Saturday, December 30, 2006

Since it's 50 degrees here

In honor of our crappy, rainy, 50 freaking degree weather, and the fact that it's almost JANUARY........the following is a tribute sung to the tune of Row, Row, Row, Your Boat.

Blow, Blow, Blow my coat,
Blow it all away.
I'll be naked very soon if
it doesn't snow today!!

Why has all the snow
Gone out to the West?
Those lucky Denver Malamutes
are in snow beyond their chests.

Blow, Blow, Blow my coat,
the hunks are coming out.
I'm really mad,
I want some snow,
I want to howl and shout.

Christmas came and went,
New Years coming, too.
And I'm still looking at the same
old muddy view!

Blow, Blow, Blow my coat,
I do not look nifty.
The stinking, rotten temperature
Is staying at fifty!!

This wonderful song was written by Margaret, who is the human to a Malamute named Mala, and is on one of my humans Malamute e-mail groups. I loved her song so much, and it totally fit what is going on here in sucky Omaha. So, many thanks to Mala's human for letting me post her song!!

HEHD Holly
(continuing the "pouting" thing)


Freda said...

Hey Holly,

Happy News Year!

Those are cooools lyrics that Margaret wrote.

When my dad lived in Lincoln as a puppys human, he dreaded each time he had to go to 'sucky' Omaha. He would always get movin' box sick. And those brick streets...Actuallys, he liked those.

And those canines in Denver. Sid lives in Denver and is dealin' with all that snows. I used to live there. I got to play in the '03 big snow. The snow is one two one two (one) reasons why my humans left Denver in '03.

I miss the stuff but my humans certainly don'ts! I know you're a snows dog, but as they say, 'Be carefuls of what you bark for'.


Turbo the Sibe said...

That is a good song, but sadly I'm living it also!

Joe Stains said...

its all sunny here! we dont get snow in arizona