Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Left behind once again

Well, for the third Tuesday in a row, I didn't get to go to pet therapy. Dad took Kona (the girly boy), and mom had homework to do, so I didn't get to go. Once again, I didn't see her doing any work around our home. All she did was sit in the recliner with the computer on her lap, read a book, and type all night. Doesn't look like much work to me.

Sam wasn't too happy either. He thought dad took Kona out for a walk and didn't take him, so he laid on the floor and whined the whole time dad was gone. It was quite annoying listening to his pitiful little whiney noises. See, usually in the mornings dad takes me and Monty out for our walks first, then he comes back and takes Sam and Kona for their walks. So, since he saw Kona leave with dad and he had the L. E. A. S. H. on, he thought he was being left home and not getting his walk. Hence, all the whining. What a sad (and pathetic) little Sibe. Once again, here is a very recent picture of Sam practicing his patheticness.
This is usually the look mom gets when he wants something......usually a cookie. If the "look" doesn't do it, then he starts with the whining, then on to clawing (I think he's been reading Meeshka and taking hints from her) and then on to plain ol' woo woo's and barks. By the time he gets done making such a ruckus, mom is thoroughly irritated, and gets up to give him a cookie to shut him up. She is well trained!

I, on the other hand, just went and did my usual. I napped on the couch.

This a a wonderful example of how well I do at napping. I have my favorite spot on the couch, with my own pillow, and I just curl up and off to bunny-chasing dream-land I go.

I'm so glad these humans have this wonderful house for me, with all the nice places for me to sleep. I have my own mattress in the basement, a couch that is pretty much mine (and Sam's too, cuz he takes the other end) lots of floor room, mom's nice big bed, and the nice big patio outside. What more could a lost and found Mal gal want? I guess I'll stay here. These people are very good at catering to our doggie needs (as they should!)

(oh yea, I'll take all that nice yummy food that has made me fat too!)


The Army of Four said...

Holly, you're a very good napper! Dave is the expert at our house!
Hey... do you have a recipe for those punkin/yogurt squares you mentioned on our blog? They sound delicious!!!

IndyPindy said...

Hi Holly,
You are the first blogging Malamute I have seen!

Hey, if any of your step siblings are Huskies you can join the Husky Bloggers ring - come to my blog and check it out!

Your new friend,