Thursday, October 05, 2006

My first post!

Hi! I'm Holly. I'm an Alaskan Malamute that was rescued on Christmas Eve by a wonderful human named Jan and her hubby Kerry. We live in Omaha Nebraska. I have 2 step-brothers that are Samoyeds, Kona age 10, and Monty (aka the Monster) age 5, a Siberian Husky step-brother named Samuel age 8, and a Siberian Husky/Wolf mix (only 1/4 wolf) step-sister named Abby.

Mom and Dad rescued me from certain death. When they found me I was scavenging in a corn field looking for food. I was basically starving to death. You could see all my ribs and hip bones, I was so skinny. I only weighed 79 pounds (skinny for a Mal). But Mom fed me real well, and now I weigh 115, and am on a diet. Oops, guess she fed me a little "too" well!!

Dad takes us out for walks/runs every morning when he gets home from work. Then mom usually takes us (me, Sam and Abby) out in the evening when she gets home from work. We are also learning to scooter, which is really weird, cuz usually when we pull on our walks they don't want us to, but then when we have our fancy harnesses on they WANT us to pull. These humans, they are so hard to figure out!

Well, this is my first post, so I will make it short. I have met some other great dogs with blogs on my favorite HULA member's list at Meeshka is my hero. Hopefully when I grow up (I'm about 2 1/2) I can be just like Meeshka. She's awesome. I read her blog every day to get pointers. And even though I'm not a Husky, I am a pretty close "relative"!! And, I have Abby and Samuel to get pointers from too!

This is a picture of Samuel. He's quite a whiner boy.
Mom had to block the doggie door tonight while she let an oppossum get away from us. (How mean is that!?) Sam whined the whole time. He sounded like he was in pain or had been beaten by a stick or something. He's such a pathetic Husky. Just look at that face? Doesn't it say "pathetic" to you?

Well, better go. The "all clear" has been given, so we are able to go back out the doggie door, and sniff the fence for the oppossum. I can't believe she didn't let us keep barking and terrorizing it. Geesh, where's the fun?

More later. Right now I need my beauty sleep.

(NOT pathetic)


Macie-Malechai said...

Hi Holly! You sure are pretty!Our lady says that Malechai is part Mal(he's not really) just because he's a big boy. We're glad you got rescued, corn is no kinda diet for a dog like you, you should have steak everyday!
Face Licks, Macie & Malechai

Cubby said...

We saw a possum last week on our walk! We got to bark, but not sniff!

Anonymous said...


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