Sunday, December 17, 2006

Swimming in DECEMBER!

Yep. You read it correctly. The weather here is so warm we went swimming yesterday.

Here I am coming out of the water. Notice the date on the photo. DECEMBER 16th. Not July, but December! Ummmmm, last time I checked, we live in Nebraska, not FLORIDA!! Shouldn't this be ICE I am walking on top of?

Here is Sam and Monty swimming. They are having so much fun frolicking in the cool water.

After our swimming adventure, we got to root around in the brush where the geese were sitting. There were so many great smells, and we had lots of fun digging! That's me in the middle.

This picture here is me getting ready to pounce on something I see in the brush. Note my alert stare! We didn't find any critters to eat though. That was sort of a bummer after all the hard work we did digging.

Here is a nice shot of Monty and Sam's butts in the air, and their heads in the holes they were digging. They really get into this sort of thing!
After all that swimming and digging, as soon as I got home I was so sleepy, I had to lay down outside and take a nap. *Sigh*

The weather predictor people "say" we might get some snow on Thursday. My prediction is: Yeah. Sure. Whateeevvvveeerrrrr! Or, in other words....... NOT! They always lie to us, get our hopes up, and then we get NOTHING.


(where the heck is winter?)


Dachsies Rule said...


We hope you get your snow and it stays in Nebraska!

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Fu Fu said...

Holly, I can't believe that you're not getting any snow. But the pics look great. You guys sure did have alot of fun

~ fufu

Marvin The Dog said...

Hi Holly! Thanks for looking in on my Blog, I would love to help you with a poem sometime for Dave!

I will give it some thought today!

I would like to put a link on my Blog to yours, ok with you?

love and licks Marvin in Frosty and Cold Bonnie Scotland (we have snow on the hills! yay!)

The Army of Four said...

Holly: Did you get your feety-feet wet in there? I like baths but not getting my feety-feet wet in the grass. Is it more like a bath? Or wet grass?

Joe Stains said...

woah swimming! I am scared of the water :( you guys look like you had a lot of fun though!!

Holly said...

dachsies and fufu - we are crossing our paws on the snow, but not holding our breaths!!

Marvin - that would be so wonderful and thoughtful of your to come up with a poem for my adorable Dave!

Dave - swimming is much better than a bath because there is no soap and no scrubbing, and you don't really get "clean." In fact, once you get out, you usually get even dirtier!

Joe - water is so much fun! You should really try it some time!


Holly said...

Marvin, forgot to tell you that Yes! You can link to me on your blog!

Thanks so much!

Charlie said...

What a great day you had!

Thanks for the Christmas card!
- Charlie

MaPaw said...

This warm weather is awful, but swimming is so much fun. I hope we all get snow soon.

Shmoo said...

Yep, I know what you mean Holly, no snow here either and yesterday it was in the high 60's. Are ya kidding me? What's a fluffy to do in this crappy hot weather?