Monday, October 16, 2006

Spitty rain

Well, it was an icky day. We had that nasty spitty, misty, rain stuff. Not real rain, not just fog, but the kind of humid stuff that just hangs in the air and sticks to your fur. The only one who doesn't mind it is Samuel. And he's just weird, so we don't count him.

Apparently he thought it was "bad" weather, so he did a stint in the bathtub. Mom took Sam and I for a nice long walk. When he got home, I guess he decided that the misty, spitty stuff was too scary, cuz he went and got in the bathtub. Dad was not too happy when he went to get in the shower, cuz it was all full of Sam's dirty dog feet. He made mom come look at what her "son" had done. She just laughed, and told him when he is showering he could just wash it out then.

Kona was refusing to go outside. He is such a prissy boy, he doesn't like to get his delicate feet all wet. Dad had a hard time getting him to do his business this morning out on their walk, cuz he didn't want to walk in the wet grass. He spent most of the day inside, keeping dry.

We all spent lots of time napping today. That's what this kind of weather is good for. At least it's cool. Wet, but cool.

Mom was watching David Letterman on TV tonight, and some woman was putting wigs on dogs. It was embarrassing to watch these poor dogs have wigs put on them. Luckily, most of them were the snack sized dogs, and none of us big dogs. Totally humiliating. Thank goodness no one wants to put sweaters or wigs on us northern breed dogs. We'd probably just try and kill it by shredding it.

Well, mom said it's bed time. And I need to get to the bed so Sam can't hog mom all to himself. I don't stay too long. Just long enough that Sam doesn't have any room, so he goes and gets on the spare bed. He likes to hog that one too.

Here are a couple good examples of us doing our share of bed hogging.



Kelsey and Smokey said...

WOoooooo Woooooo Holly!

I think that it's fun to hog the bed too! One time, my humom even took a spare blanket and pillow and slept on the floor BESIDE the bed because I was hogging too much of it. She didn't wake me up and make me move or nothin.

She must really think I'm sumpthin special...

I remember that night when you stayed at our house and you got to sleep on the guest bed and my humom closed the door so that you could sleep and my humom said that you only hogged the bed a little. Course you were a lot skinnier then and took up less space.

Talk to you soon!
Kelsey and Smokey

Dachsies Rule said...

Napping is good. It is our favorite thing to do after eating.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy