Sunday, October 22, 2006

The weather man stinks

The weather man was totally off! It snowed.......for like, 15 seconds! And then it was back to rain. We were all pretty bummed, even the humans. They were looking forward to some pictures of us playing in the snow, but alas, no such luck. All we got was some cold, blustery weather, which is fine for us, but the snow would have been really nice.

Otherwise, we had a pretty boring, but relaxing weekend. Mom did homework all weekend, as usual. We didn't get a walk on Saturday cuz the humans were too "busy." Hey, one of their chores is to take us all out for our walks. They were slackers because it was suppose to snow, but didn't, so they used that excuse not go out in the nice, cold, wet weather. They were forgiven though, since they went to the big doggie store and bought us some new chewy's and treats.

We did get our walk today. So I guess we will change our plans for some sort of boredom destruction on Monday when mom is at work and dad is sleeping. We try to keep them well trained when it comes to our required walks with the "threat" that we might tear something up if we don't get our proper amount of exercise. We don't want them forgetting their training by letting them slack TOO much.

Time for bed now, so I'm off the the basement to my mattress. Afterall, I've had a hard day lounging outside in the cold, and taking a walk.

(getting plenty of beauty sleep)

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Kelsey and Smokey said...

I think you should find a good pair of shoes to on or maybe a pillow that can fluff all over the room. Only problem is that if human that works nights is there he might catch you when you're up to no good.

Shoes are my favorite though!