Tuesday, December 05, 2006

More issues

Well, the whiny sissy pathetic boy now has another "issue."

Here he is on the couch. He has been itching and scratching lately. Apparently he has licked a spot raw on the inside of his back left leg. So the big baby has a bandage wrapped around it so he'll quite biting and licking it. Now, the big sissy pathetic boy has developed a "poor me" limp because of his bandage, as if there was actually something WRONG with his leg.

Mom used the clippers to shave the spot and then clean it up and put some cortisone cream on it. While she was doing that, you would think she was actually trying to cut his leg off with all the growling and screaming going on. Good Lord, he is SOOO dramatic!

And it's all mom's fault. Samuel, aka whiny sissy pathetic boy, is allergic to EVERYTHING! He has a special duck and potato food that he has to eat because of these stupid allergies. Mom gives him treats (actually he demands them by annoyingly barking at her till she gets irritated and just gives in to him) way too much, but they didn't really cause any problems...........until now.

See, she changed treats. Last time she was at the pet grocery store, she bought a different kind, just to try. (meaning they were on sale) Well, apparently they weren't sitting very well with allergy boy, and now he has itchy scratchy skin. Once mom figured out that the only change (since it's not fleas as dad suggested) was the different treats, she immediately stopped giving them to him. That's when she noticed the raw spot on his leg, which has led to this post about one more issue from this poor pathetic husky. I wonder what will be next?

Luckily, I did get some nice hugs from mom when she was sitting on the couch (in Sam's spot) and I decided I wanted to snuggle. Dad thought I looked so adorably cute that he took this picture!
And then later, I got to snuggle with dad in the same spot (it's always important for me to keep Sam off my couch).
So, even though we started out talking about "him", we end with me! Just where we should.

(it's all about me after all)


Joe Stains said...

I got your card today and just wanted to say THANK YOU!

Boo said...

hey holly, i got your card too last night. thank you so much!!!

wet wet licks


Boomer said...

It is about you, as it should be! Thank you for the Christmas Card!!!

Fu Fu said...

Holly, I got your xmas card. And I'm glad that you're not a baby like Samuel. hee

~ fufu

Sunshade said...

Hey Holly,

I just got your X-mas card today!! Thanks so much, it is now on my mantel!!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Tin Tin Blogdog said...

Hey there Hollybollybootiful...

...this is my first visit to your smelly blogplace. Your mom is one special lady, rescuing all you gorgeous dooogs.

And it should be all about you. It's your smelly place, after all.

I'll be dropping back regularly from now on to see what you're up to. Is it okay to add you to my droolable links?

I got your card today, it's really beautiful. Like you.

Thank you!

Chow for now,

Tin Tin xo

lucy said...

I saw on Macie & Malechai's site how jealous you are of all the snow we have gotten, just a note to keep your doggie chin up, the few days before we got the wonderful white stuff it was 65 degrees here for several days in a row. Now look at us! And tell Samuel I know how he feels. I am alergic to many kinds of treats too. My mom only gives me chicken treats! I get all itchy and my ears hurt when she gets "cheap" too.
Merry Christmas!

The Army of Four said...

Holly: Oh, poor Sam! Poor guy! Would you lick his nose for me, please?
PS: Davy says you look SO snuggly! I think you two have a LOT in common!

Althea said...

I feel for you. I know what it is like to have such a pathetic brother. Lares isn't allergic to stuff but he is a pathetic weenie boy.

Joe Stains said...

So last night in a frenzy to thank everyone who sent us cards mom totally missed that you have Samoyeds!!! My dad's family always had samoyeds and just recently my big brother samoyed named Lobo went to the big dog park in the sky. So, I am very excited to see some samoyeds in the blog world, lets see more pics of those guys!!

D'Azul Siberian said...

Hi Holly, look on the bright side, if Sam can't have those treats, that means all the more for you. Wooo hooooo

We had a malamute here for a while, his name was Traveler.

The D'Azul Siberians

Cubby said...

Oh, I have a crazy sibling too. I sympathize.

IndyPindy said...

Holly, you look so cute and huggable!

Poor Samuel! I have food allergies, and it used to make me get itchy skin that I would lick and scratch a lot. Does Samuel have food allergies? My holistic vet finally tested me for food allergies and now we know what I am allergic to and I don't get itchy skin anymore!