Monday, December 11, 2006

Boys are stupid

Dad took Kona (aka Fat A**) for a private walk on Sunday so he could comb his overly fluffy "diaper butt" as mom calls it. He walks around like he has a diaper on his butt, cuz his fur is so thick. And besides, he waddles like a baby wearing a diaper so that is where mom got the name.

He is such a doofus. There is a little Westie that lives on the hill where dad likes to walk us, and he is a boy too. He always comes to the fence to meet us whenever dad walks us there.

So, when they first meet, this little dog has to "mark" his territory since big doofy Kona is sniffing at his fence.

Kona, being a stupid boy, feels the need to "mark" everything he walks by. Which, is one reason mom doesn't like to walk him, because he as to stop and pee on literally everything! Kona sees the little Westie "mark" the fence, and so not to be outdone, he also "marks" this little white dogs fence.

Boys!!! You are so gross! I'm so glad us girls don't have those kind of disgusting habits. Sam and Monty often take turns in the back yard "marking" the bushes, one after the other, after the other, etc. It's a total peeing contest and it's just ICKY!

Someone really needs to teach these boys some manners!


(glad I'm a lady and don't do those nasty things)


Fu Fu said...

Holly, good thing you dont have disgusting habit like that. The bushes must smell bad from all the peeing...

~ fufu

The Army of Four said...

Hi Holly:
Davy isn't as into marking as most boy puppies. But Zim? We call him "Sir Marks Alot". Hee hee hee!
PS: But I love them both VERY much! :)

Shmoo said...

Sam and Loki have constant pee fights. The human woman gets so frustrated because she'll call us inside (I go right in because I know we'll get a treat), but first Loki will pee on something, so Sam has to run out and pee on that thing, then Loki will get mad because Sam covered his spot and will run back out and pee over Sam's spot, then Sam... you get the picture. I have to run out and yell at them to come inside.

Joe Stains said...

Thanks for the great Samoyed pics! If you check out my journal you can see a pic of my dearly departed sammy brother, Lobo.

As for the peeing, my mom has both boys and she gets sooo annoyed walking us!

Turbo the Sibe said...

You just don't understand! That's all I'm saying.