Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Well, apparently Sam didn't learn anything on Sunday when I took the little toy away from him and beheaded it.

He was playing yesterday with his favorite squeaky ball, so when he wasn't paying attention, I went and took it from him. Then he got one of the rope toys with a ball on it and was playing with that, so I went and took that away too.

Here I am hoarding the toys I took so no one else gets to play.

Mom calls me "Brutessa" because she says I'm a brute. I'm going to assume that is a compliment for my great toy stealing and hoarding abilities!

I mean, after all, this is MY house, so those are MY toys, and I can hoard them all to myself if I want to. It's a good thing I am sweet and cuddly, and have one of those faces that makes mom like to smooch on me. Those other dogs are just going to have to get use to the new rules, cuz I'm here, and I'm the biggest, so that makes me in charge....right? Right.

Well, it rained today, so we took Meeshka's advice from yesterday, and napped. Except for dorky Sam, who kept going outside and laying on the big patio step in the rain, and getting wet, then coming inside, then going back outside, then back in. Mom wasn't too happy when she got home from work and Sam was all wet. We haven't figured out yet why he does that.

Oh well, time for bed now, more napping. Maybe it will stop raining soon and we can go outside in the nice cold weather. It will be muddy, so we can track up the kitchen floor too. Mom will be so happy when she gets up in the morning!


(toy hoarder extraordinaire)

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Dachsies Rule said...

You girls are all alike! Roxie takes our toys and destroys them. Mom is forever making her share. We boys, on the other hand, play with them and then go bark at things. Lucky for us the toy box is overflowing.

Sammy & Andy
(Roxie is too busy hoarding toys to leave a comment.)