Sunday, December 10, 2006

More fun cards!

I've gotten even more cards! It's so much fun! Dad was even complaining the other day that I was the only one getting any mail lately!! heehee!

My new cards are from:

Toby, and

As you can see, my wall above my couch is starting to get full! But doesn't it look nice?

Thanks so much everyone for your great cards! I think I have dad talked into buying me some new computer software so next year I will be able to make my OWN cards, like lots of my new doggie friends have done! I was so impressed I figured I better get with the times and get some cool personalized, home-made ones! And since the humans have no problem spending money one us fur kids, I'm pretty sure I will get that for Christmas from dad. Along with some other cool stuff of course! (hopefully edible)


(I will no longer bark at the mailman)

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