Sunday, October 15, 2006

We LOVE those cooool temps

We had a wonderfully cool weekend. This makes us all have much more energy. So, in order to wear us out a little bit, our humans took us for a lovely long walk on Friday evening to the local lake. They walk us off the main paths and in the grassy areas so we can sniff, and pee, and look for bunnies. Samuel, Monty and I love bunnies. We don't get to chase them though. Not sure why. Whenever we see one and start to take off, we get to the end of our flexi's and then have to stop. That just really ruins all the fun, cuz then the bunnies get away.

Saturday we didn't get any walks. The humans were lazy. Mom was busy doing homework, not that I saw her doing any work on our home, she just worked on my computer all day, and read some book. Dad was the one doing all the home work. He finally got mom's garage door opener hooked up. Mom was very happy about not having to go out into the weather to get in her car now. I don't know why she doesn't like to go out in the weather. We sure do. In fact, we spent all day out in the nice cold, sunny weather.

Today they did take us all out again. It had sprinkled a little this morning, so Sam spent time in the bathtub. I'm not really sure what is up with all that. Any time it thunders or rains, he goes and gets in the bathtub to sleep. But, he also goes out and wonders around in the pouring rain, so he really doesn't make any sense. Luckily this morning it was just a few sprinkles, so he wasn't scared, and he didn't get soaking wet so mom didn't get mad. It wasn't even enough to get our feet all dirty so we could muddy up the kitchen floor. I know how much mom likes mopping the kitchen floor after we put our footprints all over it.

After our walk, mom went back to do more homework, but I still didn't see her get out of the recliner and away from the computer. I'm not really sure how that sort of work does any good on our home. It only seems to stress her out and make her grumpy (at least that's what dad says)

Well, since it is nice and cool outside, we are all sleeping comfortably on the patio most nights. Luckily we have the doggie door so when Sam wants to come inside and get in bed with mom he can. He's such a momma's boy, he can't leave her for too long. We saw some pictures of snow on the TV tonight, and want to know when WE are finally going to get some of that white stuff. The weather people say it's going to be in the 50's and 60's next week, so no snow. Oh well, the cold weather helps us sleep really good at night. Speaking of sleep, I think I better get out there to my spot by the fence. All this talk of cool weather and sleep is making me tired.

(sleeping comfy in the cold)


The Army of Four said...

My brother Zim likes to nap in the downstairs tub. Not during storms or anything ... just "because". It kind of freaks me out.
Love, Amber

Jay said...

Hey, I think Sam looked cute in the bathtub :)

Kelsey and Smokey said...

Why didn't you run and hide in the bathtub when I lived there? You chased me and bit me.

I think it would have been nice if you'd stayed in the bathroom.

Maybe I'll come over someday and see you again?

Love from your step brother, Kelsey