We're always happy when we can get more sleep. After all, it is one of our favorite things to do (except for our walks, which we DIDN'T get today).

Tomorrow it is suppose to be 70 and beautiful! Probably the last warm day of the year. Mom will be doing homework all day (which still doesn't make any sense to me since she just sits in the recliner with her book and laptop) since she didn't get to do any today. Dad will have to nap in the afternoon cuz he has to go to work tomorrow night, so we had better get a good, long walk in the morning! If not, I think I'll tell one of the boys to pee on something, just to show we will NOT be ignored.

(can't lose any weight without my daily exercise)


Jay said...

Hi Holly, my favourite pastime is sleeping too! :)


The Army of Four said...

It was pretty warm here yesterday, too. We went on two walks before lunchtime! They were FUN! I can't wait for that bitterly cold weather - the bipeds don't like it, but I sure do!